back to article BlackBerry Javelin to spear RIM's Bold and Curve?

BlackBerry Bold and Curve owners had better watch out, because Research in Motion has thrown a sharp new rival into the mix. BlackBerry_Javelin_front RIM's BlackBerry Javelin: sharp looks, but is it smart? The BlackBerry Javelin looks very similar to the Bold, but Javelin’s exclusive UK retailer – Carphone Warehouse – told …


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  1. bertie bassett

    Doesn't have 3g

    Check you're facts el reg. Doesn't have 3g.

  2. Tom Richardson
    Thumb Down

    Are you sure?

    Last I heard, the Javelin didn't have 3G.

  3. Frank


    "..but Javelin’s exclusive UK retailer – Carphone Warehouse – told Register Hardware that it’s actually smaller than both the Bold and Curve. By how much, CW wouldn’t say."

    More likely to be -couldn't- say, because they haven't got a clue.

    "..CW told us that Javelin has “the sharpest screen” to give brighter and crisper icons."

    Probably an assumption based on their knowledge that a javelin is sharp, pointed object. I bet they didn't know how much 'sharper' it is or how much 'crisper' the icons are either.

    Am I cynical about CW? -yes I am.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have a Bold and its small enough

    I love my Bold, and I can't imagine my it being any smaller. The key sizes are at their absolute minimum. They are perfectly useful now but just barely, shrinking them more would cause thumb cancer.

    A sharper screen would be handy I suppose, but the one I have definitely does the job. I'm not some fool who watches video on a 4x3 centimeter screen <insert eye cancer joke here>.

  5. Conrad Longmore

    =BlackBerry Curve 8900

    That would be the BlackBerry Curve 8900 then, as offered by T-Mobile Germany. So not really very exclusive at all:

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How tiddly is that display?

    iSquint anybody?

    I'll stick with a crappy "smart" phone (SGH-i600) in the pocket and use my wifi-leashed iPod touch, thank you very much. I'm too mean to buy a full iphone 8-)

  7. Alex

    No 3G?

    Mines the Bold then...

    You can keep the iPhone attempt. I like my qwerty buttons for "quicker- than-touch-screen" typing.

    A Bold statement I know...

    (You see what I did there...?)

    Mine's the one with the antiquated abacus in the pocket.

  8. Taomyn

    Sharper screen?

    It's the same as the screen on the Bold, just in a smaller area so you'll have to squint a bit more.

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    Bold watch out claim!

    I am a newbie on the blackberry front and on smartphones overall. Had the SE P1 before and I thought it had amazing features. The battery life was spectacular though. The Bold is even better. The features are awesome. I longed for an X1 but I thnk I made the right choice.

    Lack of 3g makes the Javelin poorer than the Bold. A sharper screen will not be noticeable-refer to <eye cancer joke>! 3.2m Camera...IMO only good 5m cameras upwards can b considered worthy of any mention. Very few of us would bother printing/comparing the merits of anything less than 5m. And no phone out there combine all these features with a 5m camera. The ongoing debate is still valid, if u want quality pictures, buy yrself a camera.

    Admittedly, I loved the look of the Javelin. But the Bold is growing on me.

    Oh and more importantly, I would never touch CPW. Go direct anytime. CPW are like Sportsworld. Great prices but poor aftersales service.Blackberry FTW, and that is a Bold claim.

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