back to article HP rides EDS buy through Meltdown

It is beginning to look like Mark Hurd, chairman and chief executive officer of IT giant Hewlett-Packard, has one of the easiest jobs in the market. Maybe second only to Sam Palmisano, IBM's chairman and CEO and Hurd's chief rival in the IT space. For the fiscal fourth quarter ending October 31, HP reported sales of $33.6bn, …


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  1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Interesting comparison.

    "....As usual, the Image and Printing Group .... operating profits in this HP group came to $1.16bn in the quarter...." So that's the printer bizz that Sunshiners look down their nose at so much. Let's look at what Chris Mellor wrote on the 12th Novermber:

    "....analysts are expecting Sun to lose $1.35bn on revenues of $12.8bn for its fiscal 2009 year...."

    So, the HP printer bizz made almost as much profit in a quarter as the whole of Sun is expected to lose in the whole next year. Maybe Ponytail should spend the last $3bn in the bank buying someone like Kyocera?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    HP's Unix business is in free fall

    HP used to be #1 in Unix, then #1 in Unix in the Americas, then #1 in midrange and highend, then #1 in highend, now they are just #1 in Itanium. But that is because Itanium is 94% HP-UX.

    It seem's hp's quick strategy move to linux and blade everything is killing its business critical servers. It's a good thing HP's ink is so expensive. I hear HP's black ink is more expensive then human blood.

    I am really disappointed in Tukwila. I hear the performance per core will only be 75% of the Montvale cores. My Oracle bill just went up 20% and HP is trying to sell me montvale with a free upgrade to Tukwila. Hello! that "free" upgrade is going to cost me in migration and testing costs and especially my performance per oracle software license is going to go down, so I will need to buy more $47K oracle licenses. Not to mention all the other Oracle products in my stack.

    Help the Itanic is gonna sink me.

    L. Marchant

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Just goes to show you

  4. Gulfie

    Re: growth in profits from EDS

    Hehe, I'd like to see them try. When I was there EDS used to re-organise on a regular basis - at least yearly - and a lot of the projects I worked on had wafer-thin profit margins either due to management incompetence or under-estimation of the work, deliberate or not.

    I took my jacket and left a good year ago now.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    RE : Just goes to show you

    Hello AC, it's AC here, lets play link exchanging shall we?

    "When compared with HP Integrity rx6600 running Intel Itanium 2 processors (1,750 SAP SD Benchmark users) the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server achieved up to four times the number of SAP SD Benchmark users.(1)"

    WRT SPECint_rate2006 : "T5440 also has around 1.4 times the performance of IBM Power 550 Express, and triple the performance of HP Integrity rx6600"

    Can we create a new website called to be equaly idiotic :-)


    while [ HP_Perf -lt Sun_Perf ] && [ HP_FUD -gt 0]


    point, paste link, laugh!!


  6. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    RE: AC and links :D

    Lol, I don't need to post any links, all the articles showing how bad Sun has got are all here on the Reg! Shall we review? Reg article on market share - HP good and growing; Sun down the toilet. Reg articel on results - HP very good; Sun like a lot of brown smelly stuff. And for the piece de resistance - HP number one vendor with a healthy share price; Sun's fast shrinking market cap, soon to breach the $2bn figure!

    Face it, if anyone actually beleived all your Sunshiner links and their dodgy bench sessions then Sun would be the number one server vendor and not HP. But, as I take great joy in reminding you yet again, HP is number one, and Sun is nearly gone!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    HP is killing EDS

    It seems Hurd has decided on huge numbers of redundancies in EDS, without actually bothering to find out what those people do. So he is forcing through huge cuts to make himself look tough, and his apparent profit look great. And his bonus, no doubt.

    But you have to wonder what happens once all the EDS projects in the UK are short staffed, and even less able to keep the customer happy. Once there are not enough staff to deliver anything, what is Hurd's strategy? When the customer (and that's mostly the government) notices that there is no way anything can be delivered, will they be saying "Well, Hurd has done a good job for his shareholders, and they are the ones that matter"?

    Faeces and ventilation systems are going to coincide spatially, soon.

    HP will have zero credibility in the UK, the way they are screwing up EDS.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    HP is killing EDS

    Hurd doesnt care, as neither did Rittenmeyer. Most of the government work is already short staffed and complaints are flooding in. The short margin contracts are being looked at to cut, along with the staff that operate them. They dont care about the UK - thats why the UK redundancy numbers have been increased by the European targets that they cant meet because UK employement laws dont protect the employee like mainland europe.

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