back to article BNP races to get membership list off the net

The BNP membership list containing over 10,000 names and addresses, which we revealed yesterday is still plastered over the internet despite the far right party's desperate efforts to get it yanked from websites. A message on the party's website from Nick Griffin, BNP leader, details the list leak and apologises to people …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Good luck with that

    It's roaming wild through torrents, and there are quite a few copies on file sharing sites. It'll be near impossible to entirely remove it.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Good luck to them trying to get it taken down from all hosts...

    Given that the list has now appeared on The Pirate Bay, there's 'approximately' no chance that they'll be able to stop people getting hold of a copy quite easily...

  3. Spider

    the truth is out there

    Whilst I Know Its Laughable Everyone Already KnowS

  4. An ominous cow herd


    Although I do not condone BNP's politics, it shocks me that in the UK, organizations (and public ones, moreover) may choose to prohibit their employees from joining a specific political party. I always thought that there was a democracy there... Guess I was wrong!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jacqui's comment

    From BBC news website: Home Secretary Jacqui Smith [...] told the BBC News Channel she did not mind people knowing she was a member of the Labour Party, adding: "I wonder why it is that BNP members are rather more ashamed of their membership."

    Now I'm no friend of the BNP, and their members *should* be ashamed, but as usual she's missed the point of why publishing the names and addresses of members of minority political parties might be a Bad Thing.

  6. Edward Miles
    Black Helicopters

    II of course would never post a link to the list...

    But a certain website known for storing leaks with a name similar to an on-line encyclopaedia has a copy, and I have doubts about how effective a take down notice against them is going to be! It's also on TOR, which means it's just about impossible to get it removed.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Oh how I LAUGHED when I heard this. sweet, so fucking sweet. bye bye BNP.

    Brown trousers indeed!

  8. adnim

    Too late

    The list is out there now in the public domain, try as it might the BNP is not going to stop distribution of this list. As much as part of me has sympathy for those members who's privacy has been breached, an equal part of me is laughing its ass off.

    "Nick Griffin claimed the leak was good news for the extremist party because it showed its members were not "skinhead oiks""

    Says it all really, well at least how narrow minded and limited in imagination Nick Griffin is.

    A security breach is NEVER good news Nick, you prove yourself to be even less smart than I thought you were.

    It appears to me that "skinhead oiks" are the only members of the BNP who take pride in their membership and boast of it. Whilst professionals and respected members of society (I use the term loosely) keep such affiliations very quiet indeed. This says more about the BNP than propaganda from either side of the fence ever could.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Posted on wikileaks

    Go to wikileaks to get it.

  10. Matthew Brown

    I didn't know about...

    ..the fact cops couldn't join certain political parties. Even if it does limit the BNP's reach, that's a little worrying.

    Actually that's very bloody worrying. The state nor your employer should have the right to dictate your political leanings.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Aye, right

    "He also said that some non-members had been maliciously added to the list." Of course, Nick. In fact, I'll bet that anyone who needs to now deny being a member will have been "maliciously added".

    Quite impressive that there are more than 6,000 unique email addresses in the data (out of around 12,000 entries). And it's good to see that in reality there are hardly any BNP idiots in Scotland. But God help the midlands and the north west.

    Oh, and what a range of organisations with racist nutters working for them! Email domains include, (oh dear), (oh dear oh dear) and, delightfully, both Renault and Mercedes dealers. :-) Also, a surprising number of what must be ex-pats - Spanish and Australian emails addresses are quite common.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Rights infringed!!

    And they're claiming their Human Rights have been infringed! Wait, would that be those EU-initiated Human Rights? The same EU the BNP wants to withdraw from?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    @Matthew Brown

    Of course policepersons shouldn't be allowed to be an active member of a group or society that keeps its practises and membership secret.

    Its not saying they can't vote for whomever they want to, just that they can't be an active member.

    The idea is to ensure impartiality of the police - so that each individual policeman is working on behalf of the State in general, not for one subset of society.

    If that was allowed then they'd all be freemasons.

  14. Pete Rowley

    some non-members had been maliciously added to the list?

    Glad to see even the BNP see themselves as a negative thing to be associated with.

  15. blackworx

    Blankety Blank

    You should see that Nick Griffin, he's running around like a blue-arsed fly trying to put the _____ back in the ______, but the poor misguided fool doesn't stand a chance.





  16. Ad Fundum

    Good luck on getting your list off the net ...

    ... now that it appears on Wikileaks.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    there's a member from the north west whose e-mail address is comeonmyglasses@[a certain free e-mail service that nearly became part of microsoft but didn't due to excessive use of the symbol ! by el reg].


  18. Dunstan Vavasour

    End of the BNP

    Quite simply, I think this will result in the BNP folding.

    This is not necessarily a good thing - it provides a lightning conductor for a certain class of right wingers. Without the BNP, it is more likely that they will seek to redirect more mainstream parties of the right.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I have to admit I was in tears laughing at this yesterday. It's almost enough to make me believe in karma :)

    I do respect people's rights to have their own political views, but I tend to draw the line when it involves hurting others.

    Oh the irony - people might know! :D

    I'm still chuckling

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    A new game!

    1. Search the list for BNP types in your local area

    2. Run names through Google News

    3. Match the member of the (cough) respectable right-of-centre political party with the crime report, gleaning a surprising number of hits

    Oh, how we laughed

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Hmm.... people are to be pilloried in this "free" society for supporting/being a member of a political party? They are hounded out of jobs, ridiculed and generally abused.

    Remind me who the fascists are; the BNP or the anti-fascists doing the above?

    The BNP and their members may well be a bunch of muppets, but I support their right to be muppets. Unlike the anti-fascists who cannot see the irony of their own actions.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    "Human Rights"

    I love it he's claiming DPA breaches - fair enough,

    Theft and reciept of goods erm it's a digital list of members hardly something you could buy or sell is it..

    Human Rights Act - he's having a giggle isn't he... what about the "Human rights" of the people many members of his party activly don't want here erm ophs they don't count I guess.

    Me sure brits first, Johnny Forgieneer second but that's a fine line..

    Well Guess I'll be off somewhere later I wanna laugh..

  23. Anonymous Coward


    I noticed a local Green Party candidate on the list...

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    List not factual

    Well, just had a look at the list and noticed at least one specific address that doesn't exist. The road isn't in the town specified, the post code is wrong for the town and the phone number prefix doesn't match either the town listed, or the incorrect post code...

    Looks to me like the whole thing is a fake...

  25. JimC

    McCarthy must be spinning in his grave with envy

    Are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist ^h^h^h^h^h^h^h British National Party.

    I have in my hand a list of people that I downloaded from a torrent as being members of the party...

