back to article Tomy, Zink launch camera with built-in printer

Printing pictures is a bit of a rarity these days. So US printer specialist Zink has stuck a digital camera onto the top of a portable printer to ensure you’ve always got both to hand. Xiao_01 Zink's TIP-521 is a camera and printer combined The TIP-521 sports a five-megapixel camera at one end and a printer at the other, …


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  1. Nano nano

    Reminds me of a Polaroid ...

    a bit

  2. Myself
    Thumb Down

    Been there, done that...

    Polaroid had a long, good run. There've already been digital cameras that would let you snap a pic and then, at your leisure, commit it to emulsion via the integrated Polaroid photo printer. Thus:

    Zink's "inkless printing" is just Polaroid film all over again, except with heat instead of light to set the image. And with a much smaller market, so you can bet it'll be more expensive, and discontinued sooner.

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