back to article Reviewers, spin crews tussle over Tomb Raider: Underworld write-ups

The UK PR firm working with gaming giant Eidos has denied that it asked a writer to delay the publication of a Tomb Raider: Underworld review if he’d given it less than 80 per cent. The latest in the Lara Croft line was released on 21 November in the UK, but on 19 November journalist Guy Cocker told the world that he’d been …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Poor mans PS3 Uncharted Drakes Fortune.

    Still I suppose it will keep Xbox owners happy. Shame they have to settle for second best.

  2. Jolyon Smith

    Surely "Uncharted" is the "Poor Mans tomb Raider"...?

    ... given that Uncharted is now a Platinum range title on the PS3, compared to the fully extortionate price tag that no doubt is slapped on Tomb Raider?

  3. ruffage


    But I've completed Uncharted. Am I meant to play it over again instead of buying Tomb Raider? Ooh, trophies now, or do I have to be five years old to get the point of them.

  4. Iain

    Uncharted is the poor man's Tomb Raider Legend...

    At least that was how I found it. But then, I had already developed an aversion to Uncharted's cover system from a couple of painfully rubbish hours of Gears Of War.

    Mind you, since I seem to be the only 360 owner on the planet who didn't fall in love with that game, you can probably disregard my Uncharted opinion as well.

This topic is closed for new posts.