back to article Adobe's Flex Builder to woo Microsoft C# developers

The next version of Flex Builder will help Windows developers slap an Adobe-authored front-end on data-centric .NET applications. Adobe Systems today demonstrated Flex Builder client-side code talking to Microsoft's C# language via the Adobe Action Message Format (AMF). "This is AMG with .NET on the back-end," senior technical …


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  1. E

    Project Alchemy

    Speaking as an unreconstructed C and C++ programmer (C-octothorpe? Wha' that?) I like the idea of writing C/C++ for Flash. K&R perfected programming syntax and semantics 30+ years ago - one language to rule them all and one language to bind them I say!

    But... unless Adobe manages to wedge POSIX, libc and MS's C library, the STL and (please oh please) Boost into Flash most of those millions and millions of lines of existing C/C++ code are not going to be terribly useful to Flash programmers.

    If, on the other hand, Adobe is going to expose the WIN32 C API and co., or libc, inside Flash then all Adobe will have achieved is to make Flash as dangerous as ActiveX (or whatever MS is calling ActiveX these days!)

    Editor: you need a hand icon with the thumb horizontal.

  2. Sentient
    Black Helicopters

    C++ on a VM?

    "Adobe now wants to make that code accessible to Flash Player and AIR."

    Let them tackle boost first and then I'll be interested.

  3. S
    IT Angle


    "client-side code talking to Microsoft's C# language via the Adobe Action Message Format (AMF)"

    What on earth does it mean to be talking to the C# language?

  4. Tom Chiverton Silver badge


    There is limit'ed POSIX support by default, I think, and if you want to staticly link in the whole STL or what have you, feel free.

  5. Jon Kale

    re: Que?

    It means "I don't understand this press-release, so I'm cutting and pasting bits together as fast as I can in the hope no-one will notice."

    See also "One possible application: Bringing over games authored in C and C++ to Flash". Adobe's page announcing Alchemy announces (I suspect optimistically), "anywhere from 2-10x slower than native C/C++ code". I for one bow before our new 2 FPS gaming overlords...

  6. lord_farquaad
    Paris Hilton

    lib vorbis ?

    "Alchemy also lets you play Ogg Vorbis and Lib Vorbis that were previously unable to run in the Flash Player or AIR"

    What is Lib Vorbis ? Isn't that rather a port of libvorbis that allows to play Ogg Vorbis content ?

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