  26. Gianni Straniero

    Plenty of coppers

    Quite a few retired or former police officers on that list, plus one who seems to be a serving officer. And they wonder why we think the police force is "institutionally racist".

  27. Adam Buckland
    Thumb Up

    Heaven forbid....

    It appeared on wikileaks....

    Then there would be no way it could be taken down.... alledgedly..

  28. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Public Service par Excellence

    I wonder when the MP expenses list will appear .... you know, the one that they would rather no one knows about because it is so incriminating/damaging/revealing.

    Is anyone running a book on the likelihood .... and as for the Gravy train which pays for all those Campbell types to hide/massage/plagiarise the news rather than just share its novel invention/programmed course/Field Programmable Gate Array .... well now, that would also be educational.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    EU Human rights

    A few points. Human Rights legislation is UK Law, The Human Rights Act - not EU law. People talk of the European Convention on Human Rights which is a directive for member states to legislate, we already had the legislation long before this directive, and it was tweaked to comply.

    The other point is that New Labour have made hate-filled legislation against non-trilateral political parties and uses their left-wing Union-funded lackies to carry out hate campaigns. This is why the BNP et al need to keep their membership lists private.

  30. Francis Fish

    Some history guys

    After WW II there was a specific ban on people joining or organising fascist groups, for obvious reasons. AFAIK this ban hasn't been appealed for public servants and it is a serious issue for them, I think you sign a piece of paper saying that you will not join such an organisation when you take up employment - you certainly used to in the olden days.

    A lot of the anti-nazi types used to try and use this law to stop NF/BNP/et al from organising or speaking in public, but of course the slightly calmer view was that these idiots should be allowed to speak because it becomes very obvious that their opinions are valueless when they open their mouths.

    I'd rather have an open debate with these folk than allow them the veneer of respectability a ban gives them. There's an old quote "I disagree with what you say, but I would die in order protect your right to say it" (wording may not be right). I agree with this view, personally, and it is the exact opposite of what many NuLabur and BNP people believe - in fact, don't forget, Oswald Mosely (pre-war British fascist leader) came out of the Labour party.

    I honestly didn't know Wacky Jaqui was in any political party of note - she certainly acts like no-one else in the universe exists and would doubtless be very keen to ban any speech she doesn't like. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. There's a sad example of a big campaign against porn somewhere in the antipodes in the 80's where the first thing the cops did when the law was introduced was raid the left-wing book shops and confiscate all of the literature aimed at lesbian and gay people - be VERY careful what you wish for, they might take it down as evidence and use it against you.

  31. EvilGav

    So . . .

    . . . if Jaqui is so smug about why people who are members of the BNP should want to remain anonymous, would she be so good as to post a full and complete list of those people who donated money to NuLab ?

    No ?? What, you mean that because that money has bought votes in government, thats fine, but heaven forbid that a person joins a party of their choice and doesn't want their name dragged through the mud.

    Remember, we live in a country where a Paediatrician has been beaten up and had their house damaged, due to the lack of education and where someone else was beaten up due to having the same name as a leaked paedophile.

  32. Anomalous Cowherd Silver badge

    ..."websites are full of angry BNP members"

    BNP members are always angry. That's why they joined the BNP.

  33. Sir Runcible Spoon

    let's see what people read into this

    Has anyone on here actually read any of the official BNP policies?

    Just wondering, because most of the negative responses seem to have been lifted directly from the Daily Wankwad (this covers pretty much every hyped up newspaper in the country really).

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BNP not just policemen

    As exclusively revealed by The Daily Mash

  35. Thought About IT

    wikileaks is having problems

    "Wikileaks servers are currently overloaded by extreme popularity".

    I suppose a DDOS attack is one way to stop the list from falling into anyone else's hands.

  36. Bill Cumming
    IT Angle

    Anyone had problems getting...

    to today?

    Keeps timing out on me...

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Human Rights Act

    Strange they feel the need to use the Human Rights Act when the BNP officially opposes the introduction of the act into British Law.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have no idea what the hoohar is about

    well I suppose it is a breach of the data protection act, and it would appear computer system were compromised to get that list, so the miscreants should be bought to heel.

    And it is bad day in British liberty when it gets so publicised that for your political affiliations you will be denied jobs, food and freedom, and somehow this is legal and accepted, it is certainly not moral.

    But so what, if you are member of the tuffty club, the knights that go ni, or the masons, does it really matter, what matters is freedom and the rights of the individual. What we should be doing is ensuring the police have fewer powers, and more checks on them. If people are breaking the ethical laws when they are in a position of authority, there should be people checking up on it, and making sure they are suitably punished.

    I would be kinda interested in a list of labour party membership, perhaps they have people on the police force, they could be selectively enforcing based on race and political affiliation, that would cast doubt on a lot of convictions, were they politically motivated, was a particular race more targeted by a labour policeman ?

    It would be amusing if the BNP did get power next time, I am pretty sure labour party membership would find itself outlawed, who knows they might take the higher moral ground though.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    course policepersons shouldn't be allowed to be an active member of a group or society that keeps its practises and membership secret.

    Its not saying they can't vote for whomever they want to, just that they can't be an active member.'

    This is sort fo true, if your going to ban police from being an active member of The BNP then you have to ban police from being a active member of any political party.... That doesn't mean they cant vote for whoever they want to.

    I always find it strange how nobody in the BNP doesn't just say 'you know what we are racist, so what, in a democracy you are allowed to think how you like.' Instead of lieing and using some sort of false intelligence and warped logic to justify their position.

  40. Matthew Brown


    "Its not saying they can't vote for whomever they want to, just that they can't be an active member."

    The distinction is sufficient enough to imply that we should be able to impinge upon people's democratic rights just because we dislike their political opinions. It's still wrong.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Strange Bedfellows

    I rather liked the one who is described as "Active Odinist" (probably a typo for Onanist, like the rest of them). In fact there are rather a lot of pagans on the list, perhaps once you take an interest in one redundant outmoded organisation you tend to join others?

  42. yeah, right.

    Tough one.

    Whereas I strenuously object to the goals and methods of the BNP, the *are* a legal, registered political party. The news that I'm hearing that certain companies and even government departments are thinking of making membership in this legal political party a firing offence is, to say the least, scary.

    It's scary in its implications on a supposedly free society. Of course, the UK has been heading toward a police state for quite some years now, but it's always worrying when so many citizens are happy to jump on such an anti-freedom bandwagon. It's a very slippery slope from there to a truly fascist society.

    Now, if they strengthened the anti-hate laws, and the BNP fell foul of them, I'd be first to cheer. But right now the BNP is a legal, registered party, albeit to the far right of the political spectrum. Let's not act like savages and give them an even stronger platform to stand on.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    A bit disappointed

    I'm a bit disappointed in the readers of El Reg? Where's all the privacy and liberal instincts usually on display?

