back to article El Reg seeks top net neologism

It's come to our notice that you, our beloved readers, do take a close interest in the destruction evolution of the English language, as exemplified by the inclusion of "meh" in the Collins English Dictionary and the elevation of "wiki" to the OED. Like it or not, when it comes to neologisms the interwebs are a fertile …


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  1. Fred

    Neo Whats?

    Can't think of any good ones. I'll just go and look for some on the internerd.

  2. Neil Greatorex
    Jobs Horns

    The one, the only


    Gets my vote :-)

  3. Rob Mellor
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  4. Anonymous Coward
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    Not tech but...

    ... wasn't the term "Twatdangle" coined here?

    If so, that makes it net-spawn, therefore I nominate it :-D

  5. Piloti

    Web Words....

    "...we're inviting readers to submit their fave vocab gleaned from the wonderful worldwide web..."

    Nope there isn't one.

    Not a one.


  6. Dominic Kua
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    Surely it has to be

    Pwn, pwned and various derivatives. It actually feels nicer to say pwned than owned even!. Once a typo, now a term in its own right, pwning is the new win!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Mashups anyone?

    Let this be the start of the glorious flamewars

  8. Major N
    Paris Hilton

    Ok, so it might not have spawned on 'teh w3bz0rz' but...

    Twatdangle. Best. Word. Ever.

    Paris, cuz.. well.. have you ever seen her exit a car?

  9. Simon Riley

    No IT angle but...

    Arse antlers has to be my favourite new phrase of the last few years.

  10. Anonymous John


    "Internet-based crime-fighter, above or not necessarily in conjunction with the law. is a good example of a "digilante" "

  11. James


    I think it has to be many applications, or is that applicators

  12. MJ

    Call me old-fashioned,

    - but I still like 'woot!'. As an expression of joy, it pretty much encapsulates 'whooping with joy' into a word in an almost onomatopoeic manner.

    I also like 'Wiigii!'.

    Recently, in the Dungeon's & Dragons Tiny Adventure application on Facebook, the following terms were born:

    Mars'd (or marsed) - Indicates a string of bad luck, particularly in the realm of gaming and technology. Servers down? They've been Mars'd. Rolled a 1 nine times in a row in Iron Man? Totally Mars'd.

    Jindra'd (jindraed) - The opposite of Mars'd.

    And, the crème de la crème: Wibble!

    If anyone can define 'wibble' for me, go ahead.

  13. Sceptical Bastard


    Another El Reg neologism - celebretard. It speaks for itself.

    And I rather like 'Milf' (the word rather than that woman who lives two doors away)

  14. David


    no further comment

  15. Andrew Moore
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    Type your comment here — plain text only, no HTML

  16. Ad Fundum

    Net neologisms?


  17. Matt Thornton




  18. Adrian Jackson

    I have been reliably informed...

    ...that the acronym FHUTA should be the inevitable winner in any net neologism poll.

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Entertaining swears from the internet era...

    Well, they're all going to be popular choices, aren't they? The only two I could possibly vote for are fucknuggets and asshat, though, with a slight preference for the latter.

    As far as more internetty words go, I like 'blogosphere'. Using it in polite conversation is the perfect way for someone to indicate to me that they are desirous of being punched in the face.

  20. Jamie

    Was going to say none

    But then I noticed the word twatdangle and the reference to Paris.

    Hence that is the only word that I would approve.

  21. ahahaha you won't catch me that easy again
    Gates Halo


    ...was one i first came across on el reg methinks...perhaps not it's original source, but as web related as most...

    big bad bill in what looks like a pith helmet in those small pics....

  22. Richard_C

    ...And did those L33T in ancient times...

    More glory to Twunts, WOOTs and freetards please.

    Oh and the ever-present Interwebs (always plural, because it's a series of tubes dontchaknow!)

  23. Admiral Grace Hopper


    The use of "tard" as a suffix to denote contempt for noun thus suffixed.

  24. John
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    It must be the homespun El Reg "twatdangle" - it has even spawned websites devoted to slagging off the git wizard himself.

  25. Anonymous Coward


    I like the ___tard collection of words.

    Freetard, paytard, celebutard.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    compound words

    the options have to be either twunt or fucktard

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That is all.

