back to article Google crowbars search money machine into YouTube

In its ongoing struggle to actually make money from YouTube, Google has shoehorned its ridiculously-successful search advertising setup into the popular post-your-own-video site. Google's new YouTube Sponsored Videos program allows any video poster to pay their way into the site's search results. "Anyone can use Sponsored …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge
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    Do no what?

    "Google paid $1.65bn for YouTube in early 2007."

    So. Given that you've shelled 1.65bn for something hugely popular and a level playing field for all, but which makes no money, do you:

    A) Recognise that your 1.65bn is off in Armitage Shanks land and take it on the chin.

    B) Game the thing to screw some cash out of the users, in the full knowledge that the search results will be stuffed with viral ads for ever more and the little guy will never get a look in again.

    NB: "B" would be the, er, evil option......

  2. Phil Hare
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    I liked YouTube

    That's the end of that then.

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