    Not that I didn't laugh at this story. But I was expecting rather more comment of the 'what people choose to believe is their own private matter' type.

    Personally I'm for a bit more tolerance in this country, because our public space is becoming a rather nasty place (with loving thanks to our 'esteemed' tabloids* and New Labour government amongst others).

    Black Helicopters and anonymous, because my subscription to 'Ovine Appreciation Weekly' is bound to come out eventually...

    *Yes Daily Mail, this does include you...

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Gianni Straniero - Re: Plenty of coppers

    > Quite a few retired or former police officers on that list, plus one who seems to be a

    > serving officer. And they wonder why we think the police force is "institutionally racist".

    Quite a few plumbers and bricklayers on that list, and they wonder why we think the building trade is "institutionally racist"

    Quite a few bus drivers on that list, and they wonder why we think the public transport industry is "institutionally racist"

    etc etc

  45. Anonymous Coward

    Concerns for Democracy

    First a disclaimer, I'm not a member of the BNP, not a Facist, not racist or homophobic, just a believer in law and order and democracy.

    Under democracy, the BNP has the right to exist as a political party, as long as they obey those regulations that are supposed to govern political parties. Those many councillors and other elected officials who refuse to meet / interact with elected BNP members are basically being un-democratic, basically being enemies of our democratic system by refusing to work with democratically elected councillors etc.

    Banning the BNP won't work and is a failure in a democratic system.

    Years ago, the major political parties were given a wake-up call when the Green Party began winning votes and seats and becoming a serious threat to the satus quo, because voters were becoming concerned about Green Issues. They did not refuse to work with elected Greens, they did not try to ban the Green party. What the major parties did was to address the isues that were winning the Green vote. Result? Well, where are the Greens now?

    The BNP are winning votes because they appear to be addressing issues which are of concern to a growing minority of the public that the major parties are not. If the major parties want to remove the BNP as a serious threat, what they have to do is to address the issues that are winning the BNP votes. When they do that, they will see off the BNP threat to the staus quo, and they will vanish back into the political undergrowth.

    That's the way democracy works.

  46. John Wilson

    Members emigrated?

    How come there are people on there who cancelled their membership because they emigrated? I thought the BNP was anti-imigration? Did these people not realise that if you emigrate to another country you become an imigrant?

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Anti-immigrant immigrants...

    I've seen the list, and the best bit is all these anti-immigrationists who are living abroad - I wonder whether the five who live in France are also members of the French National Front, or are to the French National Front what all these immigrants to Britain are to them?!

    Paris, because she's always full of foreign bodies.

  48. Master Baker

    Pot and Kettle

    This is actually quite a serious leak. Don't forget that whatever the views of these people they are just that - normal people. Having a political view is not a crime - and to all those who cry 'racists! racists! Hang the racists!' have you actually taken time to look at BNP policy. I make a point of looking at all (well, not the Lib Dems) party policy and only a small proportion [from the BNP] is about race. They do have a bad image granted, but before cries of racism lets have some concrete examples please!

    And to everyone jumping on the media bandwagon and labelling all BNP members as racists, don't you think it's a bit stereotypical? It's a bit like saying *all* Muslims are evil and want to blow us up, don't you think?

    Ah well, I'm sure the publisher of the list will sleep soundly if anyone on said list actually suffers harm by it. They same point could have been made in so many different ways - publishing a list of the jobs that members have for example. Yet another case of a political agenda shitting on normal people.... bit like the Iraq War (Fuck the people - I wants me oil)

  49. Juillen

    Sad day

    When people condone the highly illegal breaches of every data protection law we have, just because they disagree with a political stance.

    This was marked as being an 'inside job', which means someone authorised to have the info simply walked off with it. It's not a security breach in "an external cracker got into our systems and lifted it".. It's a case of someone who was put in a position of trust decided to breach that trust.

    Whatever the rationale, if that person is discovered, they should NEVER work in a sensitive data environment ever again. If you disagree with something, by all means, walk out, but don't screw over your organisation, and all the affiliates.

    As to Jacqui Smith saying that she didn't mind people knowing she was a member of the Labour Party, would she mind everyone knowing her home address(es), email and telephone number? Her kids' details, and the rest of her family info? Don't think that would fly somehow.

    Personally, I find it weird that you can be a member of a hard left organisation with nobody batting an eyelid, yet join a hard right, and you're automatically evil (both sides are pretty much nasty). And having non-terror parties on a membership blacklist for certain professions?

    As long as it doesn't influence their day to day job then why the hell do people care (apart from creating a bogeyman for everyone to 'fear' and be 'protected from').

    And of course 'respected members of the community' keep quiet largely about BNP membership. Everything that's ever said about it is in vilification. As soon as that's brought up, anything else someone may have done is automatically ignored, and that membership becomes the be all and end all; this is about the only political party I know of that this happens with. So much for freedom of political expression!

    I don't really agree with the BNP (being very much middle of the road), but hey.. Just because I strongly disagree with their policy shouldn't mean I have an automatic right to censor them. And I certainly don't have the right to expose their details to their absolute extreme opposites, many of who will almost certainly not be above the use of violence and directed hate campaigns.

    So, if anything, this release if details is pretty much an incitement to the commitment of hate crimes. Which is a Bad Thing(TM). Worse than the BNPs homegrown bigotry.

  50. Frederick Karno
    Black Helicopters

    Here here !!

    Francis Fish : I'd rather have an open debate with these folk than allow them the veneer of respectability :

    totally agree, but our current crop of "do as i say "politicians are unable to have reasoned debate without resorting to personal attacks..........

    What should be more worrying is that the erosions of our freedoms are giving more and more credence to the policy's of this party,and more and more people are genuinely feeling left out of the political process.......

    While government runs headlong down the hill of the surveillance society, more and more people will turn away from the mainstream parties and choose to vote on local issues and the BNP among other parties will gain support.

    As for the list , personally i dont give a damn who's on it ...

    If your job specifically forbids you from being a member of this party it would be stupid to have joined imo ...but we can all pick out certain "clubs" that Public servants shouldnt be in : freemasonary, opus dei are these open and above board ??? i dont know and am not likely to know...but i do know that trying to outlaw people only gives them publicity and has the opposite effect to what was intended..

    On a historical note : The Nazi party in Germany were actually socialist but then again i have never been able to tell the difference between Nazi ,Fascist and Communist the outcome for joe public was just the same.......Nulabour /Old Thatcher no differance really its just a title.

  51. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Hit by mob-rule

    They want the mob to rule and now it rules them. Very neat indeed.

