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With his ill-fated defense of Google's multi-million dollar Yahoo! handshake, chief legal officer David Drummond told Congress the search engine tie-up would rejuvenate the Yahoo! web with "better, more interesting ads." It's a common Google refrain. If you believe the party line, Mountain View's top secret advertising money …


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  1. Nick L

    Zer0 G00gle taked0wns

    Anyone who has ever reported a spammy Googlemail account or spammy Blogger blog knows that they will do the square root of sod all about taking it down. Why exactly should I expect them to do anything about taking down spammy Google ads ?

  2. alphaxion


    The simple solution to this is quite obvious..

    Stop clicking on the damn ads!

    If everyone is conditioned to ignore the ads the people abusing them will stop.. then so will quite a few others but hey, who gives a damn, anything to stop the noise ;P

  3. Paul


    Actually, maybe you SHOULD click them. If you don't click them, Google doesn't get paid, but they don't lose anything either, so they still don't have an incentive to block scams. But every time you do click one the scammer has to pay Google. Of course they're fine with that, if you buy their "free" product. But if you know it's a scam, they're out money. Presumably if a enough people did this it would drive up the cost-per-victim to the point where it was no longer profitable.

  4. Sim

    adblock the lot

    why waste bandwidth-I dont ever see ads on teh intternets

  5. Benny

    Just wondering

    ,but how did you find this out!? Are you too cheap to buy it?

    Don't you know that it looses them money because you would have bought it you know...

    *ahem* must dash, my torrents are nearly done

  6. KenBW2
    Dead Vulture

    2 Pages?

    On something we already know?

    Waste of space on the internet if you ask me.

    What's that? Noone asked me? Ho hum

  7. Moss Icely Spaceport

    Ads, what are these ads you speak of?

    I can't say I have ever clicked on an ad, Google or otherwise.

    There's just no need.

  8. Shades

    Google ads... thats what they look like.

    FireFox + NoScript + CustomizeGoogle = No Google crapola!

    Yeah, so they get my IP address but I don't care if they track that as it changes every so often anyway.

  9. Adam White

    A blind eye juices profits

    Can we nominate this line for some kind of award?

  10. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Up

    You're sure of this?

    It seems to be an *assumption* that this software is pirated.

    <naive>Maybe they've got a special deal with Adobe?</naive>

    $2.50 per month doesn't seem to bad to me, especially with the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 to protect me.

    I might "buy" it :)

  11. alphaxion


    I thought it cost them to advertise on adsense in the first place.. no click thru would mean no punters giving them money.

    Unless I'm wrong, I've stayed the hell away from adsense so I don't know how it works.

  12. The BigYin


    You forgot "Track Me Not" for screwing their stats and AdBlock for general de-crapifying.

    Pages load so much faster without all the crappy pop-ups and flash crap. If the ads were not so intrusive and bandwidth hungry then I might have been more inclined to leave them there. As it was, they destroyed my browsing experience so I either abandoned sites or had to block them all.

  13. Adrian

    Do what I do

    Email and tell them that is via Adwords from Google that you find the 'suspcious' websites. I find that the sites are normally gone within a day.

    What was I doing - trying to find a cheap copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and kept getting all these obvious fake sites. If I wanted a pirated copy I would use BitTorrent or something but I like manuals made of paper.

  14. Russ Tarbox

    Scroll down the page...

    And there we have "Ads by Google".

    I'm just surprised that The Reg which, by and large, doesn't seem to have a good thing to say about Google Adwords, still places them on its pages (presumably as they provide a reasonable source of revenue).

  15. christopher

    Missed a trick.

    This sponsor is only offering support for the 30 DAY TRIAL version of the product.

    Read the small print at the top of the sign in page.

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