back to article Teen hacker confesses three-year crime spree

A juvenile hacker with a reputation for stirring up trouble in online gaming groups has admitted to multiple computer felonies, including cyber attacks that overwhelmed his victims with massive amounts of data and the placing of hoax emergency phone calls that elicited visits by heavily armed police teams. Known by the online …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    Sciddy, not hacker.

    Come on, ElReg, get it right.

    This is a script kiddy, with zero parental oversight, not a hacker. He needs to be taken out behind the barn and severely beaten. Daily. For a month. Same for his parents, but for two months, Might knock some sense into all of 'em ...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I say

    give him wacki jacqui's prints and in eleven months let him run loose with them

    kudos to him

  3. kain preacher

    pissed off

    He is 17 and a poor excuse for a human. Should of tried his butt as an adult.

  4. Eddy Ito

    Do over!

    Simply a snot nosed little kid making sure his slate is clean before turning 18. Face it, he is pimping his second street cred while he can since if he tries to brag after making the magic 18 the bailiff might actually "whack his pee-pee!"

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No justice here

    To allow this scumbag to get off with 11 months detention is a huge crime against society. He needs about ten years in the slammer to think about the rest of his worthless life. Once again the judicial system has failed the people it is designed to protect from criminals. Those responsible for this injustice should be held accountable.

  6. Chris C

    What the fuck?!?

    Why in the fuck is he only service 11 months of juvenile detention?!? He should have been tried as an adult. His crimes were most definitely serious enough. Falsely reporting crimes and falsely reporting bomb threats are very serious, and they keep the police from doing their real jobs, thus endangering people (not to mention endangering the people the police inevitably assaulted while trying to act in good faith). Even adult prison is too good for this waste of space. But then again, as a US citizen, I've come to expect that our judicial system has nothing to do with justice.

  7. Moss Icely Spaceport

    @ Eddy Ito

    Exactly right!

    If the kids bright enough at 17 to do all this tech wizardry, no matter how illegal, then he's old enough to go the the :"Big Boys College".

    He might find out what a real DoS is.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Am I the only one who finds the fact that he got free internet by modifying his cable modem using a piece of software tremendously funny?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Got what he deserved

    "miscreant said to have perpetrated a series of attacks on members of myg0t, an online confederation dedicated to cheating and disrupting play in online games such as Counter Strike."

    Now for screwing around with tossers like myg0t I think a reduced punishment is well deserved. Still he's a little shit.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    "On at least several occasions"?

    Really? Could you be less specific?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    dshocker was part of tcniso who release modified motorola surfboard firwmares. they have he source code for these

    that what that statement is about.

    dshocker was a ultimate skiddie.

    strangley enough dshocker was on the same networks as Digerati/Ryan Goldstein.

    I think he must have been shopped in byhim

  12. James Halliday

    Hold on a minute here.

    Firstly I'm by no means condoning what he's done - especially the 'swatting' (I think anything that involves guns probably means you've taken it way way too far).

    Being able to extract subscriber info from cable companies is impressive. Obtaining, cracking and using prop. firmware (I assume) for the modem is also quite impressive.

    As for this 'trying as an adult' - erm he isn't an adult, he's 17. I'm not quite sure what the justification for trying somebody as an adult (when they're not) is. Is it "they're as mature as an adult" or "this is a crime too serious for a child to have commited".

    If the first, then surely a 'mature' 17 year old should be allowed to buy beer, guns and vote. The second option is quite ridiculous - he's a child, he did it, therefore it is possible for a child to have commited it.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    HA, they got to him, and want him to work for them!

    "Dshocker agreed to the imposition of an 11-month sentence of juvenile detention. "

    Some law enforcement IT team of Gurus finally tracked him down, convinced management to feel his collar before he turns 18, and offer him, "a deal he can't refuse". This deal was no doubt in a few someones' own best interest.

    Three letter agency slave labor at their IT rockface for life after his 11 month JDC tour is the likely outcome here folks, nothing to see, move along.

    Mines the one with the three big bold letters on the back, thanks.

  14. Andy Worth


    Yes, it's just you..... :)

    I do hope that they have also added a stipulation that he is not allowed to use or access a computer for X years after his release as well. He is a snotty little shit, the likes of which I crossed paths with a number of times in my online gaming days, usually after I crept up behind them with my knife while they were camping out somewhere (speaking in a game context of course, not literal!). Although saying that.......

  15. Sean Charles

    Little Green Monsters...

    Personally, I think he lacked the self-control of ego, which is ultimately the downfall of a hacker but at 17 years old who's going to fault him for that ?

    I've been a software engineer for nearly a quarter of a century and time and time again it is the same basic security flaws that let these people walk over over the platters. If *we* as an industry / user community can't learn then we get what we deserve I guess.

