back to article Sun pimps out OpenOffice as Microsoft 'clarifies' Office for web

OpenOffice is being pimped out by Sun Microsystems, just as Microsoft takes Office online, if Sun's chief executive latest blog entry is anything to go by. Jonathan Schwartz has posted that an "auction's see who we'll be partnering with us to integrate their business and brands into our binary product distribution" …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Tool to remove?

    I feel motivated to help write code to remove any branding, even if just for my own copy. And I don't even know how to modify source yet :) It's something I've yet to learn, but I need a strong motivation to get started on some project or other.

    I like the suite because it feels feel (unrestricted).

    The thought of unwanted* branding on my otherwise free environment makes me feel somehow unclean.

    I suppose it depends on who gets the concession.

    * I'm happy to see Sun Microsystems logo, Red Hat, IBM, and other companies whom I respect.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    I am not buying a word processor one more fucking time! Wasn't OpenOffice supposed to be open source?

    Either way the game is over. As long as Word can read and write odf files, then there will be a dozen word processors soon enough.

  3. Chris C

    More bloatware

    How about they de-bloat OpenOffice? 338MB seems overly excessive to me. Not to mention it's slow as hell. The first time I open it after logging in is just pathetic, and that's with the QuickStarter already running. Today it took 25 seconds to open a 10-row, 7-column, 6KB spreadsheet (all text, no formulas). Nothing else was running, nothing else was accessing the disk. And this is on a Core 2 T7200 2.0GHz with 2GB of memory on WinXP Pro, so it's not because the system is underpowered. OpenOffice keeps getting slower and slower with each release. By comparison, Editpad Classic opened a 27MB text document in less than 10 seconds.

    And why does OpenOffice steadfastly refuse to remove the old directory when you upgrade to a new version (even when the old directory is completely empty after it removes the old files)?

    Yeah, I know, it's free. That's why I don't complain too much. But I would be more than happy to pay for a faster, less-resource-intensive alternative.

  4. Brad Darwin


    Of course, since OpenOffice is OPENsource, there's no reason for anyone not to simply put out there own version without the ads...

    Isn't there?

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Ads in open software ?

    Has he gone stark bonking mad ?

    Is he actually trying to convince people that imposing the same market conditions on Open software as there is already on Closed software is Good Thing ?

    At the very least, what he says indicates that Sun will stop at nothing to alienate itself from its user base. At the worst, he needs to see a shrink, or remove himself from the gene pool.

    Ads in Open software. Why not include some DRM while he's at it ?

  6. Jon Kale

    re: all the "but it's Open Source, I'll fix it" comments

    Ever looked at the OOo source tree? I'm assuming not: suffice it to say that it's an excellent counter-example to the oft-stated belief that open source is clean, well-factored and easily comprehended source.

    AC@02:11, while I wholeheartedly support your "learn to write code" drive, I'd suggest taking on a slightly more digestible problem first up - porting the Linux kernel to a wristwatch or somesuch ;-)

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft get to him?

    It sure looks like Sun wants to kill OpenOffice from the inside-out - because if they throw adware into it, that'll turn off a very large portion of the population.

    I'm sure the "unsoiled" source will be taken by someone else, but will it have the same development force behind it?

    Schwartz is an idiot - and I LIKE Sun stuff.

  8. Robert Moore

    Perhaps I am alone here

    but I really like Open Office.

    It doesn't make me yell "Stop $&(%ing helping me!" Like certain products from Redmond.

  9. Don Mitchell

    It's not about altruism

    "Wasn't OpenOffice supposed to be open source?"

    No, OpenOffice was just about SUN trying to inflict damage on Microsoft. Like IBM, they embraced open source because a) they aren't in the software business and b) the low-price Windows PC was eating their lunch.

    For companies like SUN, IBM, Oracle, Google, the wet dream is that somehow Linux will put Apple and Microsoft out of business. Then brush Linux and its naive supporters out of the way and herd everyone onto thin clients plugged into their massive datacenters. But somehow this never comes to pass, they just keep waking up and discovering a sticky mess.

  10. Rex Alfie Lee

    Dear Donnie M

    Whilst your appraisal of the major server Companies is basically fair Linux is not Sun, IBM, Oracle, Google or even Novell for that matter. If someone were to look at the Linux desktop running Compiz Fusion they may say why haven't we got something this good in M$. They don't & neither does Apple. Things may change now that Linux has arguably the best desktop running, hardware seems to be working more reliably on Linux & OpenOffice may become something of a leader in its own right. It also may not because I think Google's Office products are bound to our future more so than M$ was. This makes me so sad (he says laughing cruelly on the inside).

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