back to article Azure, Windows 7 and it's OK for MS to hate Vista, too

What do you call a herd of geeks in a T-shirt stampede? PDC. Yes, Microsoft descended on Los Angeles, California, last week, and along with it the long awaited Windows cloud. After weeks of threatening, Microsoft finally unveiled its cloud computing project, called Azure Computing Services and following in the wake of Amazon …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Planned *predecessor* to Vista ?

    Or unplanned sucks-sessor?

    Mine's the one I was wearing when I left before before I came in.


  2. Steven


    "On more familiar territory, Microsoft served up some eye-candy by showing off the interface to Windows 7, the planned predecessor to Windows Vista."

    Erm, did I miss the big news story that told us that MS had invented Type-40 Time Machines?

    Or has it not been published yet?

  3. Gareth
    Thumb Down


    Really, Windows 7 came before Vista?

    Who edited this?

    Don't even get me started on grammar and punctuation.

  4. Some Guy
    Paris Hilton

    A predecessor to WIndows Vista?

    The MS project to develop a time machine must be coming along nicely.

  5. edward wright
    Jobs Halo

    Are you sure?

    "Windows 7, the planned predecessor to Windows Vista" - you really sure you mean predecessor? :) That could explain a lot...

  6. Matt Thornton


    Windows 7 is the planned predecessor to Vista? Erm. What?

  7. Michael Sheils

    What the hell?

    M$ have time travel now?

    I for one welcome our paradox causing overlords.

  8. Andrew Bush
    Paris Hilton

    Vista - ahead of its time.

    Predecessor, I like it. Windows 7 is looking like it'll slot in nicely between XP and Vista.

    Some people will never get satire. You're wasting your time on them.

  9. Spoonguard
    Dead Vulture


    The oggvorbis "Podcast" gave me MONO!

  10. N

    7 is Predecessor to Vista?

    So, the cat is out of the bag, Windows 7 is actually Windows XP with the XP & SP3 crossed out & '7' written in indelible felt tip marker on the packaging...

    The market analysts will love it, no development costs, an almost bug free, fairly stable product & it may even be delivered on schedule!

  11. Will


    Gavin/Mary you got to do some post production work on the sound for these radios sessions. Recording from a skype call on pc speakers don't quite cut the mustard. Fatigue cuts in real quick listening to this scratch.


  12. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Gates Horns

    Don't take it badly...

    Finding out what Azure is sounds like Kreminology. Find out what's in, what's out by examining those slides which made it to the West. "And here it gets really confusing...but if you look at this bit here..."

    Anyway, thanks for at least trying to make Windows 7 and Azure sound like some new and sexy rockstar which one is supposed to be interested in. I will go back to my winter sleep now.

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