back to article Itchy City wants scratch-window cash

A new mobile search service reckons young customers will pay a quid a time for local searches, as long as they're backed by the right brand. The service comes from Jeanie Media and is accessed through a custom client that allows users to navigate menus to find local places to eat, nightclubs and the like, along with a route …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Itchy reviews are notoriously unreliable - my company is about to pull the plug on the feed they supply us. As for the Press Association, that will probably be for film and possibly sport feeds.

  2. Starace

    Maybe I'm missing something?

    If you've got, say, an N95 (as they show) or any other similar phone that can run this application, you've probably also got a browser so can just use their free web site? Can't see that the interface would be very different, and you save a quid.

    Or if just doing a search there's always Google Maps which seems OK for finding places to go. No reviews on there, but then again Itchy seems a bit light on them too.

  3. Dave

    Dragons poop

    Wasn't this on Dragon' den and laughed out of the place as a daft idea?

  4. Shonko Kid

    Why even a custom App?

    This isn't really any different from what is offered by Texperts et al, using an interface available to pretty much nearly 100% of handsets. At least it isn't any more expensive.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Alexander Fairfax, the 22-year-old founder of Jeanie, isn't a complete idiot."

    Ahhhh, I beg to differ....

  6. Jim Carter


    I don't think so, somehow. But then again, I for one am a pinko-commie Linux lover who hates paying for things, and I'm not afraid of a little hard work to get something up and running. That said, there's one born every minute so a service like this could be a nice little earner, if people have the cash to go out and spend, of which I seem to have less and less.

  7. Matt

    pay?? for information??!!

    i suppose there is a market for this sort of service, much like 118 XXX services...

    but, I cant rember paying for a number, ever! a quick google and you are presented with the necessary... and as for reviews... well... for a pound a pop, id rather not!

  8. Mart
    Paris Hilton

    Their site is very interesting mind

    "Make new friends in London

    From darning to dogging in London. Places to go all on your own."

    "Are you Well Hung and Tender?

    Meat and Greet with a difference at Green Door Bar and Grill"

    -ph because I bet she'd like to find some well hung guys to teach er the traditionally British custom of dogging.... hopefully she wouldn't take tinkerbell along....

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