back to article AVG slaps Trojan label on Adobe Flash

AVG, the popular anti-virus package, has falsely identified Adobe Flash as potentially malicious. The snafu comes just days after AVG slapped a bogus Trojan warning on a core Windows component. Users on AVG forums complained on Friday that Adobe Flash was detected by AVG's scanner as malicious, following a recent update. The …


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  1. Adam C
    Thumb Down

    I'd like.....

    to be able to recommend AVG to people, but like Norton, it just has too much impact on system performance. NOD32 and I've never looked back. =)

  2. tuna
    Paris Hilton

    Say it ain't so, AVG

    Man, they're really winning the race to the bottom this year. Look out Norton!

    Klunky, unstable out of the gate AVG 8loat, Link Scanner, the falsies this week... I've tried to stay true, but I am rethinking whose enterprise AV I will be running on a new network build(small<20 t's) in the coming week. I'm 100% it won't be Nort, McLaffy , maybe TrendMicro, but I'm not 100% it will be AVG now.

    PH, cuz she's probably wondering where the Google Home Page is right now, too...

  3. David Eddleman


    I've always been a big supporter and fan of AVG -- always used them, recommended them to other people, and installed it on every client's PC. But this latest rash of screw-ups is really making me worried. I might just bite the bullet and move to NOD32 if I don't see much improvement from Grisoft.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Grisoft following Symantec's lead?

    IMHO - AVG was a good Anti-Virus product back in the version 6 and 7 days. First time I picked it up was v6, and was impressed by its small size and tiny updates. A small company, creating decent software.

    Then the marketing guys turned up. Version 8.0 seems to be more like Symantecs bloated mess now. They seem to of followed the same path that took Norton Anti-Virus and made it an over blown mess. More about image and pretty icons and "adding features" and loosing focus of the core job.

    AVG Version 6.0 had tiny update files, ideal for people on dialup. The program was small and didn't hog resources - which was great for old PCs. (Like that normal home lusers have... 5 year old PCs with 256MB RAM)

    Version 8.0 is useless on old PCs. It takes an absolute AGE to start the machines now due to the instance on checking for updates IMMEDIATELY - even before the wireless cards have logged on. (And the less said about the Yahoo sponsored "Safe Search" web bar the better.... How to kill Browser startup times)

    When I was a programmer, and looking after a team of programmers, I would make sure all software was tested on the crappiest PC in the office. I knew that the guys sat on "unber-PCs" to develop on, and I wanted to make sure they didn't just code for their fast PCs. Their code had to work on that lemon before I would pass it.

    So these latest "false positives" don't surprise me at all. It shows the change to a Marketing Company instead of a Technology Company. Investment is going the wrong direction. (Especially noticeable if you get the reseller emails like I do....)

    I'm off to NOD32 now... just have to prey the marketing vultures don't get their claws in there.


  5. Jason Scrutton
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    Seems about right to me

  6. Anonymous Coward

    For once this doesn't see a false alert

    Most of those websites with flash contents are worse than viruses

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    It felt as though

    A thousand AVG employees cried out as they are handed pink slips...then nothing. I mean come on AVG this is bordering on the supremely stupid. Almost worthy of your very own "Fail and You" column.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear!

    AVG seemed to lose the plot after the release of AVG 8.

  9. Craig

    Old versus new

    Curiously, two workstations at our office which had AVG 8 installed were affected by this false positive today, but the workstations running AVG 7.5 were unaffected despite also receiving virus definition updates in the morning.

    I like AVG, but feel that the version 7 engine is more refined and efficient than version 8. I haven't purchased version 8 for my home computers yet but know that sooner or later when my current licenses expire I will be left with a decision. In all likelihood I will buy Sophos Anti-Virus SBE at that time unless AVG 8 is refined significantly before then.

    I just wish Sophos didn't rely on consultancy firms to sell their software, that way everyone could enjoy the benefits of what is unquestionably exceptional AV software.

  10. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton


    I can accept the occasional cock-up. Lord knows other vendors have had their share. But two in a row, one of which is a very Bad Thing (user32.dll,) leaves me with a little bit of a sour stomach. Mostly because I have to explain to my customers what happened, and partly because I am their first line of support.

