back to article Sony said to be planning Spring PS3 price cut

A substantial cut to the price of the PlayStation 3 could be announced by Sony next Spring, a company insider has claimed. An anonymous source going by the name of 'Legends' has told gaming magazine D+Pad that David Reeves, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), hinted at a recent staff briefing that the PS3’s …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Already great value for money.

    You get a hell of alot of great tech for your money. The 40GB can be picked up for £229, the 80GB £299, with a couple of very decent games, and a Blu-ray movie.

  2. Daniel B.
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    The price is already good for me

    I'm buying mine today. Thanks to the economy shakes, the dollar/peso parity made it such that the PS3's selling at $503 over here: it finally is on parity with US pricing. The only downside I see is that this version doesn't have PS1/2 compatibility anymore, but well, I still can get a PS2 for that. ;)

    If I ever want to buy Blu-Ray movies, I'll also have a BR player as well!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    @Daniel B

    All PS3's have PS1 compatability. It's only the PS2 compatability is does not currently have.

    Looking that how good the current crop of PC PS2 emulators are, that have been reversed engineered, using closed specs, if ameuter coders can write software PS2 emulators, then Sony can for the PS3 (with full access to the PS2 specs, and the EmotionEngine aspect of it already completed)

    I think it's almost certain that PS2 compatability will make a full software emulated comeback on the PS3.

  4. Steve Rowsell
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    Too expensive for me - a reduction would be good...

    It'll be interesting to see whether this price cut happens. I would perhaps be tempted if the price cut were to take the price of an 80gb model down by £100.

    Its something that Sony must have realised they would have to do in the end. The price of standalone BR players is falling, meaning that the built-in BR player is less of a selling point now that the PS3 is no longer the cheapest way to get hold of a half decent BR player.

    I've always maintained that I have no interest in the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player, and would only think of getting one for gaming - I'm a bit of a completionist in that I usually end up with all consoles from each generation of hardware, as ever since the days of the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum, there have been platform exclusive games that it'd be a shame to miss out on.

    I currently just have a 360 from this generation and enjoy it immensely, but I'd be lying if I were to say there were no PS3 games I wouldn't mind in my library as well. I'm afraid the Wii, popular as it is, leaves me cold. Too gimmicky and a guaranteed dust gathering device if ever I saw one. I will add one to my collection one day, but it is last in the queue.

    So if there are any Sony execs reading this, go ahead, reduce the price by £100 and I will buy one!

  5. Scott Mckenzie

    If only...

    ...they'd make a decent controller for it.

    They feel so cheap and plasticky and for my hands are far too small - i much prefer the Xbox controller, but as above there are games for the PS3 i would like to own.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Some people need a reality check...

    "I would perhaps be tempted if the price cut were to take the price of an 80gb model down by £100."

    Do you REALLY believe the PS3 will drop to £199 in March? That's the most stupid comment I have ever read. At most, it's going to get a £50 price cut (i.e. the price of a game or a couple of Blu-ray movies). At the moment, the £299 deal on is simply outstanding, and by not having a PS3 this season, you are missing out on the lions share of exclusives (OK, Gears2 aside, but everything else is multi-plat or PS3 exclusive).

  7. Iain

    @Already great value for money

    Hi Mark.

    Assuming you actually want all that stuff it's not totally unreasonable, although I'd point out that the £180 going rate for a Sony BDP-S350 makes it rather pointless now if Blu-ray is your primary concern, instead of being merely one aspect of your interest.

    However, they're getting hammered by the gap that has opened back up between the other consoles and it; we're back to the situation at PS3 launch where you could have both the other consoles together for the same price. In the current market, £300 for what's primarily a games console isn't viable.

  8. Alex

    @Iain & @Steve

    "Hi Mark."

    LOL! Classicly done :o)

    "they're getting hammered by the gap that has opened back up between the other consoles and it"


    "the price of an 80gb model down by £100"

    @ Iain : Exactly.

    @ Steve : Whereas I do agree that it's expensive compared to the Xbox, I can not believe that Sony would cut it by 100 notes... Sorry, that's a bit unrealistic. Iain has a good point though where you can have two consoles for the same price. Having said that, the selling point of the Xbox right now is the fact it is cheap because it could be considered a barebones console. I know that they are now selling the entry level at 129 notes, which alot of gamers do like. The Elite goes for 220 notes on Play which has the majority of the tech available.

    .. what am i getting at? Well, it needs to be reminded that to have the similar levels of tech as a PS3, you'd need to be paying over 200 notes for an Xbox.

    As always, my caveat is that I have a PS3, 360 (Elite), and a Wii - and I enjoy the 360 and PS3 massively. The Wii has lost it's edge, but it still gets used and is not a dust collector (yet!)

  9. Peter

    @ LOL

    If they dropped the price by £100 I would get one, like Steve and Scott there are some games I would like to play on the PS4 but having owned an 360 for a few years I'm quite happy with it, its never had the red ring of death and the games are at a level now where you can go into town and pick two up 2nd hand for the price of a new game. Therefore I think its you that needs a reality check as £300 for a console isn't worth it while the global economic crisis is on.

  10. Bill Cumming

    Thought prices were going up?

    Didn't Sony release a statement last week saying they will be putting prices UP over the next 3 months?

    Are they going to do that old Supermarket con of putting the PS3 price up 10% Around Crimbo and New Near, then dropping the price back down 10% and saying it's a saving for the customer? Wonder what price they will release the 160Gb version at?

  11. PIB

    @ Peter

    "its never had the red ring of death"

    Like you, I went a long time without RROD. However, when it eventually happened to me, nothing prepares you for it: it's infuriating and frustrating.

    I bought a new X360. But every daqy now, I wonder if I'll get another RROD. I've lost my trust in X360. It'll never be the same again.

    Meanwhile my 1st gen PS3 runs along nicely.

    Trustworthiness should be, an important factor to take into account, when choosing consoles. (If you can't afford both.)

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