back to article BNP membership list leaks online

The British National Party has lost its membership list - the whole thing has been published online. The list includes names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all members up to September 2008. It also includes some people's ages, especially those under 18 - the BNP offers family membership for £40. Many entries …


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  1. Bumhug


    turns out that fake membership I got my dad for Christmas wasnt fake after all

  2. Richard


    Couldn't happen to a better bunch of people!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Toy Parties

    This is why they're just a toy party who will never make it into mainstream politics.

    A major political party capable of making it to Government would never lose records on a scale like this...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    LIke it or not the BNP is a legal political party

    I'd be just as interested in seeing a list of all the members of various radical left wing organisations who are probably far more dangerous than a bunch of racists shouting at their TVs. But then as we know - the liberal left media establishment deliberately fails to make the obvious parallels between right and left wing extremists. Probably because most of them still sympathise with Militants and Trotsky themselves. Pathetic double standards and hypocrisy - but then who'd expect anything else.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Permit me a LOL

    Haw haw.

    I find this quite amusing.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But where is the list?

    Surely nobody will lose their job as, being such honest and upright citizens as befits BNP members - at least that's what they'd like us to believe - they will have declared their membership to their employers.

  7. Paul


    This has cheered me up so much and will put a smile on my face and a spring in my step for the rest of the day.

    One thing that struck me was the idea that you could get a "family membership" which includes your kids!? Signing your kids up-to a political party shouldn't be allowed.

    I love the fact they are all so worried about being "outed". It says something when you know your views are so repellent that you want to keep secret the fact you are in a political party. And anyone who is in the army or other organisations that prohibit party membership deserve what they get. Those rules are there for a reason, and are not specific to the BNP. You shouldn't have joined up in the first place.

    Anyway, to whoever is responsible, keep up the good work.

  8. Tim

    Oh well

    It's not as if they are hard to spot anyway.

    Now, someone leak the freemasons list, that would be much much more interesting.


  9. Sam


    Pingtime, for Hitler, and Germany.....

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    what a shame,........

    He He

    Now the nazi scum may know what it feels like to be persecuted and victimized..

    It would be a real shame if gangs of ethnic minorities did stuff to their families.....

  12. Anonymous Coward

    If anybody grabbed a copy before it vanished

    Wikileaks would be a safe place to post this sort of information - information that should be in the public domain because 'the public interest' in ensuring BNP cannot infiltrate official positions they cannot legally or ethically hold over-rides any 'right to privacy' members might claim.

  13. Jamie Kitson


    Somebody give it to wikileaks.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    All the stand up citizens who don't have the guts to put their name to their political affiliation complaining anonymously.

    Bunch of cowards.

    Paris, at least she had the guts to stand up and admit it was her.

  15. jon



    Ha Ha!


  16. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Racist/rightwinder - the difference?

    So is the author suggesting that either the BNP are not racists, or that being racist and being politically right of centre are interchangeable? Someone better tell any black/asian/jewish/chinese/anything-not-anglo-saxon voters just in case they make the tragic mistake of not voting NuLabour at the next election.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    This is funny

    But on a more serious note there could be some sackings coming up over this as the BNP is a banned organisation and not really tolerated in our decent law abiding surveillance society.

    Next time you get a speeding ticket..........check out the policeman. You might be lucky and find, his name, address, email, mobile number and political affiliation on the BNP Register..

    The comments on the Blog are well worth a read.


  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Until I hear of some BNP member having their home firebombed I'm inclined to disagree.

  19. Justin Case

    And when it's you?

    Maybe we should all live transparently where everybody knows evefrything about us from our browsing habits to what we just bought in Sainsbury's. Get your neighbours to check on the state of your underwear before it is washed? Nothing to fear, nothing to hide...

    Or is it just OK because the BNP are a bunch of racist berks? I detect a slippery slope here.

  20. Jamie

    Comment of losing my job

    It does not matter which side of the fence you stand on in regards to this, but a man or woman should never have thier job put in jeopardy over thier political leaning.

    If there is one thing I will take with me to the grave from my service is that everyone should have the right to free speech, no matter how it may make you sick.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    nice to see.

    All I need to do is fid the list and check to see who I know who is on it.

    Then they need to leak the list to the other nutty / distasteful groups as well.

  22. Tom Paine

    left wing extremists vs. right-wingers

    @boltar: the obvious parallels between left wing and right wing extremists are, er, not that obvious at all; the latter don't generally murder people (or persecute, abuse, assault them, or send anonymous hate mail, spray threatening graffiti, push dogshit through the letterboxes,.. and so on.)

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Thank you El Reg!

    I was having a right 'mare of a day... Been getting very close to sticking my foot through my monitor (what is it with Tuesdays?!)

    But that story has just made me smile for the first time today... Thank you! :)

    Hopefully the general media will pick up on it and we can have Griffiths being asked by Paxman why they bullshit about their members figures and why they have members who are in jobs that don't allow membership.

    They continually say they want to be treated like a proper party - so let them answer the question!

    Although they won't, they'll just blame it on the immigrants or something... Wankers.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Job Requirement?

    I'm just a clueless foreigner myself, and certainly won't be crying for anyone in the BNP, but can you really lose your job just for being a member of a political party? This gives you the right to receive propaganda and vote for the leadership, but not much else, yes? When people talk about the McCarthy era in the U.S.A., and people losing their jobs just for being members of the communist party, they shake their head as they talk; is that really life today in the U.K.?

    If it's about being outed, and the boss finding an excuse, then I get it, but the article makes it sound like some people have a formal requirement not to participate in this part of the political process. I understand that some jobs require you to avoid public displays, but simple membership in a party should be the right of all voters (or residents, even if they can't vote, but that's another fight -- one that probably does not relate to this particular membership list).

  25. This post has been deleted by its author

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Well, it's not on wikileaks yet...

    Soooooooo - link?

  27. Steve

    Re: boltar

    "I'd be just as interested in seeing a list of all the members of various radical left wing organisations who are probably far more dangerous than a bunch of racists shouting at their TVs."

    And where are these radical left wing organisations - let me guess, you read about them in the Daily Wail? I always hear right-wingers banging on about them as some kind of "two sides of the same coin" justification for their barely concealed racism, but I never see them. Maybe the reason the media don't write about them as often is the simple fact that they are not running for election and desperately begging for publicity.

    If you're really that interested, you could start with RedWatch or Stormfront, but since they're run by a bunch of shaved monkeys, most of their info consists of publically available contact details.

  28. jon

    RE: And when it's you? By Justin Case

    "Or is it just OK because the BNP are a bunch of racist berks?"

    Its OK as far as I am concerned, especially if it outs BNP members operating within the Police force and other organisations who do not allow BNP Members to join.

  29. Jeremy

    Couldn't happen to nicer people...

    How much do you want to be that the data was obtained by a school boy SQL injection cock up or by changing a record id number in the querystring.

  30. Luke

    A new office game before this gets out

    "Guess the Fascist Sweep Stakes"

    The names of 30 popular celebrities are put in a hat - everyone drops in a quid to pick a name. Winner takes all, in the event of a tie the pot is split.

    Go go go.