    Found this little gem on a site well-known for harboring buccaneers in an area of water bordered by land on three sides:


    Type your postcode into this and it'll show you all the BNP members near you, then click their names to see their homes marked on a map.


    (finding the actual URL is left as an exercise for the reader - GIYF)

    There's even an in-the-wild SQL-version for loading into your MySQL server for interesting queries. The possibilities are endless. How nice to see technology used for something useful.

  52. John Allison


    I must confess that in general I'm in favour of things which embarrass or hurt these idiots. (Personal opinion.)

    However, I also believe in one rule for all. If it's OK to reveal BNP identities then it has to be OK to expose Falung Gong members in China, practicing christians in several islamic countries or atheists in bible-belt America; all of which could be hazardous to the economic, social and/or physical well being of the respective groups.

    I can only hope that whatever the short term pain, greater openness and better education will lead to more enlightened social evolution.

  53. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    2 scottish footballers?

    Perhaps they were trying to join the SNP, and had trouble spelling it?

  54. Anonymous Coward

    Ignorance is everywhere

    I agree with the post from 1152hrs today.

    It is a disgrace and diappointment that people who are otherwise (or at least claim to be) educated have digested (to the degree of spouting) so much PR and media bullsh1t that they ACTUALLY believe they are battling ignorance with the mighty sword of...well, ignorance.

    Is it me, or is everyone else living in the f*cking matrix.

    WAKE UP!

  55. Ninja

    I Laughed at this one -

    Mr C from Norfolk, who's 'interesting notes' are listed as: Window cleaner. Former pig farmer. Pagan prison chaplain. Hobbies: growing mistletoe, rune making (wood)

    Unsurprisingly he had no email or mobile phone listed.

    Maybe all those jokes about Norfolk people being inbred are true?

  56. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    ex-pat members of the BNP...

    Oh, the irony.

    Surely they should be trying to forcibly re-patriate themselves to the UK?

    Paris - not even _she's_ that bloody gormless.

  57. Yorkshirepudding



    that is all

  58. david wilson


    >>"And it's good to see that in reality there are hardly any BNP idiots in Scotland."

    Is that really surprising?

    Such idiots as do exist North of the border will just be a slightly different kind of idiot.

    Nationalists in Scotland (and people who just want to blame someone else for any problems) are likely to draw their boundaries rather closer, and probably won't join an organisation with 'British' in the title.

  59. Mark Reed


    Odd the BNP are up in arms about this... it's remarkably similar to the repugnant "Redwatch" site, apart from the fact that this list does not advocate violence or action, whereas Redwatch does... one rule for the Reds, another for the BNP, it seems.

  60. Anonymous John

    Before I retired from the Civil Service,

    I wasn't allowed to join any political party. Fair enough, They're supposed to perform their duties impartially.

    You're free to vote for anyone you want, even the BNP. Taking an active part in politics, no.

  61. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Some very useful people there, come the revolution

    Decorator (self-employed). Fully qualified, time-served. Hobbies: tennis, boxing, cycling. Matchbox label collector

    Manager (building site). City & Guilds (plastering, floor laying). Hobbies: karate (2nd Dan instructor), clay pidgeon shooting. Lead singer/drummer with band

    Civil servant. Previously a horticulturalist. Ex-serviceman (Army musician). Hobbies: member of local brass/dance bands (assists in teaching). Allotment gardening

    Self employed builder/flat-roofer. City & Guilds (Construction). Hobbies: boating

    Ex-serviceman (3rd Royal Tank Regiment). General assistant (supermarket). City & Guilds: roadwords/advanced driver (AFV tracked/wheeled). Hobbies: diecast military models, walking.

    Mechanical engineer. City & Guilds (Mechnical Engineering). Hobbies: chess, guitar playing, wargaming. Activist

  62. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just in time for xmas

    It would, of course, be tragic if employers checked the application forms of those listed for errors and "inadvertently" omitted unspent convictions, summarily dismissed for gross misconduct and told the DWP so they don't get any JSA before xmas.

    Anonymous Coward - because regardless of what Spode^WGriffin says, I suspect their rank and file are mostly violent thugs.

  63. This post has been deleted by its author

  64. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    RE: Hmm....

    AC: " people are to be pilloried in this "free" society for supporting/being a member of a political party?"

    No. Any stick they get will be entirely because they're racist nutbags with less brains than your average housefly.

    Paris - because although she's stupid, she's not stupid enough to join the BNP. (She's also named after a town in foreignland, so they wouldn't want her anyway)

  65. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    I'm torn, on the one hand you have everyone's right to privacy, especially the innocent kids of affiliates and on the other you have the fact that if you join a rather nefarious organisation like the BNPm then you should be prepared to stand up for it when pushed.

    Then knowing what "da web" is like, what about...

    It's circulating like a bad smell. someone grabs it and plasters all the names of people they dislike on it and posts it back almost a black-market version of the list, if you like. Next your boss gets the list from somewhere and your called up and suspended pending investigation...

    Another fine example of our wonderful, technology empowered society shooting itself in head!

  66. Perpetual Cyclist

    Just remember...

    This is a leaked list of data of untested quality and veracity. In these days of rampant

    identity theft, just because someone's name is on a nominal membership list does not

    equate to that person being the party that put it on the list...

    it has already been noted that the list clearly includes non-existent addresses.

  67. The Mighty Quin


    So our fascist friends don't like their own tactics turned on themselves hey?

    They have been using Redwatch for years naming union activists and anti-fascists for their bully boys to exploit.

  68. Ted Treen

    It's a dangerous drift.....

    The frightening thing is the number of professions for which BNP membership is forbidden, upon pain of dismissal.


    The BNP is NOT a proscribed organisation, and until it is, prohibiting membership seems suspiciously like censorship of free speech/freedom of thought, and such prohibition is probably a breach of Mrs Blair's beloved Human Rights Act.

    There are teachers, lecturers who are activists within the SWP - a group renowned for their less-than-law-abiding demo's and desire to violently change our society. Yet they are neither censured nor censored.

    There is Islam, whose preachers we hear daily calling for death & destruction of the infidel and western society - yet we (or at least, our "enlightened" rulers) positively bend over backwards to accommodate them - and we had the recent unsavoury episode where a muslim member of the Metropolitan Police refused to obey orders to guard the Israeli embassy because of his politico-religious beliefs - and he was indulged!

    Please do not misunderstand this comment - I am neither a BNP supporter or a member, but I find the insidious manner of action against what is a legal political organisation is both perturbing and dangerous.

    This has to be viewed in the context that the "enlightened rulers" do NOT specifically discourage membership of proscribed organisations, and many organisations which are not proscribed, but surely should be due to their overt advocacy of violence and intolerance.

