back to article Cell supers rule the Green 500 HPC rankings

Back in November, at the annual Supercomputing event that was held in Austin, Texas this time around, a bunch of supercomputing researchers released the semi-annual Top 500 rankings of the fastest supercomputers in the world. Now, another set of nerds has added power metrics to the list and done a sort on how efficiently the …


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  1. Daniel B.

    Cell Blades

    "A base QS22 blade with two Cell chips and 8 GB of memory costs $9,995, which is about four times the cost of an x64 blade"

    ... or you could buy a PS3 and turn that into a "blade server". Of course, it only has 1 Cell processor, but 2 PS3's are definitely cheaper than the blades. Of course, you're stuck with 256Mb RAM.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: Cell supers rule the Green 500 HPC rankings

    "..the average machine consumes 400.9 kilowatts of power."

    Just a thought (and don't flame me as I'm not an engineer), but that's an awful lot of 1-bar electric heaters. Could something be done with the waste heat that's produced, besides pump it into the atmosphere? Some sort of heat exchange system or something? That would certainly improve their "green" credentials.

    Or do they already employ such systems?

  3. Gordon Grant
    Thumb Up


    With all this "we've got to be greener" and companies wanting to flaunt thier "greener" credentials it's good to see lists like the green 500 it makes you think..

    Hmm AN Other good idea that i'm sure that someone somewhere has tried that or will no try it...

    although not sure exactly how much it would save I suppose it depends on how efficiant the heat exchange / power generation can be done..

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