back to article Kids blame technology for homework hand-in failures

‘My dog ate it’, ‘I left it on the bus’, and ‘someone stole it’ – they were the classic excuses in our day for not handing in homework. But modern youth are increasingly blaming absent homework on technology, a survey’s revealed. Online electronics retailer Pixmania surveyed 1000 teachers during the past 12 months and found …


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  1. Xander
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    Ahhh. My printer being out of ink was responsible for so many late homeworks...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    El Reg... copying homework again?

    Mr.Sherwood, this report seems remarkably similar to one handed in my Mr.Haines yesterday. I think there may be some plagiarism going on here...

    My brother's a teacher & when he gets the "Printer ran out of toner" excuse he responds with "Well, why didn't you email me your homework?".

  3. Planeten Paultje

    Heh :-)

    It devoured my paper.....

  4. Lloyd
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    Sounds ike Pixmania trying to drum up some business

    There can't be many people left who have been fleeced by the "you'll have to send it back to France" warranty.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ‘I lost my laptop’

    those kids are obviously preparing for careers in politics...

  6. Andrew Beresford
    Paris Hilton

    Fifteen years late

    Good grief... I used the same excuses over fifteen years ago and didn't get away with it *then*.

    I found that you got a little less hassle if you just said " I haven't done it".

    Paris - cos she didn't like homework either.

  7. Nate

    Slow on the uptake?

    "Sue Cooke, Assistant Headteacher at Wallington County Grammar School, Surrey, said: 'We are definitely wising up to their tech trickery.'"

    So, you're telling me that it took a while for teachers to "wise up" to a kid lying about his dog eating his work? C'mon. The only thing that's changed is the crappy excuse. A broken computer is no better than a poorly trained pup.

    Maybe teachers are dumber/lazier/more gullible than they used to be?

  8. Allan Rutland

    If they thought about it a bit better...

    they could just hand in some gibberish file and claim they were a Mac or Linux user thus getting the rest of the world to excuse them.

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