    However, intolerance and insidious underhand methods seem to have become de rigeur for the authorities since 1997.

  69. Zygote
    Black Helicopters

    Its out there for good...

    Cemented in Wiki Leaks, all over the torrent sites in various guises (text, excel etc).

    Will be very interesting to see how this pans out.

    [QUOTE]Well, just had a look at the list and noticed at least one specific address that doesn't exist. The road isn't in the town specified, the post code is wrong for the town and the phone number prefix doesn't match either the town listed, or the incorrect post code...

    Looks to me like the whole thing is a fake...[ENDQUOTE]

    And to the chap above who stated that the thing is a fake, lemme guess, you screwed up the sorting on the spreadsheet, right? ;-)

  70. andy gibson

    Left Wing danger

    This is making the pages of many web forums. What I find quite ironic is that the far left - who spout on about the "violent BNP" - are the ones planning to put fireworks through letterboxes or start other levels of hate campaigns - daubing "BNP supporter" on front doors etc.

    And Labour supporters seem to forget that the deputy PM actually punched someone during the election run-up of 1997.

  71. Mike

    There's free speech but....

    The BNP is not a political party, they are a bunch of racist, sexist, anti gay, holocaust deniers, they would be illegal in some countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland).

    If they did have any (real) power, do you think that their policies would reduce or increase racial tensions?

    Take away the anti colour, anti jew, anti gay and they have nothing, no other policies (would you want them to decide the future of the UK? health, education, defence?).

    So, their policies they have are counter-productive and they don't care about anything else, these are all facts why it make no common sense to listen to them, let alone vote for them.

    On an emotional level, the party is all about hate, and that only breeds hate, they are a poison, if you embrace the hate it will destroy you, and you will not enjoy your life, much more is to be gained by being nice to (all) people, nice breeds nice, think about it, you know it makes sense.

  72. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Took me 30 seconds.....

    ..... to find an .xls version of the list. Another minute of searching (waiting really) and I had a txt version. Five minutes later and I completed the set with a .mdb version.

    When you're in a hole then stop digging is my advice to the BNP tards. It makes interesting reading and I bet a frequent contributor to our local paper is going to be keeping his head down for a very long time :D

  73. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: EU Human rights

    > Human Rights legislation is UK Law, The Human Rights Act - not EU law. People talk of

    > the European Convention on Human Rights which is a directive for member states to

    > legislate, we already had the legislation long before this directive, and it was tweaked

    > to comply.

    No. The ECHR is not an E.U. directive. Britain signed the European Convention on Human Rights in 1950. Between 1950 and 2000, someone who felt that their human rights were broken would need to go to the ECHR court in Strassbourg to argue their case. The Human Rights Act 1998 (which came into force in 2000) incorporated the ECHR directly into UK law, making trips to Strassbourg unnecessary. The ECHR is a product of the Council of Europe, not the E.U.; the E.U. has its own "Charter of Fundamental Rights", which may be what you're thinking of, but it is not an E.U. Directive" either, and Britain opted out of it.

  74. Anonymous Coward

    Oh well, just a quick look won't hurt I guess...

    While I'm not leaning towards the BNP side of things politically (more towards other polar oposite if anything), a few of the comments here make me a bit worried. We have a multiparty system for a reason, so that (well, in theory anyway) the views of the people can be represented in our government.

    'Outing' that a government minister might be a member of the party currently in power might not cause much of an outcry (more likely to leave us a bit puzzled if she wasn't).

    Circulating lists of people that support minor political parties or parties that are in oposition however, is a bit more of a dodgy area, as such lists have historically never really been used for very pleasant things.

    Membership to political parties should not be known, much for the same reasons that our votes should stay a secret as well. It is essential to the flawed but functioning process that we call democracy.

    Caveat; now that such a list IS publicly circulated, I will probably have a look at it.. curiosity and all that. Deep down I'll feel a tang of guilt though, and I doubt if any of this has done anything to make this country a better place.

  75. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Two battles, one lost, one pointless!

    "Griffin said the party had sent formal demands to web hosts to remove the list. He also said the party had made a complaint to Dyfed-Powys Police - but Dyfed-Powys was unable to confirm this to us. The BNP claims it will be asking for an investigation into breaches of the Data Protection Act, theft and receipt of stolen goods and breaches of the Human Rights Act."

    Sounds to me like they're complaining to the OFCOM of the locksmith trade as well as trying to catch that darn horse that's bolted.

    As the title says, the locksmith will just shrug, while the horse has breeded rather quickly and its offspring are merrily trotting around paddocks all over the world. Blown it mate.

    I give it 5 days before the first news report (Mail?) citing this as a reason to not have a national ID database. Having said that, anyone searched for Mail reporters on the list yet? I'd wager a rather large success rate!

  76. po

    get it right

    @By Anonymous Coward

    It is brown shirts , LOL

  77. breakfast Silver badge

    @Matthew Brown

    Supposing you were white and you happened to know that the policeman responding to you having been attacked in the street belonged to a black supremecist political party whose core policy states that all white people should be culled, or at the very least posted off to Norway where they belong. How would you feel about that?

    When you get to the extreme fringes the difference between political parties and hate organisations are very slim indeed, if they exist at all. Anyone whose worldview is at least partly oriented towards hating a particular race, gender, sexuality, hair colour or whatever other arbitrary physical trait is going to make for a very bad public servant as the whole idea is that people with those responsibilities are servants equally of all sections of the public.

  78. Anonymous Coward


    One little point - they are Left Wing nutters not Right Wing nutters, people seem to be geting their nutters mixed up.

    *\. Putting my coat on, because at least I know what is left and which is right.

  79. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Ha ha ha ha!

    That is all.

  80. slackline


    What a bunch of spineless hypocrites trying to invoke a breach of human rights when they wish to repel the laws that they are trying to invoke.

    Perhaps a change in policy is due. Whilst their at it they can ditch all the xenophobic and racist nonsense that should be consigned to the dark ages.

  81. Michael
    Black Helicopters

    Did Lancaster Unity.....

    ........happen to find this disk on a train??

  82. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Working on behalf of the State ?

    I'd hoped the police were working for the people.

  83. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BNP racist membership list off the net what the headline could read instead

  84. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lets herd some cats

    Or catch some clouds in a net.

    Regretfully someone forgot to install the big red button which says "Delete Internets" when they made the thing.

  85. Anonymous Coward

    Ease of use

    It seems some cease and desist orders found their way to google and led to some names being blanked out. Not sure why some people are being so shy...

    Unfortunately a simple copy and paste reveals them all again.

    It hit wikileaks last night and a spreadsheet version was there this morning which makes it easier to check who in the local neighbourhood is a member.

