back to article More Tasers for cops: not in London

The Home Office's recently announced plan to issue Taser electric stunguns more widely to police has been endorsed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). However the extra Tasers have been turned down for now by the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), the governing body of London coppers. The Met already has …


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  1. Paul
    Black Helicopters

    Capital sticks with traditional methods!

    Would that be shooting innocent Brazillians or just giving people a kicking and a dna swab when they refuse to stop taking pictures -legally-.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We don't need Tasers.

    We just need kids to know who is boss. I yearn for the days that the police were allowed to assualt and fit up anyone they liked, it was safe for women to walk the streets then.

    Last weekend there was a riot when 12 lads wanted to get into the bar I was in. After making all kinds of threats, and attempts to break the windows, (which the bouncers fended off,) three police women turned up.

    Eventually two police vans turned up and one guy was taken away, without any of them getting a slap, thus teaching the other 11 that they can do anything they like.

    What they should have done is truncheon them all unconscious and dump their bodies down by the local river. Any of them whom didn't die of hypothermia overnight would have learned an invaluable lesson by morning.

    Alas the government is ran by nonces.

    As for those kids who try shooting at police, we deter this by the punishment being death by steam iron, for a first offence. Further offences should be met with stiffer penalties.

    As for all those donkeys in the Judiciary who says "The death penalty doesn't work" I have two questions.

    1. Name a single man hanged by the neck who reoffended, or even just name a single crime committed by a man after he'd been hung by the neck until dead.

    2. If the death penalty didn't work, why couldn't you get blown for love nor money in Ipswich when the body count started to creep up?

    And as for Alastair Darling. Rumour has it Austin Powers asked him how he was going to solve the economic crisis, and he replied with his little finger to his mouth, "I'm going to waste ONE TRILLION DOLLLLLLAAAAAAARS."

  3. Thomas Baker

    So some people are happy to be tasered?

    "Our conclusion to date is that public complaints about the use of Taser are minimal, especially when compared with the number of instances where its use has saved lives or prevented injuries," she said."

    So some of those tasered were happy about it? "Oh yeah, I got tasered, it was a fair cop." I think that's right up there as the least spoken phrase in the English language along with: "Hey Jacqui, when oh when can I get my hands on an ID card?"

    I always laugh/cry/squeeze-the-desk-in-a-death-grip when I see those kind of stats rolled out. All that stat really says is that only a few people bother to complain. Due largely to the fact that complaining is utterly pointless and will get you nowhere so most people don't bother, see DWP, NHS, IPCC, etc, etc. It's like when they roll out stats about how crime has dropped without taking into account the fact that many crimes now go unreported because there's simply no point in reporting it and all it'll do is affect your house price and put your various insurances up, so it's actually in your interest sometimes to not report some crimes.

    Can anyone furnish this forum with examples where a Taser has directly saved a life and prevented injury? I'd like to see that. I'd then like to see multiple examples. I'll not hold my breath.

    Have the police ever fired a Taser at a biker? With my jacket which is about four cows thick and my kevlar torso armour, and my lid and various other armour about my person, it would amuse me for them to even try. I think I'd pretend to be shocked whilst staggering towards the offending copper and then when close, clock him one.

    I still advocate someone making t-shirts that have fine copper thread interwoven in the material in a grid pattern, which would thus short out the prongs of the taser and render it useless.

    And what about people with epilepsy, heart conditions, muscular conditions, back injuries, etc? You could kill someone or very seriously injure them long-term with a taser.

    Of course, you could always just shoot them dead. It seems to be easier that way, less hassle.

    "Our conclusion to date is that public complaints about being shot to death are minimal...none in fact." - Which surely make it the most popular form of police brutality.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Re: We don't need Tasers.

    Death penalty is unnecessary provided that there is an alternative penalty which scares people more.

    Example - During her 20 odd years of ruling Russia Queen Elisabeth (the Russian version of the "virgin queen") did not sign a single death penalty and noone was executed during her reign. Her reign was also known as a time of prosperity, stability and extremely low crime rates throughout the country.

    However, instead of hanging people or having their heads chopped off she simply sent them into Siberia for resettlement. Worked a treat.

    As her example shows, the death penalty is unnecessary.

    All it takes to fix the problem will be to start providing "contracted labour" to some of our aid-dependants instead of aid initiatives or make accepting such labour it a condition for providing aid. There are a lot of open positions for people willing to dig sewerage and water works by hand in Sierra Leone and other African countries. There are also positions for clearing mine fields in the Ivory Coast, illegal toxic dumps in Somaliland, replanting the destroyed forests on Haiti, and so on. And if someone is unlucky not to survive the term.. Oh well.. It is not death penalty after all

  5. Russell Long
    Dead Vulture

    To Anonymous Coward @ 17:05

    You are David Blunkett, and I claim my £5 ($1.50, E0.23).

  6. Aldous
    Thumb Down


    death penalty is really working in America eh go live in detroit or philly then come back with your daily mail rhetoric

  7. Stef

    To Anonymous Coward @ 17:05

    Put your copy of the Daily Mailtard down and get back to muttering about asylum seekers under your breath ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H work.

  8. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Russell Long

    Nah, I reckon it's Paul Dacre and he's had a subbie replace all the obscene expletives with more acceptable adjectives to disguise his style.

  9. Yorkshirepudding

    a job for

    gene hunt, nuff said

    /thinks of the speech to lord scarman in ashes to ashes

  10. n


    no need for death's an even more radical idea.....PUT PEOPLE IN PRISON!

    the ugly unspoken truth is by the time you've paid the bed and board, dental, medical, psychological treatments, recreation activities, educational needs, library, etc,etc, then it gets expensive.

    So don't provide it, just a concrete box with a feeding tube at the top and a drain at the bottom.

    Life sentences can be less than 8 years today, that should be changed to full life terms in a concrete box until death.

    The death penalty is a red herring, don't be tricked into the divisive daily mail vrs guardian muppet show. 100% of people want full life sentences, that is the secret question that will never be polled.

    But as for tasers: they are extra judicial torture weapons.

    The video of Robert Dziekanski being taserd to death by RCMP:

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