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Another browser-based operating system is joining the netbook gold strike. On Monday, Good OS — maker of the Google gadget–heavy gOS — unveiled a new quick-starting cloud OS at the World Netbook Forum in Paris. Rather unimaginatively dubbed "Cloud," the OS will first arrive pre-installed alongside Windows in Gigabyte Touch …


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  1. Duncan
    Thumb Down


    oh great yet another distribution of linux to confuse and disapoint.

    I may start up a business selling external cd drives or pre configured SD cards so people can install xp without the headache most have, this time next year i could be a miwyunaire! I have an eeepc and didn't take me long to make the switch i can tell ya now its a great machine just which i'd have opted for a model with the atom rather than celeron

  2. Alex

    Cloudy vision

    I have definite word that my Cherrypal is about to land on my desk, should be interesting!

  3. KenBW2

    What about Xandros on the eeepc?

    A full OS in about 17s iirc

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