back to article World's ugliest mutt pops paws

The three-legged, one-eyed hairless Chinese crested known as Gus, and internationally famous as the world's ugliest mutt, succumbed on Monday to skin cancer at the age of nine, Florida's St. Petersburg Times reports. Owner Jeanenne Teed, of Gulfport, rescued Gus when he was a puppy. His hideous bald countenance was perfectly …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    There is an award for ugly dogs?

    Now if there was an award for ugly wi.....

    No, I'd better stop there.

    AC because I'm not TOTALLY stupid.

  2. Poopie McStinklestein

    Well, I suppose

    Well, I suppose however bad I'm feeling, I can look at that dog, and feel a little grateful.

  3. geist

    Notre Dame

    So cruel, like in the Notre Dame cartoon. Would you give Hawking a similar award?

  4. Poopie McStinklestein

    Oh, and grr

    Oh, and grr at people who put image slideshows on a video site.

  5. Jared Earle

    Not as ugly as Sam

    Sam, whose paws are also popped was even uglier than Gus.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Woken up with a few...

  7. Stuart
    Paris Hilton

    what has been seen....

    cannot be unseen...

    that was a freaking ugly dog.

    Shame we can't put people up for a similar award.

    PH because she could be the judge, just to rub it in :P

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At least his humans looked nice

    Jeanenne is a cutey.

    That was, however, one ugly dog - but obviously they loved him.

    (ug - getting all misty eyed thinking of the dog I lost 7 years ago now ...)

  9. Adrian

    Better Headline?

    "Minger mutt in Melanoma meltdown"?

    Speaking of Mingers ( does anyone remember Henrik and his sister?

  10. Michael O'Malley


    Is it just me, or does anyone else think the dog is not that bad? OK, he's missing a leg. He's also gone bald, but hey, he's on chemo for the cancer. He looks like any friendly mutt, that's been injured..

    If you think that's ugly, you ain't seen some of the scary ones out there. Even a boxer could out-ugly him any day, with one paw tied behind his back.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @ "Minger mutt in Melanoma meltdown"

    We have a winner.

  12. Luther Blissett

    Lovely dog

    It's the normal ones that should be put down unless they're doing something useful. And I don't mean scaring old ladies, or holding their hands.

  13. RW

    There is no ugly dog

    Unless ugly is defined by behavior, not appearance.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Title. What title?

    I didn't realise the ex was dead.

  15. Evil_Medic

    I have some idea what the owners had

    I have a three-legged cat (brought to me as a stray), who has lost BOTH eyes to glaucoma a few years back. Even he still looks pretty handsome and still manages to get about the place just fine- stairs included.

    My sympathies and a raised glass for their recent loss.


  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sam was uglier

    This one is no match.

  17. jake Silver badge

    RIP, Gus.

    Those of you paying attention (probably in the single digits world-wide, I realize) may have noticed I know a little bit about dogs.

    I'm not fond of Chinese Cresteds, or any other Toy^WCompanion breed, for that matter ... This isn't a "I hate small dogs" comment, I don't. I love 'em. I just choose not to own them. Personal preference. (There ARE individual small dogs we avoid when walking our own dogs ... but it's not the small dogs that are at fault, rather it's the owners. And we only avoid them to not have to pay the clueless owner's Vet bills after we let our dogs defend themselves ...).

    However, I actually knew Gus. He was a sweetie. Did dog stuff in dog time, the way a dog is supposed to do dog stuff. My own dogs liked Gus. He led a good, if less than graceful, life.

    My condolences to Jeanenne.


    jake in Sonoma, CA

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    look at the state of this one then

    Now this is an ugly dog

  19. David Eddleman


    Poor dog. It's always sad when an owner has to put their beloved animal companion down due to disease or disability.

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