back to article Beeb gets its rocks off in Second Life

The BBC last week more than fulfilled its public service remit by exploring just how saddos can get their ends away on Second Life. It turns out the truth of virtual rumpy-pumpy is pretty straightforward: Equip your avatar with some shag kit and get down to some serious rogering. Tech hack Adrian Mars explained: "First you …


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  1. Andy
    Thumb Down

    And the point of this story is?


    Was it "BBC makes themselves look really stupid with an incredibly naieve story about internet sex?

    Because from here it looks as if your story says "Cooor!! Wish we'd done that story!!!"

    Normally the Reg is right on the button (er, pardon me) but this time I think you forgot to write the story before posting it. Any story would have done.

  2. Andy

    Before anyone says it

    No, I don't have a second life account.

  3. Paul

    More BBC tat

    Really, what is the point of BBC news these days?

  4. Thomas


    El Reg used to have a Sadville correspondant at some point. I wonder what happened to her, although I imagine it was probably nothing a) good or b) suitable for family viewing.

  5. MJ
    Paris Hilton

    Was this researched? The editor is where?

    How can you be amused at the Beeb researching this subject, when the Reg's own column (by Destiny Wells) about second-sex-life was written nearly two years ago?

    It's linked at the bottom of this article. It's written entirely in 'teen internet speak', complete with LOLs, BFs and Xcitement.


    El Reg beats itself to reporting online kinks in media flagellation special.

    Paris, because she forgets who she's 'talked about sex' with too.

  6. Richard

    Alert: Coffee-Monitor incident

    "First you need to buy genitals. You start off with no genitals and then you buy some. These objects can do all sorts of things. You can have ones that ejaculate at the right moment."

    So just like Real Life then.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Until I read this, I didn't really grasp just how sad Sadville really is. Thank you, I am enlightened, if only by understanding why you use that phrase to describe it.

    I did always wonder what the appeal was, and meant to give it a try one day, but now I know not to bother.

    Mine's the one with the coffee-soaked monitor cleaning cloth in the pocket.

  8. Pete James

    Let it Be

    I'm a big supporter of SecondLife. As long as all the sad salads are glued to their screens having a peddle and crank then there will be more decent sane-minded totty available for the rest of us. It's funbundles minty.

  9. asher hebert
    Thumb Down

    sad reg

    yawns at sadville and saddo . . . come on guys those tags are getting boring now . . . bit like SL really.

    Anyway what's wrong with cyber sex?

  10. Robert E A Harvey
    IT Angle


    Can we cross-post "It's funbundles minty." to the neologism thread, while I try to work out what it means?

  11. BRYN

    Secondlife Shmecondlife

    I really need to work on my first life, long before i start a secondlife

  12. Steve

    @ Pete James

    You Sir, have won the internets with your underrated derivlious pithicisms

    On a broader note; where does this sit in light of new legislation regarding obscene works of fiction?

    When it comes to 'perverse', I think this ticks all the boxes.

    Aren't the Beeb guilty by viewing this, let alone telling the world?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    ...I tried it a couple of was the most boring experience of my life...I've had more fun doing the washing up on a Sunday, I tell a lie, I've had more fun having root canal treatment...

    ...funny, even that doesn't sum up how unbelievely boring, pathetic and sad Sadville really is...

    Paris...well, why not? It's certainly better than Sadville...

  14. Anonymous Coward

    You can have .....ones that ejaculate at the right moment.

    and just when would that be? (given the whole 'not-real' nature of second life)

  15. Ceiling Cat
    IT Angle

    Been To Sadville ONCE.

    Walked into somebody's house . . . sat down on their Grand Piano... The lady of the house walks in and says something to the effect of :

    "Oi, you ******ing ****, get the ****ing **** off my ****ing piano!"

    I logged out and uninstalled the client, since I'd had my "fun" . . .

    Really guys, where's the IT angle?

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Missing teh point!

    >"Gabby Kent, a lecturer in computer games at the University of Teesside, warned: "In Second Life, all the characters are real people somewhere in the world and that's why there's always such betrayal felt.""

    Talk about -woosh-. The real point, several miles over Gabby Kent's head, is this:

    >"In Second Life, all the characters are [ ... ]"

    ...grotesquely hideous mordibly obese...