  31. jon

    re: Comment of losing my job By Jamie

    If that political leaning is likely to cause you to be discriminatory to non whites then it is totally right that they are banned from operating in certain organisations such as the police.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I admit I'm from the US, and I guess things are different here, but how do employers get away with terminating people due to political affiliation? I can understand that some people might be barred from partisan activities due to their jobs, but this sounds deeper than that.

    Anon, because I'm at work.

  33. N1AK

    @AC "Job Requirements"

    It's very different to the anti-communism movement in America, certain jobs in the UK ban membership of ANY political party, that would be the equivalent of banning membership of the Communist, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and all other parties in the US.

    Personally I'm not sure it's a good idea or not but it's not even remotely close to the witch hunts.

  34. caffeine addict


    Ack... I hate the BNP. They give me horrible moral headaches. It's one of those "I don't agree with you, but I'll fight to the death to let you say it" things. They're scumbags, but you can't ban them from saying what they want to, otherwise you're on that famous slippery slope.

    That said, it's wonderful to see these upright proud members of the BNP running scared that their details are out there. Especially the ones who aren't allowed to be BNP members because of their job...

  35. Craig Poxon

    Re: Job Requirement


    "Your Character


    We also have a policy of prohibiting any of our officers, staff and volunteers from becoming members of the BNP or similar organisations whose aims or pronouncements may contradict the duty to promote race equality."

  36. Sam

    Don't use the boffin logo unless you are fireproof.

    @Tom Paine;

    "..obvious parallels between left wing and right wing extremists are, er, not that obvious at all; the latter don't generally murder people.."

    From your following examples, it looks like you mean "former".

  37. Red Bren

    My kneejerk reaction

    was to laugh - it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of people, but are they? As the mainstream political parties have become increasingly focussed on the swing-voters of middle England, the BNP have been down-playing their racist agenda and gaining support among the disaffected, white, working-class with a seductive message of removing the (perceived) preferential treatment of minorities.

    The problem that needs addressing is why so many people now feel that the BNP is their best option.

  38. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Freemasons wtf?

    "Now, someone leak the freemasons list, that would be much much more interesting."

    Errr.... couldn't you just go the local lodge and, like, just ask?

    Mine is the one with the Illuminati membership list falling out of the pocket.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    To Mr Tom Paine...

    I strongly suggest you read some world history books if you truly believe that. Just as a taster - Stalin is the biggest mass murderer of all time - he had far more people killed in his Gulags than hitler ever managed. And yet he's still the poster boy of certain radical (and probably lobotomised) lefties and no one bats an eyelid if they mention a grudging admiration for the b@stard. Like I said - double standards and hypocrisy.

  40. Hollerith

    @AC 15.58

    You can't be fired or discriminated against (legally) in your employment in the UK because of your political beliefs. But if I found out that the guy in the next desk was a member of the KKK, I'd feel kinda funny and, if he stayed, I might think about getting a job somewhere else. The BNP are UK's proud equivalent.

  41. Paul

    I hate the BNP...

    But im yet to understand why people are band from joining them. They are either a legal political party, or they are not. Ban them or stop restricting peoples right to express there political will.

  42. Chris Thomas

    @Jason LoCascio

    You might like to think that, but considering most of them are actually racist and not just plain ordinary people who want equality in both directions, if you're "coloured" (cover all, generic term), in an accident and the person in the ambulance is a supporter of the BNP, are you going to say it doesnt matter when they treat your white friend more than you, increasing your chances of dying?

    Might change your perspective if you ever found yourself in that position huh.

  43. Anonymous Coward

    'Legitimate' political party or not

    They support the victimisation of anyone not white and heterosexual. With that in mind, they deserve it, oppressive tossbags that they are. You have the right to think what you want - you do not have the right to oppress anyone else because of your opinions.

  44. Iain Purdie


    ...I agree with Jason above. However, a large number of BNP members (and I lived in Bradford, so I *know* this) are racist filth. For the safety of society they should be made known. Like anyone who'll harm or target anyone for no readily apparent reason other than they're "different".

    While the BNP is a legitimate political party, there's no real secret that it's made up, to a large extent, of racists. Membership is pretty much a sign that you will make decisions based on someone else's skin colour. Do I think this would affect your ability to do certain jobs (e.g. soldier, police officer, etc)? Yes. Do I think it should mean your immediate expulsion from such a job? No. Do I think it means people should keep a damn close eye on you? Hell, yes.

  45. lglethal Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    @AC 15:58

    I believe the people who are not allowed to join political parties are members of the armed forces, those in the court system and those who work for the public service (someone correct me if im wrong). The reason being that people in these positions are supposed to remain politically neutral at all times (except when they vote of course). If they are in a party, and especially if they havent declared as such to their superiors, then naturally they cannot be completely trusted to remain politically neutral. It is very easy for information that is not for public or party distribution to suddenly end up in the wrong hands...

    For people in the military its even more important - the idea being that you are neutral and serve which ever party is in power no matter if you think there a bunch of braindead twats or not. If too many people in the military are involved with one party then you have the makings of a very nice coup...

    Additionally, in the UK, very few people are actually members of political parties, you might tip the odd donation to your party of choice occasionally if your so inclined but you have to be an absolute diehard fan to pay up and get on their membership list, unlike America where the vast majority join either the republican or democratic party. So anyone on the BNP membership list is likely to be a diehard racist nutter, and should be exposed if there in a position to abuse the neutrality of their office. Same goes to those in the tories and labour. Actually, i believe the members of all politcal parties should be exposed - lets see how may card carriers there are in places where they shouldnt be!

  46. Anonymous Coward

    right / left wing?

    why are the bnp classed as 'rightwing' because from what i see they're more statist control freaks than gordon brown

    one thing they could never be accused of is a belief in free market economics

    bnp = labour + racism

  47. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    RE: Tom Paine

    Nice collection of links, but as far as I can see none of them mention the BNP or even state the politics of the criminals concerned as right-wing. For all you know, Micheal Barton and Paul Taylor could have voted Labour, Liberal or Tory (or any fringe group like the Greens, UKIP, Communist Party of Britain). I'm sure it will surprise you to know racism is historically just as prevalent amongst left-wingers as the right. And ignoring the obvious comparisons with Stalin (probably killed more people than Hitler), Pol Pot and Robert Mugabe, violence is not solely a right-wing activity, There is plenty of violence by left-wingers in the UK, usually in concert with union activities. Do you think all those police turned out during the miner's strike for the fun? No, they were there because the unions were threatening violence to the non-union "scabs", co-workers who were simply following their perfectly legal right to work. Outside of the unions, we have such lovely groups as the Animal Liberation Front, whom are not specifically left-wing in group but seem to be univerally left-wing in the individual. Ignoring their fire-bombings, attacks on members of the public, and other such activities, they dug up a grannie's body in an attempt to force a farm to stop providing animals to a labs. Lovely people!

    The BNP is a legal party, and whilst you and I may object to their politics they are just as protected by freedom of speech laws as the loons in the Communist Party of Britain. Simply assuming anyone to the right of your point of view is a violent biggot is just displaying your own stupidity and prejudice.

  48. Ants


    They are a political party, but whether they're legitimate or not is most definitely up for discussion. Their policies are designed to split communities and raise racial tension, which in turn gives them more support.