  86. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Ein Volk, Ein List, Ein Fuckup!

    Ha ha ha ha so very, very funny! Some of these odious berks deserve a good humiliating!

    How many members will there be next year???

  87. Bumhug

    One way to kick start the housing market

    Be a fair few people looking to move in a hurry, could be what this country needs to kick start the economy.

  88. QuiteEvilGraham

    Can't resist...

    Will this now become known as "The night of the long FTP"?

  89. Xander

    To those who wonder why employers can control politcal allegiance

    It's quite simple, really. If you're in a position of power, trust or have access to firearms then you need to be reasonably level headed. As the BNP is far-right, which means it has extremist leanings, then it's a safe assumption that those in it will not nessecarily see people of all races, creeds and colours as equal.

  90. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Couldnt have happened to a...

    ... nicer bunch of guys.

    Virus - cos that's what the BNP is.

  91. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Freedom of political choice

    I'm surprised at how many people commenting on this story here & elsewhere seem to be missing the point about the BNP. Whether these commenters begin by saying "well I'm no fan of the BNP" or not, they then go on to say that they can't believe that various public servants shouldn't have the choice to join any political party they choose because that's democracy/ freedom of speech etc. What they fail to grasp is that these people in positions of social responsibility to the whole community are not choosing to support the Lib Dems/ Greens or some other little party but a group who's stated aims were the repatriation (to where?) of non whites. Are you seriously telling me that people who not just privately hold these beliefs but choose to become politically involved in seeing them carried out should be teaching your children or policing your community or making decisions about spending your taxes? Just because they are a "political party" - all you have to do is stand for one by-election to graduate from hate group to political party - does that mean they, or anyone else, should be able to do or say whatever they like? Don't forget the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei was a political party too. Freedom of speech/ censorship is always a contentious issue, especially here at El Reg but some things are just clearly wrong.

  92. Steen Hive
    Thumb Up

    This is fantastic

    Now you can call a cop a "Nazi bastard" and perhaps have a defence!

  93. Stew Wilson
    Thumb Up

    Good to See

    Good to see the BNP out in force in these 'ere comments.

    It's out there now, the British Nazi Party has no hope of hiding it.

  94. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Scottish Footballers

    Nah, this is rubbish, there are a couple of matching names but all based in the wrong part of the country to be plying their trade in the SPHell. Didn't take too long to check, i'd guesstimate the same amount of time as it takes to upload a 1.6mb file to a wiki.

    " people are to be pilloried in this "free" society for supporting/being a member of a political party? They are hounded out of jobs, ridiculed and generally abused."

    party == 'BNP' ? true : false

  95. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whats the problem

    Whats the problem with the BNP? We have a Marxist Party in power, we have the SNP, WNP and Sinn Fein but thats ok. What are they if not racists? We have a Black Police Federation but no White Police Federation, an Asian Police Federation, but no non-Asian Police Federation. Why.

    The attitude of British citizens to themselves and their right to hold certain beliefs is shameful. They cry out for ID cards and to arm fuckwitted coppers, and under no circumstances do they want to be allowed to express their point of view. No wonder we have a drooling idiot in power who stays there despite being despised.

    Oh, and I don't vote BNP, I just don't vote. I do believe people have a right to free expression though and i'm not so naive as to believe the only racists are white British.

  96. Shakje


    Pretty sure the Paediatrician is urban myth inspired by the second example.

    "Nick Griffin claimed the leak was good news for the extremist party because it showed its members were not "skinhead oiks". He's quite right, anyone can be an idiot racist.

    While I don't condone anything the BNP believes in, I do respect their right to political freedom, and do find it sad that people can have their employment affected by their political leanings.

    Also, I would imagine that quite a few of the names are fake, as it's a perfect way of calling the list into question if it ever does get leaked. I would expect that the people who are real and live at real addresses with associated e-mail addresses are quite probably members, where as any with discrepancies have been added before the leak as a security measure.

  97. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jacqui Smith

    Cannot pass a cheap shot by. The last time she left the safety of her net curtains was for some free publicity when everyone's favourite pedo was having trouble getting a flight. It's about the limit of her capacity to think for herself.

  98. Mike Forsyth

    Relatively Funny

    Excellent, I found my brother in law on the list as an Activist. You can never have enough information... now wonder what I can get him for Xmas this year....

  99. Anonymous Coward

    Death camps for the genocidal!

    We have been commanded to disobey the voice of authority

    You say "question everything!" I say "why?"

    Silence once and for all, the voice of censorship!

    And praise "Bob".

  100. Nemo Metis

    Is it just me..

    Or does anyone else see the irony in hating the BNP?

    Now I'm not their biggest fan by any means, and while we can all sit back and have a laugh at Nick Griffin getting all uppity about it, why are we not more outraged about the whle data leakage aspcet of this. Regardless of what we may think of the political views of the people on said list, what do you think could happen to these people and their families if some idiot got an idea into his head? Nothing good thats for sure.

  101. J
    Thumb Down

    Yeah, the irony...

    "The BNP claims it will be asking for an investigation into breaches of the Data Protection Act, theft and receipt of stolen goods and breaches of the Human Rights Act."

    Really? A fascist party appealing to "data protection" and "rights"... Very ironic. I guess it's only valid when THEIR data and rights are violated.

    @po "get it right"

    Pay attention, and work on your humour-meter. It was a joke, based on the subtitle to the article, and on the fact that the people on the list are shitting themselves right now. Got it now or do I have to be even more explicit?

    @Master Baker "Pot and Kettle"

    Er... The N in BNP is for National(ist implied?), isn't it? It's in their name, FFS! Nationalist equals racist, it's just another way of expressing the same discriminatory feeling.

  102. J
    Black Helicopters

    BTW: Police, army, prison service?

    Full of fascists? What a surprise...

    Seriously, I wonder if there is indeed a bigger proportion of fascist-like types in those institutions/organizations. I wouldn't be surprised, but who knows...

  103. Dave


    You know its really sad, the whole affair, both the BNP losing the list and their response and the response of those who are gainst the BNP.

    neither side is smelling of roses atm.

    a nice Fail for the lot of you involved

    Flame on

  104. jack horner


    Seeding: Seeds (190) Peers (301)

    - well that's that injunction thoroughly fucked. - It was clearly asking for it m'lud.


  105. david wilson

    @Frederick Karno

    >>"On a historical note : The Nazi party in Germany were actually socialist but then again i have never been able to tell the difference between Nazi ,Fascist and Communist the outcome for joe public was just the same......"

    I think one difference is that Communists generally try to have the state take businesses over even in peacetime.