    >"real people somewhere in the world and that's why there's always such [ ... ]"

    ...massive disappointment and just a slight sense of...

    >"betrayal felt [ ... ]"

    ...when you find out how little they resemble that svelte, lithe, sexy avatar, and realise exactly what a munter you've thrown it all away for.

    Thanks, it's the one with the radio-controller for the flying penis-copter in the pocket.

  17. Bad Beaver
    Black Helicopters


    "although you do get to have sex with animals if that's your cup of tea without the cops battering down your door and dragging you to a cop shop"

    Only a matter of time.

  18. jon
    Paris Hilton


    it's called an e-peen. Paris would know...

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing new here

    Aren't the BBC making rather a habit of rediscovering, and viewing with alarm, some pretty old tech stories?

  20. Jack
    Thumb Down

    Sadville: No treally all that Sad....

    I don't see the real sadness of Second Life. I mean, I build stuff there on occasion, which is fun, (A bit like playing like very sophisticated Lego.) and a lot of week day evenings, I sit around and hang out and chat with friends.

    (One of the things that has come up in conversation, is a desire to post a sign at the site where they teach you how to design an avatar that says, "Thank you for not making your breasts bigger than your head.")

    Is that *really* more pathetic than passively watching television, which is what most people seem to spend most of their non-work time doing?

  21. Moss Icely Spaceport


    Evidence of reverse-evolution!

  22. Anonymous Coward

    IT geeks are really sad people

    It amazes me every time there is sadville story, how many people say they have never tried it, yet think they can make their "informed comment". Most of these bigots would only log on, type porn into search and then say the place is full of sex. I have made a lot of money, building and selling scripted items, animations, and if you sad IT people here had half a brain cell between you,. you would see the fanatstic creativity in SL. But guess you can't get beyond the porn. Like saying the internet is full of porn therefore anyone who uses it is sad and deformed/fat/ugly...

    Sit in front of your TV and watch mindless crap you morons, I prefer to interact with other people in Second Life if I am stuck indoors in the evening. And before you make your uninformed comment on my social or sex life, yes I do have a very nice one outside of Second Life, paid for nicely by what I build in Second Life.

    Or maybe you prefer to play shoot em up games on your kids playstation.

  23. Simon Painter


    "Is that *really* more pathetic than passively watching television, which is what most people seem to spend most of their non-work time doing?"

    Go do some voluntary work.

  24. Master Baker

    Quick query

    Is it possible to purchase both a dong and a flossy and then fuck yourself?

    I might give it a go, sounds like fun.

  25. RaelianWingnut

    @By Andy

    I lol'd.

  26. Xander

    Never mind the animals

    I'm just gonna leave this here and hope the BBC pick it up some time.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I don't understand the vitriol against Second Life

    How is Second Life different from any other chat service or social networking site? I don't see FaceBook, MySpace, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, or anything given the same level of disdain and ridicule as Second Life attracts.

    Ok, so some people like to interact with others using a 3D Avatar. So what?

    Seems a lot less "sad" than World of Warcraft to me, yet I don't see that habitually referred to as "World of Sadcraft" on The Reg. Maybe in the interests of balance it should be?

  28. mutt1170
    Paris Hilton

    Second Life Sex Life????

    I quite fancy the idea of going online to buy genitals.

    My ex still has mine in her purse!


    I wish PH was my ex

  29. Anonymous Coward

    @AC re: World of Warcraft et al...

    In the words of the Nottingham band "Arse Full of Chips"


    #I went to HMV

    #And bought my very own copy

    #I put it on my PC

    #And my penis went permanently floppy

    #Now I play this game all the time

    #Because all of my friends are online


    #It's the World of Warcraft!

    #Open your curtains and get off your arse

    #It's the World of Warcraft!

    #I like pwning noobs...

    (cue other verses slagging off Facebook, Myspace, Bebo...)

  30. RogueElement

    do you hear voices?

    The voice of enquiry asks, "where was the BBC was when Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto (san Andreas) with the 'hot coffee' patch embedded".

    The voice of reason replies, "the fucking hypocrites".

    The voice of humanity ignores them both and goes back to ramming police cars for fun and shooting street dealers for $2000.

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