back to article Agile fraudsters prey on clueless UK surfers

British attitudes to online safety remain patchy at best, leaving surfers vulnerable to scammers who typically empty funds from compromised accounts before moving onto the next victim. That's according to a survey published in conjunction with the launch the UK's fourth annual Get Safe Online Week, which kicks off today. …


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  1. Stuart Cherrington

    3 months salary

    '3 months salary in an online bank account'

    Hands up all those who actually have 3 months money sitting around?

    Joke alert cause the statement has to be an attempt at mirth.


  2. Matthew Collier

    Ironically, the quiz to see how safe you are, requires an insecure version of Flash! Obviously, this was bound to happen, as these kind of things are never up-to-date for long. As they bothered to create a non-Flash version of their quiz, why bother with the Flash one...?

    It's a bit silly if you ask me.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    where the f do the get these stats

    Half don't update monthly????

    What AV are they using, I don't know of a single one that isn't set to auto update by defaul.

    Most don't have anti phising software? Do that exclude ones that have it built in to the browser or just have no idea if it is turned on or not.

    And what about those that don't use the software a) becuase it's shit (and therefore leads you into a false sense of security) and/or b) because we are not stupid / ignorant enough to fall for it?

    All cars drivers that do over 200mph have fast cars. £5,000 please.

  4. Matt

    It's obvious

    Why do I need this anti virus and anti spyware software? Oh I don't because I don't use Windows. The get safe online website is full of good advice about not using the same password for all your sites, but fails to let people know that there are more secure operating systems that can be used instead of Windows - instead we're all to rush out and update the sticking plaster (anti-virus software and keeping the software up to date) rather than addressing the root cause - the operating system.

  5. Maty

    If ...

    Matt really believes he doesn't need security software because he's not using Windows, he's risking an expensive shock.

    Well, the level of pure computer illiteracy assumed by the quiz suggests that the compilers have spent some time on help desks. (Oh, and that one of them is a Tottenham fan), and putting it in flash - heh - I do hope this is because the person who prepared it has a delicious sense of irony. Do the quiz and you fail by default ...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Security through obscurity...

    ...has never worked Matt.

    Keep on burying that head.


    @It's obvious

    Matt, I do hope your joking with that statement. You need to get an antivirus program regardless of how secure your operating system is.

    One of the unmentioned problems of the Open Source World is the lack of 'great' antivirus packages for Linux.

    Now, as soon as Norton port over their excellent AV software to that 'ooboontoo' thingy then I'm there.

  8. N

    3 months salary ?

    Well er, after tax thats about a tenner, so Ive got at least a years worth...

    As for the site, it looks as if its aimed at 10 year olds and as Matt rightly points out, seems full of advice for those using less secure operating systems without a mention of alternatives.

  9. kain preacher


    Do you think that these people would not respond to phishing sites cause they are not using windows ??

    Or maybe they wont respond to e-mails that are trying to scam them .

    Or how about hijack sites that trick you into going some were else and asking for CC info.

  10. Simon Taylor
    Thumb Up

    Norton AV software

    But Norton AV software is not excellent!

    I haven't used Norton for years, instead I use Sophos Anti-Virus, which automatically downloads updates from the university I used to be at. They gave all students a free copy and I kept the setup files after I left.

    Oh yeah, I use Firefox 3 with Noscript and also have Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2008 and Spybot S&D installed. I removed all copies of iexplore.exe

  11. Matt

    It's obvious

    I didn't say anything about email scams or phishing. I just don't need anti-virus software - neither do I need to wait 2 days for the microsoft patches to apply to keep my os up to date. I can actually spend time using the computer than watching it grind to a halt waiting for the latest payload of patches, get fed up and cancel the update leaving me even more vulnerable.

    The thing about using different passwords is good advice though!

  12. Anonymous Coward

    good on you Matt

    Like Matt I have not had to overload my PC with excessive software such as Antispyware antivirus and firewall just so that I can go online and even after all of this still inescure.

    If I am required to wear a helmet a parashuite a seatbelt before I drive I rather not drive i rather find another mean of transport and this is exactly what is wrong with using windows whilst you are online.

    Sorry but windows sucks and all this post relates to is windows users

    Windows fanboys you should all be ashamed, afterall you are the ones actually paying out money for a very insecure OS and then sitting here backing it up ?

    Comeon get your heads out of the sand

    Linux Rocks Windows sucks its as simple as that.

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