    Something has to be done about that sort of thing, and this is why lots of people - myself included - try to stop them organising in our communities.

    Look at it a different way: if, say, people-traffickers started campaining to make their business legal, would people tolerate it saying "Well... I don't like what they do, but they are a legitimate political party"? Of course they wouldn't. Or at least I'd like to hope so. And in the same way, I find the BNP nefarious so I'm not willing to tolerate them.

  49. Joe

    @ Jason LoCascio, and others

    Firstly, I believe some jobs ban membership of ANY political party - such as the police, for example. Surely they should be officially apolitical, otherwise what's to stop them giving mason-like favours to those with the party card in their wallet?

    Secondly, if a policeman or judge were a member of the BNP, wouldn't he be more likely to arrest or convict non-whites? So in my opinion, people's politics does sometimes affect their ability to do their jobs.

  50. Lee T.

    @Racist/rightwinder - the difference?

    right of centre != racist

    that far right of centre == racist

  51. Jeremy

    @AC / "Confused"

    Exclusion from equal opportunity laws for governmental and public safety roles is also the case in the USA. For example, in most states, you cannot be a police officer if you're not a US citizen or have a disability, etc.

    I suspect that being being a paying member of a known racist organisation wouldn't get you past interview stateside either...

  52. Poopie McStinklestein

    Well, that's them scuppered

    Well, that's them scuppered for ever then. No-one else will ever trust them again, and sign up, and so I predict they'll slowly disappear.

    Course, that could be what the poster wanted.....

  53. Stuart Van Onselen


    Erm, son, when engaged in a debate, it's simply not cricket to just MAKE SHIT UP!

  54. Dave Moore

    @Paul 16:38

    As far as I know, it's only certain public sector jobs that are banned, like police officers. And I think this is perfectly reasonable; a police officer is not capable of doing his job justly and fairly if he's part of a racist policial party. It's a total conflict of interest.

  55. Ally


    A policeman was sacked recently for wearing a BNP badge at an England football game. By not declaring themselves to be a member of the party they broke terms and conditions of employment, so could be sacked. I look forward to a spate of soldiers, teachers and coppers down the local jobcentre

  56. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    How on earth is it "banned"?? Don't they give their identities away whenever they run in bi-elections? (or would that be heteroelections in their case?)

  57. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Nobody is "band" from joining anything. If they want to form a 4 piece jazz group they can. They are however "banned" from certain professions as they preach hatred against certain groups.

    Would you want the army run by a bunch of guys who hated gays, blacks... oh... wait..... I see a flaw there.

    The main factor is that if they themselves are to embarrassed to have the world at large know their beliefs then surely it should tell them something?? Like perhaps what they believe it isn't so right after all and that they should be ashamed?

  58. Anonymous Coward

    Met breaking the law?

    Hollerith said: "You can't be fired or discriminated against (legally) in your employment in the UK because of your political beliefs."

    I thought that was the case too, but if so then surely the Met are breaking the law, looking at Craig Poxon's comment.

    Racist does not necessarily equate to right wing. If you look at the BNPs policies, it's pretty damn clear that they are in fact socialists. Anyone remember what the acronym nazi stood for, I can't quite seem to remember...

  59. Anonymous Coward

    @Anonymous Coward, 16:10 GMT

    @Anonymous Coward, 16:10 GMT

    "I admit I'm from the US, and I guess things are different here, but how do employers get away with terminating people due to political affiliation?"

    Well, you have to understand - the BNP are almost as rightwing as your Republican party, so they're rather unliked here.

  60. Darren Coleman

    Discrimination vs ostracisation

    From the MET post listed above:

    "We also have a policy of prohibiting any of our officers, staff and volunteers from becoming members of the BNP or similar organisations whose aims or pronouncements may contradict the duty to promote race equality."

    I'm sure that statement is legally "ok", therefore I don't think it is as black-and-white (hurr) as saying "legally you can't be discriminated against on the basis of your beliefs". If your beliefs, activities or whatever are in direct opposition with the ethos, well-being or whatever of your company then I would expect them to disapprove of it.

    At the very least this information being in the public domain would most likely result in these people being ostracised at work (rightfully so?) and would as a consequence affect their ability to do their job, particularly if they are in a position of authority over others, etc.

    In short - there are many ways in which information like this could result in someone losing their job, either as a direct consequence of breaking terms of employment (MET) or "company well-being". Frankly whilst IANAL I could imagine people being fired for "bringing company into disrepute" with this information in the public domain.

  61. Bill Cumming

    Guess their will be a shortage...

    of clean underwear and toilet rolls tonight when people realise they could be sacked tomorrow morning :D

  62. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let me get this straight...

    ...People in certain occupations are banned from joining extreme political parties. This is well known and yet it looks like people in these positions have still given their job details to the BNP - which then recorded it.

    Guess the entry requirements for Master Race aren't what they used to be.

    Now the thorny question remains - is this a shocking intrusion on personal information or just hilarious.

  63. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    >>"And where are these radical left wing organisations ..."

    If they exist, they're probably stuck in an never-ending meeting in a room over a pub, where they've been since 1989, trying to agree their collective response to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  64. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Well, it's not on wikileaks yet...

    It took 37 seconds to find it on the net... You don't need Wikileaks.

  65. A J Stiles

    "Racist" murders ?

    Tom Paine: Not every crime where the perpetrators were white and the victim wasn't is a racist crime.

    In Derby, a few years ago, a bunch of underage chav scum were (quite rightly) refused service of cigarettes and alcohol by a shopkeeper. Later that day, they attempted to burn down the shopkeeper's house. It was recorded as a racist incident because the youths were white and the shopkeeper was Asian, yet there was absolutely nothing racist about it: they would have done exactly the same to a white shopkeeper. It was about fags and booze, **not** race.

    Some people are too willing to see racism where there is none.

  66. Robert Oakes
    Thumb Down

    I hate the BNP - Paul

    Paul, IMHO people who are members of the BNP have the stereotype that the are racists and inhibit racial views. That reason in itself is a good enough reason, as a for example - Police Officer who's views may be clouded.

    I have somebody in my own family, who is training to be a teacher, and she inhibits some distasteful racial and xenophobic views, who laughs off when i try and explain to her that she can get dismissed.

    The BNP should be forced to reveal their membership lists -

    Posting anon just in case!!!!!!

  67. Paul Fleetwood
    Thumb Down

    @boltar, we can see you're trying to change the topic

    Nobody would dispute Stalin was a bad man, most students of politics and history, regardless of their political leanings, would agree he was an evil despot; though the record is pretty clear that he was not a member of these leftist organisations you were comparing to the BNP..

    Quite why you felt like bringing Hitler and Stalin into the discussion, unless it was that you were aware your first point was erroneous and you felt it needed distracting from, is most perplexing.

  68. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


    From what this ex-civil servant remembers of his terms and condictions

    Membership of extreme right wing AND left wing parties is banned

    So I could'nt join the british nazi party(or arseholes), nor could I join the british communist party(or fruitcakes), partly because of their particular beliefs but mostly due to the fact they wanted to overthrow the state and replace it with their own 'ideal' state.

    Oh and if you ban the british nazi party, how long will it be before you start banning other parties you dont like............

