back to article Parallels opens Windows on the Mac desktop

Parallels has popped out its next version of the software firm’s virtualisation platform, Desktop for Mac 4.0, which includes the ability for customers to run Windows on their Apple machines. The company is keen to capitalise on a steady but growing market: frustrated Vista customers who are making the switch to Apple but are …


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  1. jai


    the article makes it sound like Windows compatibility is the new feature of 4.0

    but it's always been able to run windows on a mac (and with reasonable performance too)

  2. David Kelly
    Dead Vulture


    Virtualisation has let people run Windows apps on Macs for ages. Why does this article suggest that this is something new?

  3. Steven Noonan
    Thumb Down

    Parallels is behind the times

    VMware Fusion 2.0 has been Parallels 4.0 for months now.

  4. Scott Mckenzie


    And being a VMWare Fusion 1.x user you get a FREE upgrade to the latest version, rather than having to pay each time Parallels release something.

    Not a difficult decision for me to make....

  5. Sean

    Upgrade poor

    The thing is, if you had v3 and upgrade, your likely to waste many hours.

    On the face of it, its very cheap software for what you get. However, if you waste at least a day (and the forums back this up) upgrading, is it really such a cheap / viable solution???

    This has been the worst upgrade experience I have EVER had (as is the case for many others).

    And the claimed speed improvement after finally upgrading? Not a chance! The last build of v3 was fine, v4 is awful.

    Its very sad, I would love for them to succeed in competing in the vitalization market, but this is not the answer unfortunately.

This topic is closed for new posts.