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For a company that claims to be a leader in the field of video and multimedia, Apple has always had a strange blind spot when it comes to TV tuners. It’s largely resisted building them into Macs, and doesn’t even include one in its Apple TV set-top box. Undoubtedly, it would rather sell you film and TV downloads from the …


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  1. Nick Fisher
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    Nice bit of kit

    I purchased one of these for my iMac. It's an excellent little device, and the DVR software works flawlessly. Thumbs up.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Nice review

    Nice review. Unfortunately, I won't be buying one because I'm in the market for a TV tuner card that can be plugged into my Mac Mini and can receive feeds from my Sky box, thereby turning my Mini into a PVR a la Sky+. It already runs Plex for the Media Centre side, but is missing the PVR stuff. Unless I'm mistaken (which I'll openly admit could well be the case!) this wouldn't be suitable, so I'm all ears if anyone has any suggestions on what would be the next best alternative.

  3. Richard Cartledge
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    I like this

    I bought a couple of these and plugged them into a Mac Mini and put it under the TV to replace a DVD recorder and PVR. It's not 100% perfect, but it works great and is so small and silent and only uses 36 watts.

  4. Josh


    Bought one of these for a smidgen under £40 at an Apple Store to watch the US Election coverage. No flaws that I can detect and the software is impressive!

  5. DG

    Sky connection

    I use the older DTT unit with a Virgin Media box over coaxial and it works just fine. I have also used it with Sky Plus with the same result. It should work just fine with Sky on a Mac Mini.

  6. SImon Hobson Bronze badge

    @AC with Sky box

    You want either the 'hybrid' or '250 plus' - these have analogue tuners and can digitise the signal. The freeview tuners don't do any signal conversion, all they have to do is extract he right data stream and slurp it into a file.

  7. Scott Mckenzie

    Great Products

    I have an earlier model and it's great... it broke recently (well out of warranty) and was repaired for the cost of return shipping to Germany.

    EyeTV software is excellent indeed, you usually get a discount on upgrading to the latest version too - and each time they have bought significant improvements with each version.

  8. Eddie Johnson

    EYE TV Software

    Can someone tell me the location of any seller of this software in the S62 area (sheffield/rotherham)? please.?

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