back to article Motorola TLKR T7 two-way radio

As mobile phones get more exotic and expensive the desire to expose them to risk reduces accordingly. Fancy using your iPhone while canoeing or white water rafting? Or your N96 while bouncing down a forest trail on a mountain bike? Thought not. Step forward the two-way radio. Robust, durable, easy to use with your gloves on, …


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  1. Jeff

    Why was this product reviewed?

    Except for the bit about assigning names to devices, this radio looks EXACTLY THE SAME as every other PMR radio out there on the market. Same power output, channels, VOX, range, everything. In fact, this review could have covered ANY other PMR radio made by Motorola, and most other companies.

    Nice review, but how about reviewing something novel next time?

  2. jon
    IT Angle


    it's cheaper to purchase a PAYG phone or a second hand one and swap the sim out instead of using a limited range, limited utility radio?

    I use them on site when we're working as a team but would never use them in the great outdoors.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Reminds me of the Airplane cockpit scene.

    Roger: 'We have clearance Clarence'

    Clarence: 'Roger, Roger, what's our vector Victor?'

  4. Ideala2

    @ Why.

    Several possible reasons-

    1) el reg staffers wanted to go skiing and cycling, so asked to review these.

    2) the author was supposed to hand in a tech review of the latest usb foot stool, but spent the weekend on a jolly, and rushed this out.

    3) you can claim it back as an expense/ claim the tax if you review it.

    4) it's nice to have SOMETHING by motorola to review!

    All perfectly good excuses! keep up the good work.

  5. Christopher A Light


    Sorry, we don't have Rogering here.

    We do have the occasional Woger though... From time to time. When the mood strikes.

  6. Monkey


    The very reason you wouldn't use a phone is in the review... You can't use a phone with gloves on, you can't practically use a phone whilst cycling (legally or illegally), and phones are largely totally intolerant of the environment.

    My friends and I have used two-ways for years whilst out cycling in groups both on and off road for this very reason. They are cheaper than phones, convenient and safer to operate with the single push button if you HAVE to talk whilst on the move. I also know regular walking groups use them.

  7. Alan Lukaszewicz

    Strewth the truth?

    Truth is that quite a few people living in Keilder use these or something like as there is very, very poor signal coverage for mobile phones anyway.

  8. Gordon Grant
    Thumb Up

    Not bad

    I've used similar before and the range on them is quite surprising, ease of use is always a bonus..

    I mean they don't run out of signal now do they perfect for many places and as the test proved pretty hardy bits of kit - I'd love to see an iPhone or Blackberry survive the same tests..

  9. Sooty


    Anyone who uses pmr radios regularly, knows that they are not the same, at all.

    Unfortunately the one that everyone seems to agree is the dogs b*llocks. is the motorola xtn, which they helpfully discontinued.

    although, yeas, all of the £30 argos type one are exactly the same, nice toys but no real use to anyone.

  10. Mike Moyle

    Great... Another one!

    Use them on the worksite -- no problem.

    use them in the field -- fine.

    ...But am I the only one who ALWAYS ends up in the train car with the fuckwit that uses one of these so they don't drop out in the dead zones and spends the entire trip making everybody listen to BOTH sides of their utterly inane conversation AND the annoying *BEEP* every 2.5 seconds!??!

    When's someone going to invent a portable EMP unit so I can fry these toys of Satan, that's what I want to know.

  11. Leon Prinsloo
    Thumb Up

    These are actually useful

    I used to work on film sets, particularly when you are iether in a large indoor set or evenon large location shoots, you can´t beat these things, their long distance range is phenominal, we would often send out a PA to pick up some KFC in the nearest village about 5km away, and he would radio back confirming everyone´s order!! Great fun, and an awesome tool... So to answer the first posters question, yes, it is a piece of great kit and a worthwhile review if you actually are someone who gets off the couch and puts down the remote / laptop from time to time!

  12. Dive Fox

    And here...

    I was hoping for some sort of iDen based walkie, sort of like a Nextel phone's DirecTalk mode, without the rest of the phone features.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    more flexible is the Alinco DJ-V466

    with a simple snip (of the hidden blue wire!) it goes from 8 fixed channels to the expanded frequency range 420.000 to 473.990 MHz , and it goes from 500mW fixed (legal) RF output to selectable up-to five watts.

    If you don't fancy snipping wires then 1) Turn the DJ-V466 off.

    2) press at the same time the PTT and SET button whilst turning-on

    The display should now show a small H (about 2 watts, PMR446 and LPD-mode), M (about 1 watt, PMR446 and LPD-mode) or L (about 0.5 watts, PMR446 and LPD-mode)

    Alinco DJ-V466's are a few years old now, although still available in German "Funk" shops for around 140Euros

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