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Apple has released a firmware update for the iPhone, giving Jesus phone devotees access to Google Map’s Street View, keyboard settings and more. iphone_firmware_update iPhone 2.2 Software Update lets you turn off the keyboard's auto-correction. Hurrah! The free iPhone 2.2 Software Update adds extra functionality to Google …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    all very nice but im STILL waiting for a satnav application with turn by voice, google maps just doesnt cut it, cmon apple whats the delay, Tom Tom had their software working on the iphone3g 2 seconds after it was released and we're still waiting !!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    iPod touch

    They've also released 2.2 for iPod touch, but inexplicably, it doesn't include the Maps updates such as Streetview, public transit and walking directions.

    Once again, Apple is screwing iPod touch users...

  3. Jamie Edwards


    I am so glad Apple are such a customer-focused company. They have listened to all of their customer feedback and implemented some really sought after features.

  4. Tom
    Thumb Up


    This is great news, just for the fact you can turn off auto-incorrect. I'm so sick of seeing that 'feature' changing what I typed just as I hit 'send'.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Wait for it...

    Can I be the first to say (before everyone else does):

    "Implement cut & paste instead of all these other useless things, you bunch of numpties".

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Very Odd.

    Samsung updated the firmware for my Mp3 Player just last week and they didn't get a report or even a post on digg.

    Wonder why?

  7. james


    I have just updated to the new 2.2 sw version, guess what? It broke the internet connection on my phone!

    Make sure you backup properly before installing!

    Come on Apple, stop messing us all around and release a decent working update (pref with all the bluetooth features enabled and a decent sat nav)

  8. Jon England

    Still no cut and paste then...


  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo


    "Samsung updated the firmware for my Mp3 Player just last week and they didn't get a report or even a post on digg.

    Wonder why?"

    .... Cause no-one cares?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Nice but....

    ...still none of the features people actually want, such as proper turn-by-turn sat-nav (aka Tom-Tom, Garmin etc), cut and paste, or proper bluetooth support.

    I'd really like to get rid of my aging WinMobile PDA with Tom-Tom, but can't....

    Don't need a Sat-Nav to find your way around Paris, the videos are out there to prove it!

  11. Eponymous Howard


    Because no-one cars, at a guess,

  12. Khalid


    id be happy with just the satnav, i dont think apple have any intention of enabling full bluetooth though (mms anyone...)

  13. Jamie Edwards


    You should have bought a "decent phone" if you wanted those features. It is stupid to buy a phone without this kind of stuff and then moan that it doesn't have any of it.

  14. Sooty

    downloading it now

    it might be worth it for being able to get podcasts over the 3g, if it actually works in a sensible manner

  15. David Kelly


    Why does everyone expect Apple to make a navigation app for the iPhone? Surely it would be better to be using something like TomTom since they have many years experience creating such apps and would no doubt produced a way more polished product than Apple's first offering.

  16. Jon Kale
    Thumb Down

    "you’ll also have access to public transport and walking directions"

    What the article doesn't tell you is that you may wish to disregard the directions: earlier today a cow-orker showed my the suggested route from the office here in Farringdon to his home in West London. While the rest of us would jump on the Tube, a true worshipper of the Jesusphone gets sent via Crawley and Slough (presumably so they can see Gatwick and Heathrow on their way home) - which might put a bit of a kink in any ideas about being home before last orders...

  17. Anonymous Coward

    They've moved us into euroland

    Some good minor improvements but the bad news, Maps now gives us distances in 'km' instead of 'miles'. A slip up somewhere - perhaps Apple think we are fully euro-ised !

  18. Phil Arundell
    Thumb Down

    @David Kelly

    I don't think anyone does expect Apple to release a navigation app. What people are complaining about is that they are blocking other companies (such as Tom Tom) from releasing theirs through the App Store (which is the only way to get things onto the iPhone)

  19. Colin


    All very nice Apple (and appreciated) but there are still several outstanding issues:

    Cut and Paste

    Flash Player

    Sat Nav app

    Proper Bluetooth

    Oh and I personally find auto correct to be good although it doesn't seem to learn as it goes - mins still gets changed to mind evern though I tell it not to make the change.

    "I'll be on msn messenger in 10 mins" becomes "I'll be on men messenger in 10 mind" every freaking time :(

  20. David Kelly

    @Phil Arundellm @Jon Kale

    "What people are complaining about is that they are blocking other companies (such as Tom Tom) from releasing theirs through the App Store"

    Are they though? From what I've read TomTom are working on an iPhone version but have some way to go yet.

    "While the rest of us would jump on the Tube, a true worshipper of the Jesusphone gets sent via Crawley and Slough"

    Is that Apple's fault or Google's fault? AFAIK Google provide the directions!

  21. Si

    Safari fix

    I hope this really does improve Safari stability, the damn browser crashes all the time. It's by far the best mobile browser I've used but the constant crashing is a real nuisance (although IE6 on Windows Mobile sounds promising if they can offer Flash support and it doesn't run like a dog thanks to the usual underpowered CPU they put in HTC handsets).

  22. Colin

    1 day on

    Installed 2.2 now and have run into problems.

    Typical Apple - fix bugs and introduce new ones!

    *Fixed emergency calls allowing locked iPhone to dial any number

    *Speed in general seems to have improved

    * Change Safari address bar (search is now positioned like the desktop version - to the side rather than below the address box field)

    *Messed up Google Maps - KM rather than Miles

    *Update resets brightness (easily reset)

    *Lost SMS privacy option for previews

    Roll on 2.2.1...

  23. OrsonX
    Jobs Horns

    PodCasts in chronological order yet?

    This is my major issue!

    My podcast language course (from iTunes store no less) is listed from newest to oldest... (with no resort option)

    Maybe it's just me (?) but personally I like to listen to the first epsidode first, and the last episode, er, last!!

    Another inexplicable annoyance is that the ringer volume seems linked to other volume settings on the phone, duh?

    Really can't be arsed to update at the moment, especially after just reading about a horrible picture scaling bug:

    ....finally, I am also patiently waiting for a proper GPS Turn by Turn app. (when?)

    ...oh, and video recording! (I'm guesing that's gonna be the iPhone Video... and we'll all have to pay for the upgrade).

  24. Alastair

    @Jon Kale

    I'm going to guess that's because Google Maps doesn't have Tube directions (I don't know). More stuff is being added to it all the time, mind- all the transit options in the US work perfectly, of course.

    Street view seems like a waste of time though- you mean I can stand in the street and use my iPhone to see what's around me?! Staggering.

  25. OrsonX
    Jobs Halo

    My bad... they fixed it!


    I was weak & couldn't resist updating... but I should've checked before moaning, as the podcast sort order is indeed (thankfully) fixed in 2.2 if only I could figure out how to put multiple pins in Maps?

  26. mario

    @ Collin

    "*Messed up Google Maps - KM rather than Miles"

    that sounds like an improvement to me.

  27. Tim Poppleton


    Still sucky Apple

  28. Scott Mckenzie

    Pwnage 2.2.1 is out...

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