back to article SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5m in Unix royalties (again)

Once again, a federal judge has ruled that SCO owes Novell over $2.5m, insisting that the Utah shell-of-a-software-company was unjustly enriched by a 2003 licensing agreement with Sun Microsystems. On Thursday, as reported by Groklaw, judge Dale Kimball issued his final judgment (PDF warning) in the seemingly-endless legal …


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  1. kain preacher

    Patent troll

    Gets steamed rolled. I hear the CEO of SCO is look at yahoo for jobs

  2. Anonymous Coward

    They should go after the personal assets of SCO's Officers

    The management at SCO has shown nothing but contempt for the Legal System throughout this whole fiasco. The personal assets of the SCO Board & Officers should be fair game.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And there was much rejoicing

    Nice to see at least some judges have sense.

  4. gollux
    Thumb Up

    Oooch! Burn! Haaa ha ha ha...

    As my buddies in highschool always used to say when one of us did something really embarassing and got caught out.

  5. Daniel Silver badge

    Enough already

    Why won't they just die?

    Or to paraphrase Goldfinger, "Do you want me to pay? No, Mr. SCO - I want you to DIE."

  6. Gerry

    It's a shame....

    ...what with Bilski killing software patents and SCO failing to string this out while Windows 7 is still slideware.

    Can't wait to hear what else is wrong with GNU/Linux. Is it an anagram of "Microsoft marketing department"?

  7. stizzleswick

    The article forgot to note...

    ...that the SCO that did the sueing was actually Caldera Systems, which had bought up the UNIX business bits from the Santa Cruz Operation and then renamed itself SCO Group while the original SCO changed names to Tarantella, Inc. IMO, it was only after Darl McBride took the reins of SCO Group that the fan began being hit.

  8. yeah, right.

    die. Die! DIE!!!

    I can only hope that Novell gets to lift the corporate veil and go after the personal assets of the directors responsible for SCOs fall from grade. McBride has enough houses he could sell one or two off to pay a debt he is directly responsible for.

    I'm guessing that SCO will continue it's bankruptcy shenanigans though, and nobody is going to see any of the money they are owed in this mess. Meanwhile, SCO is busy quietly shifting funds to non-bankrupt subsidiaries in foreign countries. Zombie Bride of SCO anyone?

  9. yeah, right.

    @die. Die! DIE!!!

    That's "its" not "it's" damnit.

  10. Quirkafleeg
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    Ha. Ha. Hahaha. Muhahahaha!

    (Or something.)

  11. Chris Thomas

    Die?? Are you crazy!!

    Dudes, SCO is the biggest source of lulz in the computer world and you want it to die???? OMG!!! Keep it going man, relight the fires of destiny and continue the lulz.

  12. Tam Lin

    A nice little Sting

    I can't be sure whether judge Dale Kimball is a doofus, a crook, or both.

    An honest and/or competent judge would never let a rogue CEO intentionally bankrupt a public corporation by paying his own brother hundreds of millions of dollars for fake legal services on absolutely unsubstantiated twaddle.

    The McBrides (and maybe the Kimballs) have SCO's money, Microsoft and Sun got great deals on Altamont-style security, and the mark still doesn't realize what went down.

    Is there a Marvin Hamlisch icon? ... hmmm, apparently not.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sun's complicity

    We will not forget that Sun backed up Microsoft in funding SCO's attack on Linux. What goes around comes around boys...

  14. Gerry

    @Gerry by Gerry

    That will teach me. Now, we've got to wait for SCO to appeal the decision FFS.

    "SCO officials believe they can win an appeal of Kimball's 2007 ruling because, they argue, he prematurely ruled in favor of Novell when facts in the case were still in dispute. "

    As ever, note the careful use of language, SCO is not claiming factual error, merely that the Judge called it before the very last fact was found.

    They seem to be going after a point of procedure, has anyone got a silver bullet, a wooden stake... the money to fund their appeal...

    Mine's the one with the 3rd amended APA in a secret compartment

  15. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    @Chris Thomas

    Uh, SCO is not funny.

    At least, not unless you happen to think that the schizophrenic bridesmaid who thinks she's the bride at a marriage is funny.

    What I call funny is Nvidia's repeated attempts at denying issues and cheating, spreading rumors and spewing baseless FUD that invariably come back to bite them in the rear.

    ATI cheats too, of course, it's business as usual.

    Meanwhile, and perhaps despite all that, PCs get more powerful every year.

    That is funny.

    SCO is just pathetic.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    SCO Deserve all they get

    And they got it! Serves them right for being a bunch of greedy f****s.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    @Tam Lin

    > can't be sure whether judge Dale Kimball is a doofus, a crook, or both.

    None of the above.

    He's simply a member of the Legal profession, a prime aim of which is to enable Lawyers to make what they term a reasonable living (which might be a bit different from what most of the rest of us have to put up with).

  18. Mahou Saru

    Dragging their feet

    By the time SCO actually pays, if they can pay that is 2.5m would probably be worth peanuts...

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Pascal Monett

    Why would a schizophrenic bridesmaid think she was the bride?

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    And Sun bought Tarantella.

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