    Though once they got full control, a fair amount of their time in power was in a war situation, where businesses in *any* country tend to be told what to make, in Nazi Germany, it was still private businesses making the products, and Adolf's rise to power was funded to a large extent by big business.

  106. Anonymous Coward

    who are you calling fascist

    Do people know what the word "fascist" means anymore?

    "BNP member" does not mean "a fascist" and the people lining up to have a pop at these people are the ones guilty of facisism. No one should lose their jobs or be be persucuted because of their political alignment with a legal, recognised and legitimate political party.

    Prepare to see who the real fascists in the UK are.

  107. Anonymous Coward

    the list is on the torrent sites

    Went to the pirate bay, some of the torrents have been removed, others have not and some nice chap posted a link to a share site.

    Just read the list, lots of kids, their names, addresses and ages

    loads of personal mobile and email details.....

    Suspect Nu Labour had their sticky paws in the mess somewhere

  108. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    There's one

    on my block. F-ing scary.

  109. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh the Irony


    To all those celebrating the publication of the membership list.......................

    Why do so as Anonymous Cowards?


  110. Anonymous Coward

    An appropriate quote for this situation

    To bastardize Voltaire "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."* Time to make the distinction between supporting the woefully ignorant and disgusting views of people like the BNP, and supporting their right to hold those ignorant and disgusting views. At the end of the day if we don't support EVERYONES right to privacy, right to hold opposing views, right to associate with others who share the same views. Then we don't really support those rights AT ALL and should not expect anyone to come to our defense if we find ourselves in the same position.

    I didn't agree with the brain dead morons that supported proposition 8 here in California. However if someone leaked the name, address, and telephone number of everyone that supported them I would be in the chorus of people wanting the twats who released that data strung up. Simply because despite freely admitting that one reaction would be "good serves the bastards right, now we know who supports this nonsense", I have enough self control to realize the release of that data into the wild poses a greater danger in so many more respects than the idiotic views held by the people who had their details spewed all over the internet.

    Yes I understand that some positions in the UK forbid those holding said position from belonging to or supporting groups like the BNP. I understand the idea behind it, wether or not that is a good thing is a debate for another time. As such should people in violation of that "hiring pre-requisite" be sacked? Certainly, if they knew that it was against their terms of employment to belong or support organizations like the BNP and did so anyway then it's on them to bear the consequences of violating those terms. It would be like me smoking weed then crying foul for getting sacked, when the use of weed is expressly forbidden under my terms of employment.

    However what I'm talking about here is not the minutia of people getting fired. What I'm talking about here is a support of peoples fundamental right to privacy. Yes I know it's shocking, but even people whose views we don't agree with or find despicable have rights as well.

    *Yes I know that's not his exact wording, however the IDEA is still the same thus the quote accurate in that respect and no I can't be assed out to look up the exact quote at the moment.

  111. Anonymous Coward


    "The BNP claims it will be asking for an investigation into breaches of the Data Protection Act, theft and receipt of stolen goods and breaches of the Human Rights Act."

    Would they be the same Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act that they are so against and wanted repealed??

    //Theirs is the one with "Improving Your Memory" by, err, that bloke, you know, that bloke who wrote that book once.

  112. carl

    Re: A fascist party appealing to "data protection" and "rights"...

    Can we now expect the BNP to go the whole hog and now also start claiming asylum in other countries as a "persecuted minority"?

    Having seen how many anti-immigration immigrants (from Britain) are in Spain (and having seen the list) I hope they are welcomed in the following way:

    We've got enough of your type over here already, sponging our benefits, abusing our health system, not bothering to speak our language or integrate properly....vete a tu pais racista de mierda!

    Not so nice when the boot's on the other foot is it?

  113. Cheshire Cat

    Beware of hypocrisy

    Was it Franklin who said, "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"?

    First reaction was "ha, these morons deserve everything they get", but on reflection, you have to concede their right to exist and to privacy else you are in dancer of hypocrisy. There's a reason why our laws grant the right to privacy over your personal beliefs - remember back when you didn't want your employer to know you were a member of a union?

    I find myself in the unpleasant position of having to defend the BNP's rights, as to be guilty of hypocrisy would be worse.

  114. Andy Barber

    As a Left Wing Loony...

    ... I have just read my Union Branch Rule Book & I can't find a rule to expel these fascists!

    Surely it would be fascist to ban someone for being a fascist?

  115. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    As a wacky jaucqi has said it's all right for everyone to know she is a member of the Labour Party and wonders why the BNP doesn't want their membership list published then logically doesn't this imply...the Home Secretary has just authorised the release of Labour's membership list?

    Given such a stupid glib statement it would be interesting for someone to leak the Labour list just to see what she had to say then.

    you can just imagine Paxman.....'but surely Home Secetary you yourself claimed.........'

  116. Anonymous Coward

    so all someone now has to do to someone they don't like....

    is get this list , add their name to it , and redistribute it on the net ?

    so someone with an axe to grind could start adding say Daily Mail journalists, the Police man who arrested them, a lawyer who did a bad job ? You name it, there are a lot of gripes out there.

    The longer this runs, the more likely the value of the data will be diluted, because I'd be unsurprised that even people as thick as Nick Griffin and his cohorts are haven't already tried to do something like this. There's probably already names and addresses of labour party members added on it, by machiavellian BNP supporters, attempting to spread uncertainty and doubt.

    by the way I haven't seen the list.

    Paris , because even she could work this one out..... Dilute the data , and it becomes worthless.... (just like homeopathy)

    No I don't support the BNP , I support myself and centrist-political-views , and I can work out that both sides of this have an agenda, and that data can be manipulated. Lies, damned lies , and false-lists of data.

    so since I wouldn't have a clue of whether the data is right or wrong , I'll just get my coat....

  117. jack horner

    Stop it (them)! you're (they're) killing me (somebody else)!

    The potential for humour in this appears to be infinite - The BBC are currently soliciting comments from BNPers assuring them that: "Your contact details will not be published." (smirk)

    Can't see them having much response to this, after all, any red-blooded, true-British-nationalist who voluntarily gave their details to the marxist-multiculturalist Bash Britain Corporation would have to be a fucking moron wouldn't they?

    Will check with spEak You’re bRanes over the next few days to see how many of them have!



  118. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Pretty sure the Paediatrician is urban myth inspired by the second example."

    actually no, see

    googled it for ya.

    Might be interesting to look at Newport on the Graudiad's fascist mashup.

  119. Mathew White

    USB Stick

    Did one of the party members leave said list on a USB stick in the pub?

    If so, then they are defiantly ready for government. :)

  120. Anonymous Coward

    Speaking of human rights...

    There is a gentleman listed as being a 'Former policeman. Lecturer in human rights/data protection'.


  121. Steve Evans


    The way the TV news is playing this, you'd think that half the met were members.