  69. Karl Marx

    Pity all this will result in is a few bricked windows...

    Dissent scum like the BNP, who dare express unpolitically-correct views, ought to be rounded up and placed inside work camps--either that, or taken to a secluded forest and shot in the back of the neck with a .22 pistol. Then we can all live together in multicultural, hedonistic, consumerist bliss--without having to worry about such outdated concepts as "thinking".

  70. jack horner

    @Boltar: Childish flaming-but what the hell!

    Hey Boltar! You ridiculous tory-boy - Why don't you fuck off back to WoW or wherever it is you come from and if you like the BNP so much - why don't you marry them?

    '...the liberal left media establishment...'



  71. Andy Barber

    @ Clint Sharp

    In the UK we are 'Subjects' not 'citizens! :-(

  72. Neil

    @ Boris the Cockroach

    Banning other political parties I don't like? That'd be all of them, then... Sounds like a plan to me.

  73. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What is wrong with the BNP?

    It is a political party that supports the folk of the British Isle, slightly right wing leanings, but not as far left as communist labour. Left and right are the same at the extremes, just about control, and the BNP doesn't strike me as wanting to control the liberty of the British, it looks like they wish to restore our liberties.

    It is not pro continental Europe, which is beginning to look like the rise of the Fourth Reich.

    The BNP is very active in a local politics as well, helping out the community.

    Sure they are nationalist but shouldn't you support your own nation? What are people who don't support their nation aiming for, a one world order, support of another nation?

    If the conservatives lean a bit more right, and put up protectionist policies for trade, then I imagine the tories will get in next tie round.

    But, come on Labour has sold us all up the river in the UK, our standard of living has decreased significantly, and taxation has been increased by bringing in foreign nationals to do menial labour, and that has allowed for the surveillance systems to be funded. It also contributed to the housing price bubble.

    Now the UK is a small place, it operated well because of sustained birth rate 1 per person, but we are the not the US, Canada, or Australia we just don't have the space.

    And it is not a case that we have the jobs, we just have some greedy foreigners controlling huge parts of the UK job market, who want to pay as little as possible, so they get them from abroad for cheaper.

    Eventually our economy collapses, because ultimately our economy is about our nation, it is how well we as a group operate. And at the point of collapse those who are not loyal to the nation just go back to their nation which is generally far more protectionist than ours.

    Most other country in the world realises this, apart from the UK. Well it does now, in real terms we are the second poorest country in the world per capita.

  74. David Barr
    Thumb Down


    I don't like the BNP. They are a negative influence, they are looking to blame groups in society. They may not be clearly racist, but they have racist undertones and a great deal of support from racists.

    However democracy depends on people being able to support any party, and being able to vote for any party. If people are going to be discriminated against (which is now likely) as a result of the party they support then this is wrong.

    Personally I can be a little right wing - although I'm not authoritarian. Sadly there aren't any realistic right wing parties in the UK. The UKIP are not much better than the BNP, and even the conservatives have mild policies and aren't strongly enough in favour of freedoms and small government. I would never vote for the BNP, no matter how much I agreed with their policies. However I suspect there may be a few (idiots) who are sucked in by their "we're not racists, honest" front that they put up, and if they lose their jobs as a result of this then I believe that will be wrong.

  75. Dan

    Idle threat?

    "Anonymous said...

    I'm currently having fun emailing employers, schools and police departments of people that were stupid enough to register with their employer email

    Also cc'ing in local newspapers to avoid cover ups

    He he he"

    Who knows, guessing someone out there must be bored enough to do it. Searching google already shows results for some trackers....

  76. Bobelinks MacWendigsuto

    BNP or Christians


    "Your Character


    We also have a policy of prohibiting any of our officers, staff and volunteers from becoming members of the BNP or similar organisations whose aims or pronouncements may contradict the duty to promote race equality."

    I wonder if they have the same policy about membership of Christian Voice and other religious or religo-political organisations whose aims contradict the duty to promote equality on grounds of sexual orientation

    BNP - may be hateful, but not the only hateful lot out there.

  77. SocialConscience

    naivity or attention seeking?

    just that really

  78. Tom Paine

    appearances matter

    One last thing - the significance of banning BNP members from the police and army is not only about trying to put an end to blatant rascist abuse by those in positions of power (hands up who remembers the name Brian Douglas without Google's help! ) It's also a recognition that /perceptions matter/. If the police are /perceived/ as racist bullyboys, it makes the job of honest coppers who are in the job to collar villains a lot harder. Banning BNP members doesn't make it impossible that racist bullies are still in the police, but *not* banning them would make it hard to have the fights I've had a couple of times in my life with trying to persuade people at times when it really mattered that, actually, in general the police CAN be trusted to do the right thing.

  79. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



    go to your nearest masonic hall and go take a directory book which contains all the names of your local masons...not quite as secret as, say, the BNP's list and a lot more boring too I guess...

    Now another list of all the left-wing maniacs and green eco-terrorists and we'll be doing well...

    ...give it a few weeks and NuLabour will have lost them on a train somewhere anyway

  80. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Stalin was racist too, he performed ethnic cleansing on many of the racial groups in Russia. He may have been a communist (left wing), but he was also a dictator (state control, no political leaning)

    The right wing picked up the association with racists because they are at nature conservative and therefore objected to a change in the status quo (ie foreigners coming in). Politically, the BNP are mostly far left wing but they also have a load of far right wing policies too (an example of trying to keep their likely voters and core base happy). So they definitely aren't centerist, but they aren't exactly a party that can be pigeon-holed

  81. Nev

    @AC "What is wrong with the BNP? "

    Oh look what just crawled out from under a rock:

    Someone who's probably on that list!

    Next he/she/it'll be extolling the "virtues" of thugs beating up non-whites and homosexuals.

    Proof, if need be that the BNP are vermin.

  82. Wokstation

    @"What is wrong with the BNP? " AC

    The fact that you've felt the need to post your support for the BNP anonymously shows you yourself are ashamed to be associated with them, and you're trying to "big them up".

    I'm guessing your name was on this list...?

  83. Ben

    @ The anonymous coward above

    Says it all, really. Anxiously scanning for your name, were you? The BNP's position would make Britain weak by making it an international pariah state.

    I'm uncomfortable though with the BNP being singled out for special treatment by the police, education authorities etc. It'd be better to ban all party members from state employment to try and enforce some kind of impartiality and reduce the chances of political shenanigans and inbreeding.

  84. Carl Greatbatch

    @What is wrong with the BNP?

    No, hang on. Quite apart from the bobbins you're talking in the rest of your post do you seriously believe - "Most other country in the world realises this, apart from the UK. Well it does now, in real terms we are the second poorest country in the world per capita."

    Really. Second poorest? In the World? Per anything?


  85. Chris G

    @ What is wrong with the BNP

    Firstly, if you have nothing to fear from your obvious membership of the BNP why have you posted anonymously?

