back to article 'Unappealing' electric cars a 'tragedy', cries Nissan chief

Nissan chairman and Renault SA co-chairman Carlos Ghosn tacitly called for better-looking electric cars when he gave his keynote speech at the Los Angeles Motor Show. Nissan Pivo concept Nissan's Pivo concept: not what the company chief has in mind... Thankfully, Ghosn doesn't see the move the electric vehicles as meaning …


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    Appeal is a relevant term

    what is appealing today and may be appealing tomorrow are all relevant to what the fashion and marketing industry imposes. At one point, Jettison looking vehicles were considered appealing, looking at 1960s design, you might have thought it could have succeeded. Designers are trying to create the appeal, not follow it. Nissan should know better. Just watch the fashion shows before designing the vehicle, you will be good to go Mr Nisan Chief!

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