back to article Clothing designer stitches together fisheye camera

Perhaps the credit crunch has started hurting the Paul Smith clothing line, because the designer’s decided to branch out into photography - again. Although technical details are a little thin on the ground, Smith said that the snapper has a 180° wide-angle view and provides a “stunning fisheye barrel distortion” for images. It …


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  1. Parax

    Fashion Exclusive: the Flat Cap is back!

    Simple physics dictates in order to view 'a 180° wide-angle view' you need the lens to protrude infront of the lens frame, in order to see both 90° up-down/Left-Right from the centre line. as such true 180 fish eye lens' are usually domed. Judging by the flat lens cap with this camera it is clear this is not 'a 180° wide-angle' Lens.

    Perhaps Mr Paul Smith is making a back to his Nottinghamshire mining roots flat cap statement.

  2. David Gosnell


    Indeed, but it looks such a heavy bugger, perhaps it's managing to warp space-time and bend light round corners.

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