back to article Ex-IBMer and new iPod boss ordered to stop work

Mark Papermaster has been ordered by a US District Court judge in New York to stop work immediately in his new role at Apple as he could be violating an agreement with his former employer, IBM. Papermaster, who replaced Tony Fadell as the new boss of Apple’s iPod and iPhone division last week, was told by Federal District …


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  1. Paul Murphy

    I cant see that IBM and Apple are competitors

    >IBM hit out at that claim by arguing that: "Electronic devices large and small are powered by the >same type of intelligence, the microprocessor

    What? they also use silicon, plastic, electricity and 'software/ firmware' but those are also not relevant. IBM and Apple don't compete 9unless I am missing something) so IBM will have to do better than that to convince people.


  2. John Chadwick

    Isn't this....

    Sour grapes, and a lot petty.

  3. Piers


    ...are upset because their new iBM iPhonograph is nearing the penultimate round of pre-engineering proposal collection meetings following a top secret milestone decision to abandon the original 78rpm format in favour of the much more compact new fangled 45rpm. The jury is still out on whether any support for 33rpm, 8 track cassettes or those funny European compact audio thingies will be included.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...but a bit harsh. Aren't IBM essentially saying he can never work in IT again?

  5. Ralph B


    Unless Apple are planning for the next iPod to be the size of a cupboard, I'm finding it kinda difficult to imagine what tech secrets an ex-IBMer could possibly bring to the project.

  6. doublejay1973

    How can I get one ?>

    A court order preventing me from working.......nirvana.

  7. Nuno

    clever arguing

    So he will not be able to join electrolux, because they make microwave ovens, which use a microprocessor to control the cooking programs...

  8. Richard

    Don't sign what you don't understand

    I was asked to agree to something similar in my last job as an addendum to my contract. I refused until they defined "competitors" as I could see it being broad enough to include "anywhere with a computer".

    To think, my boss at the time thought I was being stupid... looks like I wasn't being paranoid enough.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    What's the cost of buying leading edge chip design?

    hmmmm, let's see. Papermaster leads IBM's chip division for many years; leads research in the area of chip design. This includes next gen chips which are market leaders such as so called cell processors.

    Then, history takes over: Apple VP talks to Papermaster, Apple buys their own chip company. Apple then hires Papermaster. Who's paranoid and who's not?

  10. Stevie


    It's a bit harsh to suggest that any company that includes a microprocessor is off limits. I mean, we stuff them into everything these days 'cos it's cheaper to program a microprocessor to emulate a component than to build that component.

    One can understand the microprocessor need in a DVD or CD player, but they also stuff them intyo TVs, cars, radios, toasters and a scad of other things that used to work fine without them twenty years ago. Even my thermostat has one in it for Azathoth's sake.

    They'll be putting them in pocket calculators next.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    Maybe they have a point....

    Both sell overpriced, overengineered junk and have shit after-sales service.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    @ Anonymous Coward ... 12:52

    IBM isn't saying he can't work in IT for ever, they are saying that according to a document that he signed as a Senior Executive of the firm for 26 years, he can't work for one of their competitors for a period of 1 year from the date that he terminates his employment with IBM.

    And as AC 14:43 explained, this is all very serious stuff, not some IT "worker" looking for a job at Circuit City, I mean Best Buy, or whatever is still standing...


  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The takeaway...

    Don't ever sign anything with a non-compete clause unless the company agrees to pay your previous rate for the duration of the non-compete period. I've been presented with non-compete clauses on short-term contracts that prevent me from writing anything in the SAME LANGUAGE for 5 years after termination or the natural end of the contract. They usually drop the non-compete clause, but if you're high-value enough (i.e. an executive) they may just agree to pay you.

  14. EvilGav

    But . . .

    . . . I understand that Apple *use* processors, but I wasn't aware that they actually made the things.

    The whole Mac range these days is powered by Intel, the iPod and iPhone do, to the best of my knowledge, rely on some other companies processor.

    Apple put together someone elses kit, badge it as Apple, put a nice friendly UI on it and then charge a fortune for their expertise in putting together someone elses kit.

    Whereas Big Blue makes all or most of the bits inside it's very expensive kit.

    Not sure where the "compete" comes in.

  15. Anonymous Coward


    You obviously missed this story - Apple buys chip maker:

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