  28. Max
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    I, Max, am claiming credit to forming this word 2 years ago.

    CEWEBRITY: Any person who becomes famous only on the web yet their existence goes unnoticed in normal society.

  29. Glyn

    pretty much anything

    preceded by fuck







    swearing is good

  30. Anonymous Coward

    we don't need no steeking titles

    Twatdangle is going to get my vote if it makes it into your list, but I now regularly use the following in verbal communication:

    * Bum Hats

    * Meh

    * kthanxbai (you MUST imagine that said in a tone that drips sarcasm, can only be used to describe a user dumber than a cat and as readily distracted by shiny crap)

    * luser

    * lart

    * PFY

    * Yarr (ok, not really a word, but it's a nice sound)

    * I'd use BofH if it tripped off the tongue a little more clearly. It goes into written missives a lot though.

    Pirates, because I get to say Yarr again...

  31. Justin Pearson


    Wibble! - When ones mind enters a state of jellification due to oddness encountered.

    Arsemonkey... No I'm not going to try and define that!

    Loving Twat Dangle and -Tard also

  32. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge

    How about the favourite


  33. Lee T.


  34. Oninoshiko
    Dead Vulture


    I always liked this one from IRC (which I suppose is not technicly "teh intawebz"). It's fallen out of favor over the last decade or so, but "re" which is short for "re-hello" or "hello, again." It was useful when modems got disconnected.

    most of my other favored ones are actually the classic millitary abbriviations, im sure we all know and love.

  35. Anonymous Coward
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    So many choices

    Lets see here. Celebretard, W00t, Pwned (and it's many variations), Digirati. However my number one pick has got to be that which was coined right here on the comment pages of El Reg, Twatdangle. Still the uberest use of the english language evah.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    l33tard : the kind of twatdangle that describes themselves as l33t. Also refers to the clothing that most befits them, esp. if they're fat and spotty and sporting a programmer's tan.


  37. TheOtherMe
    Paris Hilton


    Has a nice ring to it, and the conotations can leave the mind a wandering...

  38. Ceiling Cat


    Well, I used to hear it (wibble) in conjunction with the word "whinge" quite often. I assumed it was kind of like simpering, but more blatantly whiny.

    A "wibble" is also a smiley. like the icon I chose for this comment.

    Personally, I nominate the following :

    Sotong - S.E.Asian word for squid, also means an annoying forum poster who asks the same newb question over and over again.

    IAH'ed - To be repeatedly F*cked over by IAHGames, or for that matter, any other game hosting company. IAHgames are a subsidiary of The9, if anyone gives a sh*t.

    LeeJunMing'ed - Or LJM'ed : To have your brain fried to a blackened pile of smoking fail by bad grammar, horrible english, and the realization that some sotong has just made the same damned post 100 times, but worded it slightly differently.

  39. Thomas Baker


    I made it up a while ago.

    *Asshat* has always been close to my heart.

    Fista - as in Windows Fista - again one of mine, although a common thought that lots of people have also had - perhaps it was a collective subconsciousness thing, or perhaps Fista is just so shit it was inevitable. I hope Windows 7 is called something like Windows Regina or Windows Lucky or Windows Country or something else easily mangleable.

    Pie-agra - nothing gives you the horn like a warm, moist pie.

    There's probably loads more...

  40. Chris G

    So far got 11 of 38

    For Twatdangle, which is my favourite of the lot including all of it's derivatives. I think I got up to ten when the topic was new.

    Anything ending in 'tard i find excruciatingly irritating except for celebutard which does a perfect job of describing the kind of person who goes in for Big Brother of one of those `Help! get me out of here ´ type of shows.

    Strangely, most of the web based phrases that I have come across and find funny or interesting seem to come from El Reg more than anywhere else.

    Before I go I must decry the increasingly appalling standards of the English language, when I was a boy, if we made any grammatical mistakes, either spoken or written we were flogged to within an inch of our lives and made to sit in a pit full of scorpions and apart from the scarring and a slight limp ( and a prediliction for leather straps) it never did me any harm.

  41. William Towle
    Thumb Up

    My vote for...


