back to article Google voice still not on iPhone

Google's mobile application for the iPhone, which allows punters to talk to the search giant, didn’t appear on the Application Store on Friday as even the world's most successful internet company has to wait on the whim of Apple. The Google Mobile App is an iPhone application which allows users to speak queries to …


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  1. Andrew Rennard
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    Android ?

    Instead of ragging on Apple yet again, why not ask why this application will appear on the iPhone first, BEFORE Google's own phone OS.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    @Andrew Rennard

    In the US, the T-Mobile Apps store is still vaporware despite half of November having passed. That's why.

  3. Law

    @ Andrew

    "This gets round one of the most significant problems of developers working on iPhone applications and goes some way to explain why Google didn't launch this for the Android platform first"

    I would say that the snippet from the article there shows author has considered that question... besides, that wasn't what the article was about.

    Apple are a big company, I'm sure they can take the criticism without you defending them. sigh... and before I'm called an Apple hater, google fanboy, or M$ 'ho, this is coming from a soon-to-be iPhone owner (delivery tomorrow between 9am-9pm). :)

    Aside from the crappy camera resolution on the phone (I have been used to a 5mp that gets alot of use on my current n95) the biggest barrier for me to getting the iPhone was the appstore policing... they seem to be killing applications because they will use the "unlimited" connections that the 3g networks are meant to provide, and they also seem very inconsistent with their decisions on who gets in and who doesn't, meaning it will stifle progress on the platform imho... it bothers me alot... but, in the end, I remember having problems signing applications in the past with symbian, and my other phones before symbian were all closed anyway, so to be honest there won't be THAT many applications I would be buying from the store... it would just be nice for development not to be stifled because some guy in apple is having a bad day and denies an application a release.

  4. Darren Burrows

    Not copy and paste

    The reason its not on the store yet wouldn't be copy and paste related, their is an app already on the App store, called Magicpad that not only allows for this functionality, but also allows other apps to utilise it too.

    I just hope the google app will enable voice calling, since that's one feature I would love to see on the Jesus phone, which Apple omitted.

  5. Phil Royall
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    @ Darren Burrows

    Voice dialing is available through "Say Who". It's free n'all.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Darren - Voice Calling

    'Say Who' is a free iPhone app that does voice dialing and has been around for a good while

  7. go


    ...can't say I give a shit either way! To be honest the number of times i've thought "My god, what iReally need now is to be able to convert voice into a google search" are pretty limited, i'd say ohhh about? NONE!

  8. Eric Johnson
    Jobs Halo

    Google iPhone App - Voice Recognition is here and it works!

    You can get the update to the Google App through the App Store on the iPhone. It may be easiest to go through the desktop, but i was able to pull it off over the air

  9. Adam Ryder

    Cool Speech Recognition

    Interesting for cell phones but what about desktops?... I found a new desktop speech recognition application that is a free download. It's named tazti (tasty). here are a couple of links about it. It works with iTunes, Facebook, Myspace and all the search engines... Not just Google.

  10. Darren Burrows
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    Thanks Phil and AC, should have occurred to me to search on the app store for one.. Now if only Jobs and co would let apps run as a background process, so this wouldn't need to be kept running.

  11. Scott Mckenzie
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    Jailbreak your phone and enable background processes then

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