    Secondly, you were doing well for the first half of your comment, much of it appealed to the rightish leanings in some of my political thinking, then you get to `our standard of living has decreased significantly' no it hasn't, in real terms to paraphrase Macmillan `You've never had it so good´an average weekly wage in the UK now buys far more than it ever has before ( not I hasten to add because of Nullabour). Taxation as high as it is is nothing to do with cheap foreigners working for peanuts it is to do with a runaway Labour? government that has been in power too long. Cheap foreign labour actually helps economies in general to create wealth. That is one of the reasons the aforementioned Macmillan opened the doors of the UK to Indians and West Indians in the fifties, so they could come to the UK to do work the British would not do for low wages.

    The housing price bubble is more to do with general greed from house owners through to estate agents, banks and mortgage lenders and financial institutions that had fingers in the housing pie,Haven't been reading the papers lately?

    As for greedy foreigners, do you know how much British money controls the jobs markets in other countries and gets the workers cheap, and nationalism could not have saved the economy from the current collapse, it's a much bigger thing than just the UK.

    Lastly , the biggest load of bollocks you have uttered is your last sentence, in 2007 the UK had the 13th largest GDP in the world,the 15th highest purchasing power,the 2nd lowest was Sierra Leone with a purchasing power of 1/70th of the UK's, Britain had the fifth highest economic freedom,I could go on. If you want to present a reasonable face for your party try saying something meaningful with something real to back it up instead of total shit, or if what you really want is to get all the fucking foreigners out of Britain, just come out and say it,I cant argue with genuine feelings even if I don't agree with them.

  86. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A long list of utter fucktards

    as interesting as this is, looking at peoples personal info such as a complete fuckwit who has an email address beginning totenkopf* it does make you wonder if any of our info is safe. I would hope the organisations im a member of are a little more secure than the BNP!

    Now if my employer ever found out i was in the Barbie fan club......Ive said to much....

    *totenkopf is german for skull and crossbones as used on SS capbadges, and also the name of a Waffen SS division. a totenkopf battalion murdered 97 british POWs in cold blood in 1940. Clearly this guy is a proper, proper arsehole.

  87. Anonymous Coward

    Google yourself...kind of!

    Heres a fun game! instead of googling yourself, see if you can find your own name on the list!

    I just seems I live a double life as a far right nutjob at the opposite end of the country. Perhaps I have been having 'blackouts'.....and i thought it was all cheese dreams!

    Now if you find your own name AND should be ashamed of yourself .FACIST!!

  88. Mr Larrington

    It's a pity...

    ...that Nelson appears to have murdered spEak You're bRanes in its sleep, as we'd have had a field day taking the piss out of the racist twats. I hate Illinois^w Nazis

  89. Anonymous Coward

    Fun can also be had...

    searching the list of emails and converting them to web pages - puts faces to names in some cases.

    Also interesting that quite a few are happy to use their work emails including university ones or ones associated with their own business. Gretna based wedding companies for example - wonder if the local paper knows about that, or businesses which seem to get local council money like an interior refitting company which lists local universities as case studies - wonder how much repeat work they will get now.

    St Andrews uni - isn't that where the future king went to be educated ?

    You would think they would use anon emails like hotmail or Gmail - then again that involves thinking so maybe not.

    Some of the emails bring up a vision of a fantacist probably with an extensive collection of german SS uniforms of WW2 and nazi memorabilia - totenkopf_88 is a good example, or how about apitbullandy@...

    Also fun to check your local area. Some parents at my child's school are on there. Should be fun next time I go to drop her off and maybe do a little staring at them.

    It would be shocking if the list was circulated further.

  90. Rasczak

    @ jon - re: Comment of losing my job By Jamie


    If that political leaning is likely to cause you to be discriminatory to non whites then it is totally right that they are banned from operating in certain organisations such as the police.


    So are you implying that if a political leaning is likely to cause you to discriminate against white people then that should not see you banned from joining the Police ?

    If so then does that not make you racist ?

    Think of it this way, a company has 100 jobs available. 100 white Anglo-Saxon males apply, and 100 women from ethnic minorities apply, who should get the jobs ?

    Think about it for a minute.

    If you say anything other than the 100 best people, whether they be all white males, all female from ethnic minorities, or any ratio of the 2, then you, IMNSHO, are being racist. Of course you can make the split any two diverse groups you care to think of.

    Think about how you would feel if you were one of those who applied, the jobs were given to the 50 best from each group just to keep quotas right, you were the 51st best person in your group and you were better suited to the job than the best person from the other group.

    If you meant to say that if your political leanings are likely to cause you to discriminate against anyone for any reason then you should be banned from joining the Police and didn't quite put is across correctly then I apologise should I have cuased you offence

  91. rob

    El Reg commentards sock it to the evil far right!

    Bravo commentards!

    All BNP members should lose their jobs and be ostracised from decent society!

    Some commentards are having a jolly good time ratting out their fellow subjects (see below).

    "Anonymous said...

    I'm currently having fun emailing employers, schools and police departments of people that were stupid enough to register with their employer email

    Also cc'ing in local newspapers to avoid cover ups

    He he he"

    Its even fun to flame those individuals who act as devils advocate (I mean come on they MUST be on the list if they are not bashing those evil BNP members).

    But I thought the UK was supposed to be a well rounded society with free speech enshrined for all? I guess not. As far as I am concerned people can be a member of the communist party or BNP or whatever, as long as they commit no crimes. I may not agree with anything they have to say, but I respect that they have the right to say it.

    I think somebody once said (roughly) "those who give up freedom in search of security derserve neither"

    Seems about right to me.

  92. spider from mars


    The bit that made me laugh was the temerity of Nick Griffin on the TV this morning, claiming his members' human rights had been violated.

    ORLY? and which party was it that rails against European law in general and the EU Human Rights Act in particular?

  93. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Up


    Just lovely, a great use of the intertubes that!

  94. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is a strange time, economically speaking.

    We're facing economic circumstances that are exactly the same as those that led to Munich, and the disaffected youth. The far right is already all over Austria like a rash.

    I'm not implying anything by this, but it's a strange co-incidence.

  95. TeeCee Gold badge

    Can someone have a look....

    And see if there's a Mr A. T. Hun and a Mr. G. Khan on there?

    I want to prove the old adage that they're somewhere to the right of them once and for all.....

  96. Anomalous Cowherd Silver badge

    @ AC above

    You've been roundly slammed on most of your points, but one stood out:

    "Now the UK is a small place, it operated well because of sustained birth rate 1 per person, but we are the not the US, Canada, or Australia we just don't have the space."

    Guess what? With the zero immigration you propose and a birth rate of anything less than two, the population will age and eventually disapper altogether. Without immigration, my friend, the british will quite literally cease to exist, and that's a mathematically verifiable fact.


  97. Anonymous Coward

    Pure hypocricy

    You lot should be ashamed of yourselves, I'm no BNP supporter but the fact many here are happy to name and shame a group of individuals whose membership of a perfectly legal political party (or club, if you want), is disgusting and shows what contempt people have for real democracy in this country.

    I thought most Reg readers were screaming for stricter privacy laws but it appears they're only interested in it when it suits them. Hypocrites.

    Not to mention the lives that will be ruined as a result of this going public - vendettas against people (or property) on the list, hatred of other family members who may have no political affiliation, or attacks on individuals who have been mistakenly identified as BNP members.

