back to article ICANN to terminate notorious registrar's credentials after all

After a brief delay, the non-profit group that oversees the internet's address system has decided to proceed with plans to revoke the credentials of EstDomains, a domain name registrar with a reputation for catering to cyber criminals. In a notice posted Wednesday, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers said …


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  1. Erik Aamot

    are you kidding ?

    a successful internet fraudster would have the best high draw and phishing names that could be used for legit purposes .. they had to fool people, didn't they ?

    there's probably alot of valuable domain names among that many, most never used I'd venture .. who's going to recognize any of them ?

    any large registrar will make a killing on this, drawing traffic from the best names, the most notoriuos ones, and pawning the rest off at a mark up on thier *premium name* outlets and deluting the value of thier customers parked domains on the same system .. great ..

    some of the junk will be in the 'soon to expire' market, at a mark-up ... and most I'd suppose, will expire and be deleted

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