    From my quick look through the list, searching for the word "police", I found only one who might possibly still serving. The remaining ones, which I believe number under 20, are all retired or ex-police.

    As for teachers, well they are entitled to their own private beliefs, just as long as they can perform their teaching roles fairly (if they couldn't then surely all the gov league tables and nanny state measurements would have found them by now).

    So once again the news is over-hyped.

  122. Richard_C

    Caught with their trousers down

    A poster on the Evening Standard kiosk said it all in my book...

    "BNP Members Exposed!"

    I always had suspected that the BNP was just a bunch of cocks.

  123. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Hypocrisy, hypocrites and irony...

    The frequency of the words hypocrisy, hypocrites and irony lead me to believe that most of

    the posters either cannot read and don't realize they are repeating what has previously been written, did not read any other posts and just decided to spurt forth or can read but are so brain dead they thought they would make the same humourous comment again in the hope they would get a big thumbs up from all the other cool, look at me, I'm da man ACs. I have never witnessed a larger group of people so similar to a cage full of budgies each with it's own mirror. Just to be clear, that's mirror as in looking glass, not the newspaper. I wouldn't want to stretch your intellectual powers of discrimination much further as it's obvious they're already beyond their elastic limit trying to see the difference between nationalist and racist.

    The majority here have convinced me that this BNP cannot be such a bad thing.

    As someone once said(*), "If you are doing the opposite of everyone else then you must be doing something right".

    (*)If anyone knows the source of this I would appreciate a tip off, it might even have been me but I doubt it.

  124. Mostor Astrakan


    While it couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people, I agree with the poster elsewhere who said that leaking of membership lists of minority parties is a Bad Thing. This time, it happened to people We Don't Like. Next time, it could happen to someone We Do Like.

    Also, I'm sure that people have already started adding names to the list. I'm sure there's one floating about with Gordon Brown and Jaqui Smith on... Hilarious. What better way to assassinate your rival?

    One of the things that made me vote blank every time, was the sheer disgust at politicians who will happily try to associate anyone they don't like with neo-nazis.

  125. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The ignorance is astounding

    The anti-fascist mob seem far more aggressive and less tolerant than the BNP. I suggest you look up the word fascist and you will find your behaviour matches the description better than those you think you are so opposed to.

    Then get educated or at least do some research before speaking/posting and have some idea about what you are talking about and then you might start sounding like someone who knows the issues and not the automatic daily mail hate generator.

    RE There's free speech but

    The BNP are a political party whether you like it or not. Illegal in other countries? Do some googling:

    Austria: Jörg Haider, Austrian Freedom Party, Martin Graf, Olympia

    Belgium: Jean-Marie Dedecker, Gezond Verstand Partij, Vlaams Belang

    Czech Republic: Civic Democratic Party

    France: UMP, FN, MNR

    And so on and so on....

    You think the BNP growing in popularity is confined to Britain. All over Europe right-wing parties are gaining ground as the local populations begin to resent the numbers of immigrants into their country. Most people who have turned to these parties are not racist or anti-anything but have reached a point that they feel their main political parties are not listening.

    For example, I know a man wouldn't say a bad thing about anybody. Since the polish moved in en masse to our town he has since started saying things like 'there are too many, sick of hearing a british accent in 1 out of every 10 people you meet on the street, we have a housing shortage of around 1/2 million homes so how can we justify allowing over that number into the country, we have almost 2 million unemployed but can still find jobs for these foreign workers because most are happy working for minimum wage if not less'

    He is just worried about his country, his future and that of his kids. it doesn't make him a fascist monster.

    Look at the news it is happening all over the world. We have seen the riots in France. I myself have just come back from Cyprus where there is a growing resentment against the Russians and the Filipinos. In Spain there are the signs of hatred directed towards the 800000 ex-pat Brits as well as all the other immigrants.

    Mass immigration has always been shown to generate resentment among the local populations and increase demand on resources. What is wrong with trying to defend your country and way of life? It used to be known as Patriotic.

    Nationalist != racist

    Member of a nationalist party != fascist (SNP currently control parliament in Scotland, are they a fascist dictatorship?)

  126. REMF

    @ Mike - 13:10 on the 19th Nov

    "The BNP is not a political party, they are a bunch of racist, sexist, anti gay, holocaust deniers, they would be illegal in some countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland)."

    but this isn't Austria, and it isn't illegal to do/be any of those things, and the BNP is a legal political party.

    thate fact that you don't like their 'politics' does not give them less legal rights than you enjoy to express your more mainstream views.

  127. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    7th Data Protection Principle

    I do hope the BNP's complaint to the ICO backfires and they get prosecuted for failing to take "Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data. "

    Nobody should lose their job for membership of a non-proscribed organisation, but OTOH if they lied about it on an application form, or "forgot" their criminal record for a light-hearted bit of paki-bashing or queer-bashing...

  128. Mog
    Thumb Down

    These people deserve everything they get.

    I find it ridiculous that some people here are actually saying that it's undemocratic to make sure that white nationalists are not in positions of authority.

    These people want to take away the citizenship rights of all non-whites, and turn Britain into a fascist, white nationalist state!

    By allowing these people to be police officers, or teachers, or soldiers, you are effectively spitting in the face of democracy and equality.

    These people deserve everything they get.

    Especially those who have signed up their 15, 16, 17 year old children to the BNP/YBNP!!!

  129. Moss Icely Spaceport
    Thumb Up

    Ownage central

    BNP deserves all the bad press it can get!

  130. Mike


    >but this isn't Austria, and it isn't illegal to do/be any of those things, and the BNP is a legal political party.

    You're right, the BNP is "legal" in the UK, but.....

    Nick Griffin said "It is more important to control the streets of a city than its council chambers", he also advised people to use "traditional British methods of the brick, the boot and the fist.", he's also been found guilty of incitement to racial hatred. Joe Owens, Nick Griffins old bodyguard has been in prison for sending razor blades to Jewish people, carrying offensive weapons and he's also been charged with murder (dropped for lack of evidence).

    Several organisers (e.g. Kevin Scott, Colin Smith, Tony Wentworth) have many convictions between them for crimes related and un-related to the party, also have a look at the cases of Robert Cottage and Tony Lecomber which makes interesting reading, look at who is attracted to the 'party'.

    Do you want people like this running the county? (being in/controlling your police force?)

    So yes, you're right, I don't agree with their 'politics', and to answer the AC 20th 9:58, the Holocaust Denial expounded by Nick Griffin is illegal in all these countries you mention.

    I'll repeat what I said before, If they did have any (real) power, do you think that their policies would reduce or increase racial tensions? a vote for the BNP is a vote for more hatred.

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