    I just hope none of you lot end up on a list of what someone else views as "undesirables" (for whatever reason). Would you be quite so happy about a similar public list of say, gays, mental illness sufferers, diabetics, handicapped people, alcoholics, drug users, police officers, prison officers, traffic wardens, gypsies, swingers, daily mail readers, christians, jews, iranians, the list is endless. Thought not. Its not quite so funny if you're on a list that someone else might target now, is it?

    Incidently, no one here has called for an outing of illegal organisations - funny that.

    Thought crime isn't formally a crime yet, but many here appear happy for it to become so. If hate crimes are happening, then convict the actually perpetrators, not those who are forced to vote with their feet for alternatives by the current crop of crooks and liars who have sold this country down the river.

  98. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Just downloaded the list, there are 2 Nazi families (husband and wife, and husband-wife-daughter) within 1000m of where I live - I'm the only ethnic minority in the area. I've never seen them out and about, but to be so close.... argghhh!

  99. j

    I can't wait for the Have Your Say reaction

    to this

  100. cat herder
    Thumb Up

    oh how we love to crow at misfortune

    This has throughly cheered me up.... and reading the list made me snort into my coffee

    "Discretion required re. employment concerns - Police officer"

    and how many will be doing something similar to this guy tomorrow?

    "Will not be renewing 07 (embarrassed by revelations in Private Eye re. councillors)"

  101. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mantras for Left, Right, Left, Right, Le...

    "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

    "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle

    "We should be eternally vigilant against attempts to check the expression of opinions that we loathe" - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

    "My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular" - Adlai Stevenson

    "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" - Sun-tzu

  102. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    mind, they came out against id cards. must have something to hide...

  103. Anonymous Coward

    @ What is wrong with the BNP

    i notice no one else has welcomed

    that lovely mr griffin to our forum yet

    nice first post so do come in

  104. j

    I think it's wrong that it was leaked but...

    I think the anonomised addresses would be interesting to mash with other geographical data. Average house price of area, urban density, ethnic make-up of populations...

  105. jack horner

    @David Barr


    Good in you I see, my young apprentice. Turn from the Dark side you must, before too late it is. You, what you seek, will not find there.

    Ho Hum - ok, we can all be bit right-wing at times (especially when whores and cocaine are involved - apparently.) - but seriously - it's something, from which, with proper care and attention, you can make a complete recovery.

    Good Luck!

  106. jack horner


    Awww! - Are we not allowed to post a link to the list then?


  107. Anonymous Coward


    There's only one group of people who are worse than fascists in my mind, people who spell it facists, what the hell does that mean, people who hate faces?

    One of my favourite pubs has a thing in it's menu that says "our beer kills facists" I was devestated when I saw that.

    I can't wait for a proper web 2.0 mash-up, google maps and the BNP membership list, it's what we've all been waiting for! Certainly better than sticking spottings of the googlemobile up... :)

  108. j

    re: It shouldn't have been leaked but...

    Had a quick look at an old postcode and it turned out there were a couple in the village next to ours - both of them known...hubby was a BNP candidate in the 2004 elections there. I found a wonderful article about him


    "In newspaper interviews, Mr Goodchild, claimed that there were other BNP members in the district, but he declined to say how many."

    and from the last paragraph:

    "Meanwhile the one Asian family in Yoxford was sanguine about the appearance of a far-Right candidate in the local election.

    "I don't have a problem with him," said Mr Kanesan. "He seems all right, we just don't talk about politics.""

    Class. It is a nice friendly village Yoxford.

  109. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    The best part of this is... you just *know* that Nick Griffin and the BNP are going to be:

    a) requesting police help from the forces they've criticised time and time and again


    b) using European human rights law to shout about how unfairly they've been treated


  110. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    @ Joe Posted Tuesday 18th November 2008 16:52 GMT

    I'm ashamed to say I know at least five members of the police force that are members of the free masons, I've also learn't that several other "Members" have been allowed to drive on

    when they've have more than a few pints of beer, or a couple of bottles of wine.

    I was asked to join a number of years ago, but I decided that it was against my principles.

    If you decline membership, then you are told your business will suffer..

    Maybe I made a mistake, but I don't think so.

    Maybe I could have been a millionaire by now, but I don't think so.

    The Free Masons only look after their "Members" anyone else is secondary to the cause.

    Maybe I know a few too many followers.

    When my Dad died, we had MANY offers of help, from "MEMBERS"

    I guess my Dad was a "MEMBER".

    F**K the lot of them

  111. Matt


    someone had this list as (hypothetically) an excel spreadsheet, how easy would it be to create an overlay for Google maps based on the postcodes?

  112. david wilson

    @Pure hypocricy

    >>"Incidently, no one here has called for an outing of illegal organisations - funny that."

    Assuming an illegal organisation had a membership list, if it was illegal to be a member, why would anyone bother 'outing' them, rather than just handing the list over to the police?

  113. Jamie Kitson

    To Find

    It's on wikileaks and the pirate bay.

  114. david wilson


    >>"Think about how you would feel if you were one of those who applied, the jobs were given to the 50 best from each group just to keep quotas right, you were the 51st best person in your group and you were better suited to the job than the best person from the other group."

    That's a fairly extreme situation, where out of 200 applicants, not one of the women were in the top 50.

    Practically speaking, when there's bulk recruitment going on, it's generally not for jobs requiring much prior experience, and it's not easy to get any kind of accurate ranking of likely performance, since the chances are that everyone employed will be learning the job for some time, and it's hard to predict how different people will learn.

    For that situation, one of the best methods seems to be to set some basic threshold of aptitude, and if more people pass than you have jobs for, recruit from various groups of applicants in proportion to how many people pass that threshold. That way, the odds of anyone who passed the threshold getting a job would be the same whatever group they were in, and whoever is doing the selection within a group doesn't have to worry about accusations of bias.

  115. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other perspective

    It's nice to see such a wonderful range of balanced comments. It would also be nice to see such liberal thinking and a call for equality in the real world. However in reality the scales of justice appear to be not so well balanced. The founder of the BNP was once jailed for inciting racial hatred yet in these more enlightened times there are clerics preaching even worse yet they seem to be immune from prosecution. Many are in the UK illegally yet they cannot be deported because in the UK they have human rights that they themselves would not grant not only to people outside their own beliefs but also to women within them.

    If you are going to knock the BNP then have the common decency and guts to knock the extremists on the other side. I can't recall any member of the BNP blowing up trains full of innocent people because they were different from them nor advocating that a 14 year old girl who has been gang raped should be stoned to death for adultery. Makes calling someone a derogatory name look like a walk in the park.

  116. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I think someone I know is already on the case...

  117. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Best quote for...

    "The spokesman said Mr Griffin alleges that publication of his members' details violates both the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act, legislation his party has said should be repealed." - The Telegraph(


  118. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Abusive cowards - you must feel very proud of yourselves.

    Not cool - I wasn't aware of any of this until I came home from an early shift to find an answering machine message from a very scared friend of the family. She is 74 and looking after her grandchildren, both under 10, and has had two threatening phone calls.

    Now, I am not a member, I do not agree with all their views, but the BNP are a legitimate legal party.

