back to article VMware launches someone else's mobile hypervisor

VMWare has extended its virtualization mojo to mobile phones. Today, the software abstracter told the world it's now offering handset makers something it likes to call the VMWare mobile virtualization platform. MVP, for short. "By abstracting the applications and data from the hardware itself, we expect that virtualization …


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  1. Tim

    If I know VMware

    and I've tested it, we are going to get a whole new rage!

    VMPhone rage.

    All those pretentious yuppy types will be showing off their shiny new toys only to find it runs like a dog with no legs, then in their embarrassement, they'll start beating each other over the heads with them!

    Its a great idea in theory, but I think we need faster applications, which means trimming the bloatware!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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