back to article AMD roadmaps Phenom II, quad-core Athlons

AMD's upcoming Phenom revamp, based on the introduction of the Socket AM3 interconnect, will indeed be dubbed the 'Phenom II' while versions of the family will become the first three- and four-core Athlons. According to Asian industry moles cited by Chinese-language site HKEPC, the upcoming Athlon X2, X3 and X4 will contain - …


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  1. dreamingspire

    Memories of an oldie

    Having worked on CPU and MMU design 40 years ago, I continue to be amazed that we use basically the same CPU architecture (at least 50 years new) and, while running it so much faster and cramming more and more functions in, actually manage to make it work properly. We simulated the design 40 years ago and made it work first time, that skill was then lost for a while, and then it came back and delivers.

  2. Rich

    Too Late

    AMD currently do well at the low - mid range sector but for the High end/Enthusiast the Phenoms just dont compete. I highly doubt these Phenom II's will make any headway towards competing with the i7 which is what im going for next. The question with the i7 is do you go for an ATi or nVidia based graphics card or have both for a laugh

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