back to article µTorrent for Mac is go

Mac users are finally being offered their own version of µTorrent, the most popular BitTorrent client. µTorrent for Mac came out in beta yesterday. Version 0.90 is compatible with OSX Leopard only and the developers warn there may be "serious bugs". The port boasts the "lightweight power and performance" that saw the PC …


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  1. Dabooka

    About bloody time! Or is that swearing?!

    I'm sick of Azerus and all it's "content". Now if only they'd release a version that will run on PPC G4 I'd be laughing teacakes!

  2. Tom Smith Silver badge


    Because I'm far too lazy to learn more than one program I use Deluge, as it's open source there's a version for linux, windoze and mac.

    Of course because it's open source it only works in Vista every other version increment, but hey, it works.

  3. Dan Silver badge
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    A little late, and with "serious bugs"

    Mac users have got Transmission.

  4. Thomas Jolliffe


    It's nice to see it arrive I guess, but at the moment it's offering nothing over the competition.

    Get the scheduler ported and I'll be interested.

  5. RichyS
    Paris Hilton

    But Transmission is so good...

    ...this'll have to be bloody fantastic to make me switch.

    I had µTorrent when I had a PC, and frankly it was a pain in the arse to set up (but still the best of the bunch on the PC). Once I got my Mac and found Transmission, I was a very happy bunny.

    Paris, 'cos she clogs up the Torrents.

  6. Miguel


    Mac users fo indeed have Transmission but it's actually quite poor. So poor in fat that I have to turn to Azureus when I'm on osx.


    I'm looking forward to utorrent 1.0

  7. Adam

    Who would have thought it...

    I figured the people least likely to want Linux ISO's would be the Mac fans.

  8. jai


    can anyone provide details of what µTorrent can offer that Transmission doesn't?

    does the extra ligthweightness improve the speeds of the downloads?

  9. Pink Duck
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    The long wait

    I'm still waiting for uTorrent WebUI to support 'remove and delete torrent' from the main app, perhaps at the expense of this.

  10. Edward Miles


    "wot, no linux love?" Post

    And the first person to post that in runs in wine will get smacked with a spork. No paticular reason, I'm just looking for a use for mah spork.

    Tux becasue, well, that should be self evident :)

  11. twunt


    @Dabooka - why don't you just use Tranmission like any normal person? Azureus is awful

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Agreed! For some reason I've languished on Azureus (or 'Vuze' as it seem to have been called) and it is terrible thanks to all its extra 'features' (uPNP server, media player etc...)

    A switch is required methinks

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Edward Miles

    "And the first person to post that in runs in wine will get smacked with a spork"

    My father has reinstalled Ubuntu half a dozen times over the last month, he's really getting into the whole Linux thing.

    But he insists on using uTorrent in Wine rather than a native Linux client. *facepalm*

    Wasn't there a big hoo-ha when uTorrent got bought by the studio-sponsored BitTorrent Inc anyway?

    Azureus for me, as it's works fine in Linux and my beloved XP.

  14. Gordon Grant


    @ AC - Yes the switch is called the "close program" icon...

    I like µTorrent on the PC, quite easy to set up, can even leave it on defaults almost if your not sure of anything. What I love about it is the miniscule size, < 1Meg for what it does not bad, full gui, integrated search, webUI (once you turn it on), the fact that it's very aware of what environment it's running in, with XP firewall on/off , uPNP (I turned that off - hmm nice feature too hackable).

    I've used a few torrent clients and found this the nicest one, to all the mac users out there you'll soon wonder what you did without it..

  15. blue


    Have they got it to work on Vista without locking up and needing to reboot?


  16. Graham Marsden

    So all the Mac users...

    ... will now be stealing music and denying the RIAss.A and the BPA (erm, I mean musicians) lots of lovely money and the music industry will collapse and the world will come to an end and...

    Signed the RIAss.A and the BPA.

  17. Anonymous Coward
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    transmission shmission!

    there's already a perfectly good free bit torrent client available for mac. it's called 'bits on wheels'

  18. Anonymous Coward


    Been using µTorrent on Vista for over a year now, never had any issues with it whatsoever.

  19. yeah, right.


    I've tried to download several linux and bsd ISOs with bittorrent, but it looks like my local ISP is heavily filtering bittorrent, or even blocking it completely. So I'm stuck using ftp for the most part. Pity really.

  20. Dana W

    Pity its Leopard only.

    Since my Torrentbox is a G4 Dual 500 running Tiger, it won't do me much good. Its Leopard performance was a bit sluggish and I don't want Leopard on it again till I have no other choice.

    I'll have to look at Transmission, as Vuze is a resource hog, and Bitrocket is not exactly reliable.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Transmission sucks when it's time to upload

    When you are downloading a popular torrent (eg. any linux distro), Transmission will open 10-20 connections in upload per torrent.

    So if you have 128kbit upstream bandwidth every peer will get almost nothing. This also means that you, and potentially the peers downloading stuff, will open more sockets in order to get a chunk of the file.

    Utorrent on the other end will let you set up as well an upload limit, but then will let you choose how many slots you want to assign to each single torrent to upload, so you can decide for instance to open 1 slot and to upload one torrent at time, serving each chunk at 16KBytes/s keeping the number of connections low (and the peer happier).

    My 2 cents.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Transmission, Azureus, uTorrent

    Yeah. I've used Transmission (Ubuntu's default) and azureus. Azureus is actually not bad -- the high disk I/O and network will really crap out Windows at times, but I use Linux and it's good on there, it should be reasonable on OSX too I would think. Transmission has been pretty nice as well when I've used it, I haven't used it as much so I haven't checked if it has all the useful plugins (or doing it built-in) that azureus has available. So having those as your main OSX choices is not bad at all.

    I have heard uTorrent is much lighter, isn't there this "gamer" network card that can run uTorrent on it? I don't need the lightness though, my machine handles Azureus fine. If Azureus or Transmission is too big for you, do run uTorrent though! I haven't used it but have gotten plenty of speed off of machines running it, so it does certainly keep it's act together and run reliably and fast.

  23. Dabooka


    Now I know it exists I'll give it a go. It's just I've used uTorrent for ages on my Windows machine and found it easy and reliable. Does transmission have ability to shut down after downloads are complete?

  24. Scott Mckenzie


    Been using it for ages... not that i Torrent much anymore, but it works very well and looks pretty too :)

  25. mittfh

    Under 1MB?

    IIRC, the Windoze client weighs in at a meagre 270kb and is portable - all the installer version does is stick the single exe into c:\program files\utorrent.

    Before my Windoze box died (dodgy mobo - but since it's a laptop and out of warranty, I can't be fussed posting it back to HP), I was a fond user of the program. The feature I most liked (apart from the tiny footprint) was allowing separate locations for torrents downloading/completed and for torrent contents downloading/completed.

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