back to article Gov backs campaign to save Scott's Antarctic hut

UK culture minister Barbara Follett has called for donations to save the base hut built by Captain Robert Falcon Scott and members of the ill-fated 1910-1913 "Terra Nova" Antarctic expedition, which famously ended in death for Scott and four companions. The Terra Nova expedition hut at Cape Evans on Ross Island, seen today …


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  1. Sordid Details
    IT Angle

    Preserved for future generations?

    That's nice. I've just found myself with a spare Saturday afternoon and was wondering where to take the kids. Do you have to pay for parking?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Virtual reality

    Whilst waiting for a ferry on 04/10 last I was listenening to a radio 4 broadcast of an adaption of this attempt. It was blowing a gale outside that felt as if the car was going to be thrown over and I could hardly distinguish between the sound effects and the real wind. To give an idea of the wind, the sea conditions for the crossing were classified as severe gale force 9 however I suspect those chaps had it a tad more unpleasant.

  3. David Cornes

    Museum piece

    I think this might attract more attention, and money, if there was a proposal to somehow relocate it to somewhere where more than a few dozen people might ever get to see it?

  4. this


    " a really important part of our heritage." = 'I am just going outside and may be some time.' as a rather tired but often repeated 'joke'.

  5. lee harvey osmond


    ... according to Birdie Bowers's journal, Titus Oates's last words were a muttered grumble about not being allowed to smoke inside the tent.

  6. Cheese

    Cruise-ship punters

    Maybe they could get some of those cruise-ship visitors to throw a few dollars in the bucket!

    They seem to helicopter enough of them in from the ice edge

  7. RogueElement
    Thumb Down

    3500000 quid? fek that

    All you need to preserve the hut is a fekkin marquee tent. even accounting for hyperinflation that's never gonna go over £100,000. What a ripoff.

  8. Herby

    Remember the planning...

    Amundsen was the engineer, Scott was the scientist. Compare to "Computer Science" people and the engineers that actually get the work done.

    One has no planning, and has high hopes that things will go well. The other considers contingencies and does extensive planning.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    I'd put a penguin logo up, due to the South Pole aspect, but it would be construed differently (*SIGH*)

  9. Apocalypse Later

    Now drink the brew

    You can get the Scott expedition tea at Tescos. Obviously a reproduction, but apparently authentic. Safe enough to drink in the relatively mild English winter I would think.

  10. John Johnson
    Thumb Down

    Nice of them to jump to fund a tent...

    ...when they were so miserly about Bletchley Park. In a few hundred years which of those (Scott or Bletchley Park) would be seen to have most changed the world?

  11. Graham Jordan

    I'm confused.

    Is this the same guy who found Megatron?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Saving or Rebuilding?

    Instead of basic maintenance, they aim to keep the huts going 'in perpetuity' with aggressive intervention and replication. Those truly interested in Scott's heritage would do better to look at funding modern polar science.

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