back to article Fedora 10 debuts with nips, tucks

The Fedora Project today will take the wraps off the open development Fedora 10 release, six months and twelve days since Fedora 9 came on the scene and more or less in sync with the six month development cycle that the project has established for the code base that eventually becomes Red Hat Enterprise Linux. According to …


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  1. Ben Schofield
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    I've been using F10 since alpha and, even in alpha, it has been so much more stable that F9 for me. Wireless, graphics and even my fingerprint reader were all sorted automatically with not an edit of a .conf file anywhere in sight.

    Very please with it.

    I wonder why the article writer didn't mention the new addition of RPM Fusion though, as this was another big thumbs up in F10.


  2. KenBW2

    As a Linux user

    I always struggle to get fired up about new versions of distros, what with them being so incremental.

    But at least it's better than waiting 5 years for your OS to catch up with tech

  3. Dominik Mierzejewski

    Great job

    This is shaping up to be the best Fedora release so far. A big "thank you" to all contributors.

  4. The BigYin

    I want more PCs!

    I just need to convince the g/f that I really do need another PC so I can play with all these Linux flavours.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @The BigYin

    I have 6 computers with most running Linux - two of them Fedora. I'm trying to figure out how to pack in more, so my advice is to go for it.

    On the other hand, I have no girlfriend. Hmmm. Maybe there's something in that?

  6. E

    Can anyone comment on KDE?

    F9 KDE, at least early F9 release, contained unfinished KDE4.

    Does F10 contain a proper KDE installation?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. KenBW2

    @The BigYin

    You do realise that you can have multiple OSs on one PC, right?

  8. Richard Stubbs

    Linux VM's and Life

    @The BigYin @By KenBW2 and @Anonymous Coward I have multiple distros in multiple VMs and I have a very gorgeous Girlfriend (but sometimes she does think I'm a bit to geeky)

  9. b4k4
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    re: Linux VM's and Life

    I have a house packed full of machines running linux. I would estimate about a dozen, mostly given to me by friends, though I have bought at least three of them new and two second hand. Plus I have a young wife and 3 kids who let me go surfing every weekend or when the waves are good. I have never used a VM and don't know how. Real computers for a real life.

  10. darrin allen

    Fedora 10

    Yes I just download the .iso.

    Initially I was having a problem with RPMS for dvd support.

    I am going to uninstall Totem. and search for another .rpm

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