    All the people talking about "getting revenge" or (one one forum) "dusting off the knuckle dusters" should be ashamed. We fought a war to try and rid the world of fascists like you - and you have the cheek to pose as left wing. You're a rent-a-mob rabble whose toughness extends right up until phoning octogenarians and threatening them. I expect you must feel very proud.

    Incidentally, the list was posted to generate money from google adwords.

    This violates adwords policy - click the link on the ad and post the following violation:

    The adverts are appearing on a website which has posted a stolen list of the names and childrens' addresses of supporters of a political party. This therefore violates at least 2 of your rules:

    * Violent content, racial intolerance, or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization

    * Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others

    [Link to two website email addresses excised by moderator.]

  119. Adam

    Poor Chris W needs to browse more pathetic blogs to learn to argue his little ideas a bit better!

    Chris W,

    So all the problems in the world, like the one in war torn, poverty stricken Somalia that you mentioned is directly related to people in England?.

    Can you think before you post please, this is a very stupid argument...If you want to defend the BNP however unsavoury , try and do it properly eh?

    and please tell me you see the irony in good old Griffin on tv this morning complaining that those poor old members had their "human rights" breached! Oh that made me chuckle....

    also Lardboy since its BNP members that do their very best to make life unpleasant for so many nice that the boots on the other foot for once, it's just hilarious frankly how these people have the cheek to whinge so much...

  120. Rasczak

    @david wilson

    I agree I am taking this to the Nth degree to a situation that is so unlikely it is not going to actually happen. That said the principles remain, recruitment should be down to ability. Race, colour, creed, should not enter into it. If you choose someone specifically due to race, whether that is choosing white over black, or choosing black over white, then that is wrong

    There are a lot of job application forms these days that ask for what you believe your ethnic origin to be. This is usually claimed to be to ensure that diversity is recognised. My take is if you don't know the ethnic origin you cannot be biased by it so why the need to ask other than so as to appear politically correct

  121. Anonymous Coward

    Bored people

    To read throug the lists, some people have no life. The BNP is anti Europe, anti Brissels as well, not just against the colour of people.

    The actions of many in this forum can be related to the brown shirts against the Juden population of many german towns before Kristalnacht - there are more fascists posting here then are on the BNP list.

    And they spelt my name wrong !!!!!!

  122. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I think you've lost the plot. I will try to respond to your incoherent ramblings but first you will have to be more specific and point out which statement I made makes you feel I defended the BNP. I merely asked for balance, something which you obviously do not have.

    I'm afraid I can't humour your wish with respect to TV as I don't watch television nor do I read the Daily Mail however I understand from various other comments that your verse would be a good example of the outpourings of a reader this highly regarded periodical.

    Oh, BTW, what I really wanted to say was, thanks for proving my point.

  123. Alan Fisher


    Let's put this into perspective shall we and see what the BNP represent;

    have a good gander and see what you think. They toned it down but parts of it are shocking. In essence, despite attempted PR stunts of "token" ethnic members in the Party, the general membership does not approve of these people and their positions are purely symbollic. So, what policies do they have. Again, educate yourself before spouting off in either direction. They have many objectionable policies indeed and, well have a look around yourself and then read their website and ask yourself....has the England they describe ever existed?? Will it ever??

    I don't think so as most British people are fine with people of any creed, belief or colour who poses no harm to them or their families. Now the BNP seek to 'profit' from the so called "Moslem Problem" and target ordinary and innocent Moslems in the UK and, of course, anyone who 'might' also be a Moslem, in other words someone of the darker persuasion or not 'my kind of people', as, allegedly, Moslems are required to lie about being Moslem to further their faith. Therefore anyone dark skinned of immediately a suspect, even Barack Obama!

    Now someone in a position of responsibility or a legal/policy making area is a member.....are you telling me their 'views' and politics will not interfere? Of course it will. So Police, soldiers, teachers, and so forth cannot be members of any political organisation, end of story. Conflict of interests I beleive, no? Bipartisan people in such important jobs is part of what makes Britain Great is it not? Not political appointees like in the US? So surely they are hyprocritical here? They want all the great Great British stuff yet is this not one of those things? They encourage their members to 'lie' about their affiliation yet complain if Moslems supposedly do the same? hmmm

    End of the day, while no-one should be forced to declare their political leanings publically (any more than they should be obliged to declare religion, sexuality and so on) they do not need to lie about it either. If they lie, then they are ashamed, if they are ashamed then they have a reason to be.

    This will not be the death of the BNP, but perhaps it will bring out of the woodwork some liars and doubletalkers in positions of trust and authority (imagine a Marxist or Anarchist in authority, they'd be screaming for his/her resignation!) and add to some degree of transparency. I propose a law that all public figures must declare membership of ANY organisation which could make them less than impartial; the Masons, Rosicruicans, etc etc

    Now there are idiots and thugs on both the Left and the Right of all kinds and they will make use of this information to carry out acts which i do not approve of or condone (it achieves nothing and entrenches the enemy, better to use words, not threats in open public fora to discuss these matters) but what about the thugs at Redwatch, isn't this what they have been doing and encouraging for years? While I do not agree with the scare tactics and pure nastiness of some people I must admit "that which thou sowest, shalt thou reap" applies very well here think you not?

  124. steve


    How many of you that constantly slag off the BNP are hiding behind the veil of political correctness? The majority of you say to yourselves they are sick of "jonny foreigner" coming in to our country and taking our jobs. Never do you say it in public because you are cowards, yes i want my country back i'm no racist im a nationalist, i like my nation and will stand up for my nation. There are those amongst you who do not know the difference between the two but are only too quick to make an uneducated judgement. Yes i am on the list. I'm neither the vicar or the policeman,just an ordinary Joe who is proud of his nation.

  125. Anonymous Coward

    They are racist scum

    I can't understand the sympathy for the BNP, they are violent racist scum.

    I do think its interesting that on the blog there is a lot of people unhappy about having their association outed... Why, because the BNP is a violent racist organisation, with aggressively racist members.

    If they were proud of their membership, and of their party views surely they would be happy to have conversations with their peers.

    I know people of most other political stand points, conservative, liberal, middle of the road(ish) and they are all quite happy to state their opinion and have constructive debate with each other.

    I bet members of the BNP don't sit with their non BNP mates in the pub and then go "fancy coming on the campaign trail with me, I know a great source of dogshit we can push through some <insert racial slur here> houses"

    ... go figure ...

    Free speech - all in favour

    borderline terrorists..... lets not go there.

  126. Patrick Harrington

    Solidarity Union warns bosses

    Our Union, Solidarity ( , will take immediate action if any member of our Brotherhood is discriminated against on poltical grounds. The right to belong to a political party which is legally recognised is fundamental in a democracy. The right not to be discriminated against on grounds of political opinion is a Human Right and employment law also recognises that "religious or other belief" should not be used as a basis for discrimination. Rights to freedom of expression and association are enshrined in our law and Treaty obligations.

    Additionally anyone joining our Union now will be extended immediate protection without any qualifying period. We welcome members of the BNP alongside people from other parties and none.

