back to article Microsoft ranks 5th on inglorious spam-friendly ISP list

Microsoft is the world’s fifth worst spam service ISP, according to a new list compiled by The software giant’s high ranking in the unsolicited email game might, it would be fair to surmise, cause a few blushes among Redmond wonks. Not so, according to Spamhaus chief information officer Richard Cox, who claims …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    There's a saying for this.

    "....factor revenue made from hosting known spam gangs into corporate policy decisions...."

    Or, in other words: "There's a lot of meat in a can of spam".

    Mine's the one with the fat wallet and the tin-opener in the pocket.

  2. Sergie Kaponitovicz
    Gates Horns

    MS stinks in this regard

    I gave up reporting fraudulent sites hosted at months ago.

    A DNS search comes up with half a dozen abuse@ addresses. Many bounce, and no reports ever get acknowledged. Who knows if any action is ever taken?

    And, while I am at it, I have also reported sites selling pirated MS software. I don't do that any longer, for similar reasons. They can stick their anti-piracy gripes where the sun doesn't shine. Same comments apply to Adobe.

  3. Ted Treen

    All is clear, now......

    "Microsoft's system has for some time been supporting an illegal drug sales operation, and Microsoft has known this."

    Could this explain the behaviour shown on the multitude of "Monkey Boy" videos on the web?

    I'd get my coat, but it's under surveillance...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I suppose

    inside MS is works something like this - it is not my responsibility - it is not my responsibility - and so on.

    A bit higher it is - no I do not think we have such a problem - no we do not have such a problem and so on.

  5. Franklin
    Thumb Down

    And reporting it is useless

    I've repeatedly found that reports of spam sites or computer viruses hosted on, Microsoft's file and malware distribution system, are rejected by a form email that reads "Unfortunately, in order to process your request, MSN Support needs a valid MSN hosted account."

    It's totally unclear from this stunningly badly-worded, garbled message whether Microsoft's abuse team--if indeed it has one--is trying to say that they only accept abuse reports from people who are Microsoft hosting customers, or if their software is just so fundamentally broken that it can't recognize a Microsoft-hosted URL in the message body.

  6. /dev/me

    Surely the spammers will be notified...

    ...that spamming is in violation of the EULA??

    Solved. Next case!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns and email blocked

    A few weeks ago, after months of reporting 100s of spam messages to Microsoft and only seeing an increase, I now whitelist my friends and blacklist the domains. The fun part is that due to MS's policy of not delivering failure notices, the sender will never know this. Though you didn't really want to get ahold of me if you use a service that won't notify you of failures. Fun!

  8. Matt
    Gates Horns


    I've stopped reporting spam via MS's networks a while ago as it seems that it is ignored like a russian spammer. You'd think they could break off a few million for spam, maybe borrow from the 'I'm a PC' kitty.

    "Hi, I'm a PC and I Spam you."

    Anyone want to submit a webcam video for their commercials?

  9. Charles Manning

    Blame the Chinese!

    More interesting is the following:

    USA accounts for more than numbers 2..7 combined!

  10. alzain

    how to keep up?

    microsoft is a software giant so should use best spam and av protection and the best is,well KASPERSKY,not the cheap trend micro or what ever.and they should use KASPERKSY OPEN SPACE TO GET RID OF THEIR PROBLEMS IN THEIR SITES.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    AS long as its legit

    As long as the spammers run a legit version of windows they have nothing to worry about from MS

  12. Dave

    Spam Filters

    I actually appreciate the spammers all using consistent URLs. My spam filter bins anything with livefilestore in the message.

  13. RogueElement
    Paris Hilton

    and on the other foot

    not only must i contend with a regular portion of beefy spam in my in-box which, regardless of my attempts to report as junk always seem to bypass the junk mail folder... i am also in the enviable position of having a friend whose emails, for some inexplicable reason, ALWAYS get sent straight to my junk mail folder, despite the fact that he is in my friends/contacts list and has, to date, been actively designated as safe on no less than a dozen occasions (probably nearer 50).

    so, dear Microsoft, please - play the ethnically typical pale skinned penis wielding human and remove with all haste your significant pointing index digit out from the depths of the dark and faecal-tainted orifice it currently finds itself embedded within.

  14. P. Lee

    re: AS long as its legit

    correction: as long as they aren't threatening to defect to linux they have nothing to worry about from MS

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