back to article Grand Theft Auto obsessive jailed for sex attacks

A teenage videogame fan has been jailed for sexually assaulting women he thought were prostitutes. And guess which title’s been blamed? Maidstone Crown Court heard how Ryan Chinnery, 19, from Ashford, Kent, prowled local streets whilst high on drugs and drink, looking for women. When police searched his home they found a copy …


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  1. Simon Buttress
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    Stop with the GTA correlation...enough already!!

    So what did people blame for twattish behaviour before the GTA series started? Twats like this have always been around behaving like this so why try and blame the GTA games or videogames in general?

    As for the 'scant respect for women' quote, I'd go so far to say that in the game you can show scant regard for pretty much anyone in general if you so choose.

    So the guy is a violent sex criminal, lock him up, throw away the key and let the rest of us 'normal' people play games as we want. Now if you excuse me I've got some OAPs to baseball bat.

  2. radian
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    reduced sentence?

    This is becoming a bit too predictable. Accused of dodgy behaviour? Play the GTA card.

    But does it actually benefit the accused?

  3. Glenn Charles
    Paris Hilton

    reduced sentence

    But, it wasn't my fault, it was...


This topic is closed for new posts.

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