    Our Union will also trace any publisher using material which results in the victimisation or harassment of any Union member and take appropriate civil and criminal action

  127. david wilson


    >>"There are a lot of job application forms these days that ask for what you believe your ethnic origin to be. This is usually claimed to be to ensure that diversity is recognised. My take is if you don't know the ethnic origin you cannot be biased by it so why the need to ask other than so as to appear politically correct"

    I'd have thought the main reason offered for the information being on a form would be so that statistics could be produced on the successes or otherwise of people in various groups.

    It always looks better if someone can give figures if asked about the success rates of various groups, rather than just saying "No idea".

    Whether someone puts an ethnic origin on a form or not, chances are that it'll be fairly obvious at interview, at least when it comes to the people most likely to be discriminated against.

    Not having the box on the form isn't that likely to help anyone get a job.

    Also, if anyone is doing pre-interview screening and wanted to prune out at least some non-Caucasians, they could make a fair stab just by looking at people's names. It's probably not unknown for that to happen to some extent without people even thinking about it.

  128. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Racism is understandable

    the BNP draw a fair bit of their support from those who are genuinely under threat from non-indigenous labour. They are simply being out-competed, and are angry about it, as i daresay you or I would be. For example, Johnny Indian might well be able to accept a job with lower pay because he saves on housing and food costs by sharing a dwelling with some extended family, or by having more long-term parental support. Unfortunately he is also more employable because he is probably brighter, a lot more keen on self-improvement, and has a better attitude.

  129. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up





  130. g00p

    @ What is wrong with the BNP?


    Silly you! we all know who you are now - you can post your name if you like! :D

    Awww bless. They're scared look..

  131. Nick Porter

    BNP stereotypes

    One member (and his family) in my village, and whadya know, he was involved in a stabbing 3 years ago - should I be surprised?


  132. DutchOven

    ...and yet...

    Organisations like Redwatch exist ( which gleefully publish the personal information of anyone opposed to right-wing extremism. That includes, "lefties", "homos" and anyone who likes Johnny Foreigner. According to wiki, it was set up by an ex-BNP man. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say.

    This whole thing smacks of the pot calling the kettle... wait a minute!

  133. Patrick Harrington

    Threats to Employment and Human Rights

    There have been a number of threats made to the employment of those on the list. Leaving aside Employment Law this seems to me to amount to interference with the exercise of their right to freedom of association under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Further it would be difficult to argue that in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 2 of Article 11, the interference had been prescribed by law and had pursued a legitimate aim. Any member of our Union who is also in the BNP will be vigorously protected should they come under pressure from bullying employers in the same way we would a member of any other Party.

    Currently only the Police and Prison Service ban members of the BNP. Such bans have yet to be properly tested by the Courts. Our Union takes the view that there are people of all political persuasions in those services yet only one viewpoint is deemed unacceptable. This is discriminatory. Only if there is actual evidence of wrongdoing should someone be subject to disciplinary procedures. Clearly there was nothing wrong with the behaviour of those listed as working as Prison Officers, policemen etc as there membership came as a shock.

    As a Trade Union we will uphold our member's employment rights and work to ensure that no-one in this country loses their livelihood due to this new McCarthyism.

  134. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A lover of our Country

    Have you all heard yourselves?? Its like a childrens forum! Apart from the BNP being a totally LEGITIMATE political party, no matter what it stands for. Every other political party has likes and dislikes just like the BNP. The question here is some malicious moron has endangered the lives of 12000 people who happen to support a legitimate party! Would Labour or the Conservatives like a list to be published of their members, i think they would quake in their boots too! The BNP is more passionate about their country and say it as it is not like the others who, blind you with pompous, out of touch with the modern man, speak.

    Im just a normal working person who is absolutely mortified at the gross maliciousness of whoever leaked and endangered these people. I for one would like to see this person brought to justice and punished severely, if anyone is hurt, maimed or dies because of this persons actions then he/she should be tried for murder and i hope that person is quaking in his boots as i speak too!!

    The Data Protection Act is there specifically for reasons like this and no matter how much someone hates someone else, it does not warrant endangering the lives of 1 person let alone 12000 people.

    The damage has been done now and i hope this person lives to regret it. What saddens me the most is that normal everyday people are so bitter and twisted to their fellow man, you see hatred in everyone you walk past. And thats not through the BNP, they have never been in power.

    Since the turn of the Millenium Great Britian has gone mad and will never be the same again. Where are the parties that are bringing Great Britain back, nowhere because non of them can!!!

    What a sorry world we live in for one human being to want to hurt/maim or kill another human being.

    Its so very very sad and all us normal people, all we can do is sit and watch it happen.

    That is my opinion, thanks for listening.

  135. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Strange SKill

    I wonder what a patriotic entertainer does.

  136. Alan Clark


    I am a member of the BNP, I am an ani racist mederate. I see the BNP as fast becoming an influental force, I saw this long ago. Some of their policies I agree with but abhour the racist side to the party, so bearing in mind I think this way I decided to join the party to get a vote and influance, change from within. I realise most of you out there will think 'I have heard geese fart in the long grass before', but I am no liar and am 57 yr old brought two kids up on me own I have seen a thing or two. I have Asian friends, I have told them what I am dong and they accept it. I now await the repacussions of my decision after the leaked list. I have decided therefor to keep me head down let me membership lapse and let you buggers fight amongst yourselves.

    I have had the nasty phone calls, emails etc and await worse.

    I realise most of you will not believe a word of what I say but well that is your prolem then.

    I shal not post again and not read any comments probably, I am finished.

  137. Alan Fisher

    Lover of his/her country

    But too ashamed to put their name to it eh?

    this is where credulity falls down for you 'patriots' and why this has had such a impact and generated so much interest.

    Viz; you are proud of your country and your heritage etc ect BUT you don't attach your name to this....why not? How proud are you really? How assured that you are not a racist? How patriotic can someone who hides behind anonymity be? I voice my opinions out on the net clearly and honestly and use my real name all the time.....but all the objectors decide to AC...why?

  138. David Kerr

    Repercussions for deeds not allegiances

    It seems to me that it would be a grave injustice to dismiss anyone for their political allegiance. In effect this says that a member of a political party will be not be sacked for anything he or she has actually done wrong but what they might possibly do by virtue of their party membership.

    Members of the BNP have rights just like the rest of us. It will not do to say that everybody has rights except ..... (insert unpopular political movement or religious sect of your choice) members. Their possession of these rights does not rest on their willingness to extend the same rights to us. You either have them or you don't. There's no middle way.

    This is where the mainstream trade union movement goes wrong as they refuse to stand up for the rights of some workers and line up with the bosses to get them sacked. Thank God for the free Solidarity trade union.

  139. Jacqui

    A Lover of my Country - Jackie Jones

    In reply to your comment Mr Fisher, i am not ashamed of anything and never will be, i have no reason whatsoever to feel like that, i love my life. Surely everyone should be patriotic of where they were born, i am. I trust that you are not patriotic? And if not, why not? All the political parties should be patriotic, but it is very hard to tell who really is.

    The basis of me commenting in the first place was the actions of some bitter and twisted person putting the lives of all these people in danger. I really don't have a problem who supports which political party and why etc... each to their own and free speech and all that, after all this is a FREE COUNTRY, you should know that!

    My opinion is the on the one who started this in the first place. I can't understand how someone can be so vindictive to someone else, i hope, in the long run, they find it was worth it.

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