back to article Ofcom urges government restraint on new broadband

The public sector should take a minor role investing in high bandwidth broadband capacity, according to a senior Ofcom official. Peter Phillips, partner for strategy and market developments at the communications regulator, said public investment should be "targeted at areas left behind by the markets". Speaking at a …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Judas and Losers ..... Crappy Poker Players.

    "Peter Phillips, partner for strategy and market developments at the communications regulator, said public investment should be "targeted at areas left behind by the markets"."

    Wow, a mole in the camp. Who are you working for PP? If you are picking up crumbs and scraps left by others, you are definitely not leading material.

    Please explain why, whenever the Public Sector/Governments in cahoots with the Parasitic Banking Cartels, are inventing and disbursing trillions between each other, just to keep the Systemic Corruption running, should not also fund with this innovative liquidity, a private sector program targetting the failed markets model with a Novel Project which does not require Parasitic Cartels feathering their Cuckoo and Cuckolded Nests? At least then they would be curing themselves rather than burying themselves in a transparent and increasingly desperate grave craven money pit.

    If you have not enough in the way of Brains and Imagination/Balls and Conviction, please excuse yourself from causing embarrassment to yourself and an Office of Communication. Although you may be excused if ignorance is to blame and you are only following arrogant orders.

  2. Gulfie

    Bigger pipe = bigger throttle pedal?

    And the point of installing fibre based broadband is what, exactly, if you take into account ISPs reluctance (a) to stay content neutral and (b) to actually allow people to use the full capacity of their existing lines?

    I'd love to get a 20Mbps line so that I can watch iPlayer et al without big pauses during playback, but I am skeptical that being given a 20Mbps line will actually provide me with 20Mbps speeds on my ISP's network (possible choke points beyond their control acknowledged).

    I also believe that ISPs should (and will be forced to) be content agnostic. I use bittorrent to download Ubuntu releases at 700Mb a time and with my old ISP, Plus (OK, BT), that was very difficult. Bittorrent is starting to be used in arenas other than copyright infringement but if all bittorrent traffic is throttled, none of these other uses will be viable.

    Before pushing out faster lines in the local loop we need to see the ISPs making the bandwidth available and stopping 'traffic management' - after all, you only need to manage traffic when you've over-sold your capacity...

  3. Prag Fest
    Thumb Down


    Woohoo, well done Ofcom, you are great. Seriously, stop messing about. The government should just plow in the cash needed to get a modern networking backbone installed in this country and do it now.

    Considering the importance of the issue for the future prosperity of our nation (a concept they are clearly unable to grasp) the funding required is a relative pittance if you look at all the other nonsense our money is getting wasted on.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Another person with vested interest

    The joy of vested interest shag-around.

    First we had an ex-CW staffer with a coffer of CW shares telling HMG not to invest in high-speed broadband. Of course he will not, after all this will affect _HIS_ shares because guess where will all CW customers run.

    Now we have the ex-Beeb joining in. After all, one thing fiber is really good for is to deliver TV right to the home. Verison FIOS runs 100+ channels most in HD. So less eyeballs on the blessed Beeb. Its precious spectrum allocation will also become unnecessary. On top of that it will become clear and detectable who watches and who not so all the parasitic BBC-X,Y,Z will have to deliver value for money. And frankly, though shall not treaten your ex-board-mates piece of bread.

    What is next?

  5. Les Matthew

    UK Government and hands off the internet hahahaha

  6. Steven Jones


    Writing like a man from Mars too. Apart from the odd style of scattering upper case characters throughout, then what on earth does "burying themselves in a transparent and increasingly desperate grave craven money pit" mean? So many adjectives all strung together.

    I gather he's not happy and there's some accusation of profiteering going on here, but is it against Ofcom, telcos, banks, the government or all of them.

    Yours puzzled, and slightly worried.

  7. Gerry
    Thumb Up


    There are so many reasons why I get annoyed with PlusNet, when it goes wrong they are extremely annoying but when it's working (in fairness >95% of time) it's fine.

    When I download the openSUSE DVD I do it after midnight on http using their "it's available but no-one is using it, so you can have the bandwidth free" service, takes about 2.5 hours - wonderful, whats the problem?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The fuse is burning...

    And it's only a matter of time before the "soft touch regulation got us into this mess" backlash sweeps Ed and his wittering minions into richly deserved oblivion. To be replaced, no doubt, by something equally pointless.

  9. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Don't Panic .... IT'll drive you Crazy :-)

    Nothing to worry about Steven Jones, unless you are pulling a fast one on the masses and controlling them badly whilst skimming off all the cream for oneself and dodgy friends. For then you have a major problem which will destroy everything you have worked so hard to keep hidden from view/knowledge ....... and quite rightly so too.

    And what is there not to be happy about ... the Sun is shining again today, so all is well for tomorrow.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    @ Steven Jones

    Hi Steven,

    Welcome to The Register. You have obviously not met amanfromMars before so it is safe to assume you are either new to the register or new to reading comments. I just read his first comment and his reply to you. If you search out a few more comments from him you will see that these, by comparison are very lucid indeed.

    It is widely believed that amanfromMars is either an AI program or a relative of The Stig!

  11. Steven Jones


    Thanks for this - I'm by no means new to the forum, but have not had the pleasure of reading amanfromMars's stream of consciousness material that brings novel constructions to the English language. I will bear this in mind in future and treat his stuff the same way as some of James Joyce's rather less structured prose.

  12. Alan Lukaszewicz
    IT Angle

    Ah good

    That means even more high density targets as, of course, high population density areas mean lots of customers, but hey?

    What about low population density areas?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    IMO, almost all of the UK's population is highly dense.

    What I can't figure out is why OFCOM should have a 'philosophy' about government investment. Surely that's the role of, ooooh i don't know, the GOVERNMENT? OFCOM should be limited to reporting facts and trends in order to inform investment decisions rather than telling el Gordo whether to leave this to the invisible hand of the market and the invisible handshakes of the Friedmanites and Chicago Boys.

    It can't be long until the Office for Social Training and Political Orientation (OFSTAPO) becomes known to all...

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