back to article IDC sees 2009 European IT slowdown

Only a few weeks ago, we told you how the analysts at IDC had trimmed their forecasts for global IT spending. Well, now IDC is providing a little more detail about the IT spending situation across the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, and the news is not exactly good. Blame the economic meltdown, which started off with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It should be a good thing

    companies will want to streamline, and whilst computing as competitive advantage is the best way to sell systems, they can also reduce costs in a falling market.

    With the pound set to go into free fall, agriculture will have to return to the UK, along with production.

    The lower pound should mean less economic migrants, who will find that they cannot slum it in the UK to go back to the their homeland rich, they will be better off in their own countries which are actually better set for the current economic climates - I am off to Poland I hear the Polish girls are pretty fit. With fewer economic migrants and the return of some industries there should be more work available in the UK.

    I think the cull is going to be management, HR and accounting, in the main, there is just no room in a budget for those who don't do, reduce the bottom line, or get new business. Most directors know this, and they will be looking to hire elite IT teams to sort out their business, IT has matured enough to realise what they have to do is business in the main. Management, HR and accounting the ones kept on, will have to work much closer under IT to produce the systems that streamline business. Hell desk will get hit hard though, fewer clueless users about to babysit.

  2. David


    What planet do you come from?

    HR, marketing and the Accountants are always the last to get fired. any fule kno that. The first to go are the lowest layer: the ones who do the real work. That last to go is the chief accounting git, (s)he has to hand the keys to the Administrators when the whole thing goes under.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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