back to article Will Microsoft spin its way into the cloud with Kumo?

Microsoft has sown confusion across the blogosphere after it registered the domain name and redirected it to several Windows Live servers late last week. The firm has scored big ink over the weekend with bloggers speculating what the registration means. Many have concluded that Microsoft must be rebranding its little …


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  1. KenBW2

    Since when did a rebrand work...

    ...when you're trying to raise awareness of your product?

  2. myxiplx

    Would be better named "dead" search

    Seriously, this is a rough analysis of the last time I used 'live' search (about a couple of months ago):

    1. Need to install MSN messenger on a new PC, I know it's called Live Messenger these days, so decide to try live search.

    2. Navigate to, enter "messenger" in the search box

    3. Stare in amazement at links to AOL Instant Messenger, and a dozen other links to long dead messenger programs (including several obsolete links to MSN messenger).

    4. Try again, typing "live messenger".

    5. Once again, be amazed at just how poor the search results are.

    6. Try going to, nope, that's not found either, I'm back at the search page.

    7. Try "windows live messenger", still nothing.

    At this point I gave up and went to google. Searching for "messenger" gave Live Messenger and MSN Messenger as the top two results. The address:

    So Microsofts search engine can't even find their OWN products on its OWN domain, even after several attempts to narrow the search.

    Google in contrast gets it right first time, with the first two links being spot on and a good half a dozen other relevant links on the first page.

This topic is closed for new posts.