    On a similar vein I have nothing but sympathy for Gary Mc-Kinnon too, again, he was technically off-legal but his motives were not criminal despite his actions being so; we should get these people on our side instead of letting the crims recruit them although sadly, what with the way of the world the 'dark side' appears to be more attractive these days. I blame Darth Vader. And Blair, and Brown and the rest of the gravy-train career politicians we've had to endure in the UK for far too long. I too received a letter when our details were recently lost. Have these goons not heard of TrueCrypt for one ? Sheesh.

    OK, he did some bad things and fortunately nobody was physically harmed in the process but let's just remember one thing, this 'kid', at age 17 has managed to run rings around systems everywhere and there are bigger, harder dirtier scumbags than him out there, older, wiser and much more focussed on 'other' motives.

    It is them we should be targeting our efforts at giving a good beating behind the barn, this kid ought to be heading up the task force to track them down in my opinion.


    Sean Charles

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice to see

    It's nice to see the liberal intelligencia that are the Reg's commentards baying for the blood of a child. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that there are such caring, understanding people in the world.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    Not that I have much sympathy for Gary McKinnon, but comparing what this kid did and the damage he caused, both financial and psychological, to what McKinnon did,,and what will potentially happen to him once extradited to the US (and it will happen) surely something is wrong - 11 months just because the little shit is only 17? Whereas McKinnon may just disappear x-files style and never be heard from again.

    Like I said, I don't think he should be let of scott free but surely this judgement will give him some kind of hope that he's not going to end up in gitmo.

  18. AC
    Thumb Down

    "On at least several occasions"

    Sorry but that bit made me laugh.

    Can't believe the little shit got away with just 11 months?! He must be laughing from his double-bed-with-xbox cell.

  19. Dr. Mouse

    @AC 05:53

    "Am I the only one who finds the fact that he got free internet by modifying his cable modem using a piece of software tremendously funny?"

    It actually isn't that hard to do. I know several ppl who do it. Even easier if you have access to the cable co's records

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Uh...

    Yeah, this place is starting to read like the Daily Mail.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Bring back hanging

    The birch is too good for them I say!


    @Paul Smith, Chris C

    Seriously though, WTF? Yes he should be punished, but I mean he's not scum of the earth, he's not trafficking people for slavery into prostitution, he didn't rape anyone. Like most kids he's probably just bored and directed his energy into something stupid. I think education and giving him something to focus on which is challenging and rewarding would be worth far more than 10 years locked up with rapists and murderers.

    The trouble is that would take effort. Too bad.

  22. Michael
    Thumb Up

    Myg0t deserved everything they got!

    Hats off to the lad, for going after this group of, well no word can describe them.... teh drty Haxx0r5...

  23. Simon
    Paris Hilton

    ...and compared to Mr KcKinnons "crimes"

    So hang on this kid has stolen money from real people, caused situations that could have KILLED people (trigger happy or accidental shooting in one of the SWAT callouts?) damaged systems, stolen stuff from companies and individuals for personal gain and really screwed some ISP's over (who I hope have learned from the experience and "hardened the f*ck up!")

    So the only thing he didnt do was snoop into any military or government systems (or wasnt caught, or hasnt said about it) - yet he gets 11 months then a clean slate for causing real and substancial damage thats provable. So Gary McKinnon apparently didnt cause and direct damage (I suspect the computers/systems he is being accused of damaging were actually taken off line to plug the hole that he used to get in...) is up for being deported and then whacked a 25 year plus sentence on him? Did he gain anything from this!? Oh yeah, remember there are no terrorists inside Americas borders, just criminals.

    Sheesh! I give up....

    Paris - cos even she got a short sentence inside that should have been longer...

  24. Peter

    Look; I know these kids, I've worked with them

    ...and in my opinion the only solution is to cut their goolies off.

  25. blackworx
    Dead Vulture

    Armed gunman opposed to the unarmed kind?

  26. Jamie

    I was wondering

    As I was reading the story I was wondering why in the world was he confessing to everything, then I saw the last paragraph and understood why. He wanted the light sentence that will come with stating he was wrong and he did all those things.

  27. Matt

    re: "On at least several occasions"

    >> He must be laughing from his double-bed-with-xbox cell.

    I doubt his prison cell would have an x-box, been reading the Daily Mail for too long prehaps?

    and I wouldn't be laughing if I was in a prison cell with a double bed!

  28. Anonymous Coward


    Aha, Fuck all you guys. dshocker was fucking awesome. He was the final internet boss.

    You are all pussies.

  29. Max

    Never let this person touch a computer again.

    See title.

  30. kain preacher

    Read the article again

    After I re read the article I realized the kid is not out of the woods yet. His crimes crossed state lines. Each of those states could file charges. The Feds could charge him as well. Lets hope he has to do time in each state and then the feds go after him.

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