back to article Nortel losses $3.4bn in Q3

The economy is certainly doing no favors for Nortel Networks, North America's largest telecom equipment shop. Nortel today posted its largest quarterly loss in seven years, along with plans to cut 1,300 jobs, including several executive positions. The Toronto-based firm lost $3.4bn during its third calendar quarter 2008. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Nov. 18th

    Internal murmurings say the job cuts start on the 18th.

  2. Mark Daniels


    American or Canadian dollars....

    It is important.


  3. Anonymous Coward


    'North American Firm' based in Toronto..? I thought Toronto was in Canada..?

    Regardless - perhaps if they had a usable website where customers could actually create an account (due to the constant expiry of the old one) in under 30 minutes and, heaven forbid, actually log in, and dare I even think it... obtain updated switch firmware without a pointless 'support' contract (like we USED to be able to do), then perhaps customers would be not get royally pissed off and move to other vendors.

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