back to article Feds shutter one-stop stalker shop

Federal watchdogs have shut down a website that advertised a comprehensive snooping service that included a stealthy trojan, online support, and a database that sorted and stored the confidential passwords, chat transcripts, and activities of those being stalked. The action by the Federal Trade Commission was taken against …


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  1. Daniel B.

    Tracer R. Spence?

    Why do I believe that name isn't real. "Tracer" seems like a weird name for a kid.

    I laughed at the "100% untraceable" ... yeah, 100% untraceable until you run an updated AV, or one of those keylogger detectors. Yeah, right.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Tracer R Spence

    I knew his brother Suss

  3. alzain


    it breaks every rule of privacy there must be delt with seriously .

  4. Frank

    @alzain re. STALKER

    " breaks every rule of privacy there must be delt with seriously ..."

    Since you 'know' that every rule has been broken, you must therefore know what these rules are.

    I'm not aware of these 'rules of privacy' and I suspect that many other people have never seen them either. Can you please provide a link or some reference to where they are written down, under what authority they were created and what organisation they were issued by?

    (I think Tracer R. Spence is possibly an admirer of Spencer Tracy)?

  5. Andy Worth


    I can see that many people would have used this site, to find out if their partner was cheating or something similar, but it breaks so many laws it is just unbelievable. They were not only false advertising (no keylogger is "100% undetectable"), but also encouraging and even instructing people to commit computer crime.

    I mean, a centralised database which holds details of everyones web browsing habits....I can't imagine any worse Phorm of privacy breach. (do you like what I did there? :))

    But I absolutely agree with alzain that it needs to be taken very seriously as they are, quite literally, aiding and abetting people with performing computer crime.

  6. Matt K

    Guess who's not coming to dinner

    Daniel B - Tracer R Spence / Spence R Tracer / Spencer Tracy ... or maybe I'm just reading too much into an odd name.

  7. Jimmy Floyd
    Paris Hilton

    Oh, THAT stalker shop

    When the title talked about a "one-stop stalker shop" I thought it referred to Facebook...

    Paris, because she WILL ONE DAY BE MINE! <demented cackle>

  8. Graham Marsden
    Black Helicopters

    Shut down... comprehensive snooping service...

    Of course, perish the thought that anyone should offer competition to comprehensive Government snooping!

  9. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    You mean to say that you have no idea of what exactly "privacy" covers ?

    Such as the right to live your life without being subjected to unlawful surveillance or inquiry outside of the due process of the law ?

    Such as the right to not be required to state who you are or what you intend to do in any public area without being presented a proper warrant by an official representative of the law operating in an official capacity ?

    Such as the right to lead your life as you intend to without being questioned about it unless your acts can be perceived as unlawful ?

    Or the right to not be arrested if you have done nothing wrong ?

    It is sadly amazing that people today are so divorced from their own civilization that they have to actually ask these questions.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    @Andy Worth

    I saw what you did there.

    I think this place should have been named "little shop of horrors"; or more correctly, since they were selling: "little shop of whorers"

    @Pascal Monett - Oh, you wild radical you! Only problem is that the gubmint is already sihponing off all your information via your ISP anyway. Too Late!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yes facebook

    that thing is terrible, it is a bit like a website on acid as well.

    The thing is most people don't want to know about other people, us normal folk are far more self involved to go wondering about others.

    But, facebook just slams it in your face, gone is the art of conversation and getting to know someone by a shared trail of coincidences, nope just have it all set out like a laundry list.

    It is the nuances of human interaction that are at stake here, facebook should have a tease mode, or a misinformation mode, make sure we don't know it all, have something left to discover and share ourselves.

  12. Jodo Kast


    If you don't like facebook, don't use it.

    Seems too simple, huh?

  13. Mike Moyle

    Oh dear...

    "Tracer Spence"?

    I'm assuming that the final "e" is NOT silent.

    After all, Spencer Tracy DID star in the 1941 version of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", so I suppose it makes some sort of sense.

  14. T J

    Fantastic and About Bloody Time

    Oh thank GAWD, somebody has needed to take out that company for a long time now. Bless the feds (for once), good job guys.

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