    // Hell in a handcart? Why, I heard a Channel 4 newsreader just the other day use "the question arises ..." as opposed to "begging the question" (sic, blah blah etc). All is not (um, yet) lost. it would seem :)

  42. Hollerith

    Is it just me?

    Who says fud when meaning FUD? Do the rest of you actually say eff you dee? I like Fud as a word, and nominate it.

    Could you have twatdangletards or is that too complex a thought?

  43. Anonymous Coward
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    and any of the *tard derivatives.

    Although fuckmuppet (indeed any fuck* word). Swearing is good for the soul.

  44. Brian

    There - FTFY

    FTFY is just a wonderfully sarcastic little coining.

    Haven't seen it in a long time, but 'Microshafted' used to be popular a decade ago, and perfectly summed up the feeling you get when you had to rebuild an NT4 server because it had eaten its own filesystem.

    Mine's the one with the twatdangler hanging from the pocket :o)

  45. Lol Whibley
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    not sure if it qualifies but..

    Rule 34

    as in 'I call Rule 34 on Stricktly Come Dancing'

    although if anyone knows what the hell XKCD is on about today, his concept of rule 34 is just plain odd..

  46. GrahamT
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    from the pages of El Reg.

    Then Twatdangle.

    Shirley, wibble is from Blackadder? So not interwebz at all.

  47. Anonymous Coward
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    I can has

    Has to be teh win!

  48. JimP

    I'm not saying I like them, but...

    FAIL as a noun, and always in caps.

    LOL and hence LOLcats.

    Wibble of course, but that probably falls into the old Reg days before the Inquiscism.

    Adding -ster to the end of a word (like Regi?)


    And finally, use of the phrase "skills shortage" to highlight the fact that the speaker/writer is incompetent at recruitment/retainment of staff.

  49. Angus
    Thumb Up


    Ya *tard for me.. Tho woot is a close second. Hmm actually any misspelling that has become accepted is good eg 'teh' etc. Since I am a crappy speller it gives me a way of looking hip while actually being a spelltard.

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just like the Icon Fiasco

    You will ask us for all the ideas, and then do nothing.

    We! Want! The! New! Icons!

  51. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How can anyone not have suggested(*)

    Mobe and Lappy

    (*) Unless due to moderator lag they already have.

    Oh and Wikifiddler

    Wibble was used in an episode od Red Dwarf years ago so I doubt it originated as a web word.

  52. Bruce



  53. jake Silver badge

    "Weapons of Mass Distraction"

    Given ... well, give all that's been going on in the world, I think "Weapons of Mass Distraction" is probably the best neologism I've seen yet.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    And / Or


    And another vote for Wibble while I'm here.

    Thinking about it all three of them are synonyms ...

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For me...

    ... it has to be photoshopaganda.

  56. Anonymous Coward


    The *tard family is mighty fine but the most useful, and increasingly so, is govtard. It's an anagram of Jaqui Smith written by a dislex, er, dyslecks, er, dissleks, er, a spelltard.

  57. Andrew Macdonald

    Got to be




    w00t, no idea what it means



    oh, and nearly forgot, twatdangle.

    And that's quite enough.

  58. Chris Pasiuk


    You all forgot the uber explicative of utter mindless excitement and interjection--ZOMG!!!!!!1!!!! (The typo'd 1 is required)

    Of course it may be proper noun in its creation, but, Google, v., to search the massive interweb and glean useful junk only after the 4th page of results. (ex: "Just Google the words 'fuck nugget' and you should find the answer to pr0n.")

  59. Fozzy

    Twatdangle of course

    Title says it all

  60. Mark


    May not fit the bill, and indeed precedes the net, but it remains the funniest word ever as well as being a top pastime.

  61. Psmiffy

    My Votes

    *tard +1

    twatdangle +1

    wibble +1 (although I also think its a Blackadder line, but it still fits because I watched it on my computer via the interwebspheroblogspace)

  62. Robert Ramsay
    Thumb Up


    I've always liked that one :-)

  63. Glyn


    Wasn't wibble invented invented in blackadder goes forth, with a pair of pants on your head and a pencil shoved up each nostril to prove you're crazy.

