back to article Lenovo offers netbooks with added 'e'

Lenovo is finally bringing its S9 and S10 Small, Cheap Computers to Europe. Lenovo_ideadpad_01 Lenovo's S9e and S10e IdeaPad netbooks: out this month You can spot the Euro-centric versions of the IdeaPad netbooks by looking for the 'e' on the model number. The 10.2in S10e and the 8.9in S9e – announced in the US last month …


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  1. K

    Better than the Acer?

    Its at least better looking..

  2. Busted
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    Yet another copy when I expected so much more from them!

    How about 1280x768 10.2" screen what about doing away with trackpad and going with the track point ala thinkpad. How about bringing some innovation to the netbook arena lenovo 3G anyone.

    I guess not. Another clone is all they could muster, one wonders whether IBM would have been so lack lustre coming to the netbook arena.

  3. uhuznaa
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    Funny screen

    These things are available in Germany since yesterday and many users are very surprised to find a glossy display with a 1024x576 resolution in the S10e (instead of the non-glossy one with 1024x600 they expected).

  4. dominic bird

    What about the other ideapads?

    When are they going to release the other bigger Ideapads in the UK? They came out in the US ages ago.

  5. lucmars

    update from Suze won't break ?

    I hope that the hardware fits fine with Suze Linux, otherwise the next update will break the machine as it happens with the HPmini.

  6. REMF

    awesome machine

    I got one from dabs the other day, and i am VERY happy with it.

    truly tiny compared to the other 10" netbooks, in fact it is smaller than some 8.9" ones too!

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