back to article DARPA inks $2m deal for vat-grown artificial blood tech

An American biotech company has been awarded a $2m deal to produce "blood pharming" technology for the US military. The proposed kit would allow US forces to grow large supplies of genuine human blood in tanks, for use in transfusions to help wounded troops. The "pharming" programme is being run, of course, by renowned …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Artificial blood and DARPA?

    That's a scary combination- anyone watch the first series of the Sarah Connor chronicles? That's what we're going for. Cromartie.

  2. Mat

    That will

    make movie blood more realistic! - Thinks of The Shining

  3. Gareth
    Jobs Horns

    True Blood

    Yeah 2 bottles of 'O' and an "AB-", 38 degrees please

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