    Which reminds me of blackadder the third's interfrastically, which has been used copiously ever since, round our way

  64. Alistair
    Thumb Up

    I have to say,

    This is a lot more entertaining than the beeb version of the same. Well done El Reg.

  65. Amy

    w00t and *tard

    w00t is a useful and very pervasive one.

    *tard is the top one though, it can be applied to almost anything - e.g. our dog is a Labratard.

  66. Matt Thornton

    Well if we're doing Blackadder quotes...

    ... may I offer my utmost contrafibularities to El Reg for their continued diversification of the English vernacular.

    Twatdangle indeed. (In fact, through typo, I just verbed it - "to twatdangle" - "Good day honey? No, I got twatdangled by that twunt in marketing."

    Chesticles is an "epic win".

  67. James Farrell
    Thumb Up


    I must be getting confused, I thought I'd seen 'twatdangle' as 'twatdongle'... maybe its just me finding an IT angle in everything. Still, either is good.

    Fucktard gets a vote too, my expletive of choice when driving.

    And I've always liked fuckmook, but that comes from a film, so its probably not allowed here...

  68. Colin Millar
    Thumb Up

    Fucktard 2.0

    Which summarises very neatly the concept of a victory of style over substance and the complete subversion of something useful to flatter the vanity of the digerati

    Also any *tard and fuck* combo

    so probably fucktard 2.0 would get my vote

  69. Toastan Buttar
    Thumb Up

    Personal faves

    'Fail' as a noun (sometimes 'phail' as in "Could Mr Buttar go to warehouse 12 to collect a large shipment of phail, please ?").





    itteh bitteh kitteh committeh

  70. mutt1170

    Doing the rounds

    There was an email doing the rounds a good while ago where you added or removed one letter from a word to get a totally new meaning:

    My two favourites were:

    Osteopornosis - def'n: a degenerative disease


    Sarchasm - def'n: the gulf in wit between the person cracking a joke and the wuckfit who doesn't understand it.

    Although not webisms I also like Spoonerising sayings to avoid obvious profanity while getting the meaning across, like:

    wuckfit, the bogs dollocks, and fupid stucker..

    Swearing IS Big and it IS Clever.

    Just not in front of my mammy - four foot nine of fury with a step ladder and a mean right hook!!

  71. Joakim Gabrielsen

    There are only a few good ones, so many more bad ones

    I kinda like "freetard", "twatdangle", "arse antlers", but there are so many horrible ones out there so I suggest you start the "most highly objectionable net-based neologism poll" forthwith.

  72. Tony


    'If anyone can define 'wibble' for me, go ahead.'


    wibble –interjection

    1. An exclamation popular with 16th centuray Genoise noblemen. Usualy used while standing on a bucket with a live frog pinned to the shoulderbraid, as was the style at the time. (You will note that this is largely misquoted elsewhere on the web).

    2. An exclamation denoting mental distress, as would be utterred by a crazy person.

    Source: Oxford English Dictionary, E. Blackadder edition.

  73. Liv


    obviously short for "video conference" -- "thanks" to the webcam (!) facilities introduced in most IM's (that would be "instant messaging" to you and me).

  74. Ceiling Cat


    Please return to your source material - the word spake by Bucket-standing Frog-pinners form Genoa was in fact BIBBLE.

    The Pencil-snorting Undie-hatted soudier reference, however, is 100% correct.. . . . . well spotted!

  75. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    pr0n - need I say more?

    OK, a second important word is Paris

  76. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @ All those mis-quoting Blackadder

    E Blackadder never said "Wibble" in Blackadder Goes Forth. The word for denoting madness (pants on head, pencils up nose etc) is "Wooble", a totally different term.

    </Blackadder Pedantry>

  77. Amy
    Gates Horns

    A new one?

    Can I propose 'scriptard' for the writers of undesirable software?

  78. James Farrell
    Thumb Up

    I can't believe we've forgotten...

    (another Reg-special)

    Bulgarian Airbags

  79. Richard Williams
    Thumb Up

    The Rictus

    I do like 'woot' very much, and certainly 'fucktard', but the one I'd give my support to is...


    Borked stuff is my bread and butter, possibly the same for many other readers. Borked stuff is what we live for and earn on...

  80. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Gotta be pwn, started out as a typo/joke and somehow made it.

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