back to article Welcome to the world of collaboration by stealth

You know what it's like, some some bright spark from da management decides that "more effective collaboration is needed"? Whose door do they knock on first? Because it involves software, probably the IT department's. But is IT equipped for the task? And does it want the responsibility? Collaboration is a human process, in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Five hours in and no comments on this article yet - perhaps your stealthy attempt to get reg readers to collaborate in the writing of this article by commenting on it has proved something - but I'm not falling into the the trap of saying what it proves :-p

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Erm, oxymoron?

    bright spark in management? Oxymoron?

  3. Teresa Steely

    Solution to Collaboration Conundrum

    I've got a solution- use a collaborative knowledge network where you can share information on specific questions and problems in a secure, invitation-only environment. It is best to grow these environments organically, or virally, with the "fad" catching on and passing via cafeteria conversations. Users have to want to use it and find it helpful. It can start in the IT dept., but ultimately, employees within or across departments must see a need and request a better communication system.

    Right now Syndicom, Inc. focuses on collaboration in healthcare (1400 spine surgeons from around the world use SpineConnect, and the SpineShare is a community from one corporation that helps sales, marketing, and distributors effectively communicate). See more at

This topic is closed for new posts.