back to article Law firm argues links to its website abuse its trademarks

One of the world's biggest law firms is suing a small Chicago-based website for naming the firm and linking to two of its associates' biographies. A judge rejected an attempt to have the case thrown out last week. Jones Day, a firm with more than 2,200 lawyers, argues that is giving a false impression that the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Typical lawyers.

    Sharks. With honourable exceptions, but big firms like this seem to be the thrashing, biting monster of nightmare.

  2. Hollerith

    that listing in the hard copy Yellow Pages, too

    They have a big advert int he Yellow Pages, and yet it sits alongside many other adverts and listings for law firms, diluting their trademarks and suggesting that 'any of these will do'. Clearly that impinges on the value of their brand and suggests that they are 'just another law firm'.

    Shocking. Outrageous. Sue the Bastards.

  3. Kerberos


    Why settle a technical problem that any decent admin could fix in 20 minutes (block incoming links) when you can spent tens of thousands lawyering instead? Job security? Are they that hard up for work?

  4. Andy

    google "jones day" lawyer

    "Results 1-10 of about 360,000"

    Plus Google itself, of course. That should keep them busy.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There's a simpler solution...

    ...just change the links on the webpage to point to new copies of the photo and text, then

    replace the originals with something highly offensive (but legal). That will stop the links

    being used a damn sight faster than any court would.

    More likely that there is a bit of a lull in the workload and they've decided that they might

    as well have a few of their legal beagles honing their skills and possibly getting a big

    payday. Why else fight it as a trademark rather than copyright case if the only aim is for

    a takedown?

  6. Phil the Geek

    What do you call 12 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

    A good start.

  7. John Imrie

    I'm waiting for this as the next headline

    Major law firm REDACTED successfully wipes it's self from the net.

    Or possibly

    Jones Day sues every one who has ever made a web site for linking to a site that link to a site that is in a chain of sites that links to Jones Day's web site.

    Boffin because it looks like a dim light bulb if you squint enough, and these layers are defiantly dim light bulbs when it comes to the Internet

  8. David Kelly

    Next up ...

    Tucows to sue software developers for including on their product pages a tucows logo with cows ratings and a link to .

    You'd think those idiots would be grateful for the free publicity and links.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Don't worry, I've fixed it.

    I sent Jones Day an e-mail telling them I was the President of the USA and that I ordered them to shut up and go away.

    Doubting that they would believe that I was associated with the presidency, I put in a link to the White House website in the e-mail.

    Consequently they assumed that I really must be the president, and they will therefore be shutting up and going away in the very near future.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    How to make Jones Day's next web stats report more interesting:

    wget '' --referer=''

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @A nonymous coward WGET

    Spectacular :D

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