    None the less, I have a lot of sites running AVG with no problems and no infections ever while using the software. And while I would much rather have 0% of customers affected, less than .5% dissatisfied customers can be easily taken care of.

    Paris, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

  11. Anonymous Coward
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    Not the first (or third) time

    I've had numerous AVG false positives ove the past year - so many in fact that we threw the product out last month. Great timing if I do say so myself. QC? What's that?

  12. Eddie Johnson
    IT Angle

    Users of what OS?

    "user32.dll, a core Windows component, was identified as a banking Trojan [snip] Users of both AVG 7.5 and 8 (free and full-feature editions) were affected."

    That's news to me. "Complete test ended. Found 0 infected files." Oh, wait, maybe it only applies to people who applied sp3? Or didn't apply sp2? Or only those who applied KB8675309 on a Tuesday with a full moon? Or maybe it only applies to the few dozen beta testers running Vista?

  13. David Wilkinson

    I use Avast instead of AVG

    I tried the free versions of both, stuck with Avast though at the time it was pretty much a coin toss. Now I am glad I use avast and recommend it to others. Lately AVG has been going downhill.

  14. Anonymous Coward


    ..can I download this for Linux? :-)

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Users of what OS?

    AVG have said that

    "The problem only affects users of the Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish language versions of Windows XP"

    The paid version of AVG had the same false trojan issue with World of Goo and Adobe Audition.

  16. Mike Flugennock
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    What, you mean Flash ISN'T malicious?

    OK, maybe not really, officially, technically "malicious" in terms of your garden-variety virus or pwnage, but still... every totally Flash-based Web site I've visited that's forced me to turn on JavaScript just to view and navigate it has been an overdesigned disaster area that beats my eyeballs silly -- flashing, blinking, wiggling, bouncing, stupid noises every time you roll over and/or click on a button, music that automatically begins playing at max volume as soon as the page opens (iirc, a Web design no-no since forever), you name it. Hell, my favorite part of a Flash-based site has always been the "skip intro" button.

    Flash? Malicious? Shit, yeah. You go, AVG.

  17. Richard Porter

    "...actively puttinh new processes in place to avoid similar occurrences..."

    Wot? You mean like testing it on a PC?

    Now you mention it, any site using Adobe Flash has to be suspicious.

  18. Steve

    Dear AVG

    I refuse to post another comment, please refer to my comment on your previous debacle.

  19. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    It's the nagware that did it for me

    AVG fan from v5 to v7. It was small, efficient, and very discreet. I liked it.

    Then they changed direction and implemented the nagware update to 7.5, and I dropped it for COMODO.

    Tell me once that you've got a selling version, fine. Tell me twice and give me an ignore option, fine. Tell me every time I boot and I can't ignore it and you're hitting the road, bud.

    Looks like I was right, too.

  20. Wize

    Does anyone know a good alternative...

    ...costing the same price? IE free.

  21. Jacob Reid
    Paris Hilton


    The only other free AV is avast. No idea on how good it is though, I would recommend NOD32 any day, DEFINITELY worth the money. I wouldn't go with anything else.

    As for AVG, as I said before, they have lost it and are becoming the next norton/mcafee.

  22. MarkMac

    Ya reckon?

    Hands up who's actually had this problem? I'm running AVG on four windows installations and not one of them triggered a problem with the latest Flash update.

    Mind you, it doesn't seem to be a problem for my other PCs either, the ones running Fedora... :-)

  23. Rob

    @Jacob Reid

    clamwin is also free, i use it in conjunction with avg as it only does on demand scanning as far as i know, it is tiny though.

    it will also soon be in conjunction with avast rather than avg so long as the registration process isn't too long winded.

  24. Lloyd Borrett

    AVG False Positive Warning in Flash Product Update

    The problem with AVG and the Flash Product Update was resolved very quickly by AVG Technologies. For the official announcement please see

    Best Regards, Lloyd Borrett

    Marketing Manager, AVG (AU/NZ)

    Australian & New Zealand distributors of AVG Anti-Virus & Internet Security Products

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