back to article Lib Dem stripogram councillor quits politics

The stripogram Devon councillor who last year provoked three members of her local Lib Dems to quit the party in disgust has herself stepped down from Bideford council, the Sun reports. Jessica as seen online Myrna Bushell, 35, divided her time between motherhood, discussing the church roof situation and strumpeting about as " …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stripogram v topless stripogram.

    "£95 for a stripogram or £110 for a topless stripogram"

    Hang on, a "topless stripogram"?!?!?

    Does that mean she starts off topless or ends up topless? If the former, it should be quicker, therefore cheaper. If the latter, then what the hell is the "stripogram" option? Isn't it more of a knickergram if she retains all underwear?

    Bloody rip-off merchant. Blood-sucking parasite. So why did she leave politics?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Reg Competition!

    Perhaps this would make a good Reg competition prize! possibly awarded to the first person to ask "where's the IT angle?" to a Friday Bootnotes article.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    She should work as a horrorgram

    After seeing the picture on the beeb I am having some trouble holding my food at the thought of such a strippogram.

    On a second thought anyone suggesting limits on workers from Eastern Europe and especially from the so called Baltic States should have his effigy burned in front of Westminister. From there on economics will sort it out and Mrs Councillor can say welcome to the dole payments.

    Paris... As a more suitable strippogramm...

  4. Michael Sheils
    Thumb Down


    Kissogram (no strip with a poem)


    Stripogram (lingerie strip)


    Stripogram (topless stripogram)


    Stripogram (full or g-string strip- 10-15 minute performance)


    Strip Show (2x strips with a change of costume)


    It would be cheaper to hire a reasonably attractive whore, plus you get more.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

    Thumb Up


    Love it, nice touch.

  7. Geoff Webber
    Paris Hilton

    2 for the price of one

    Why not go for the bargain of 2 strips for £160 (with a costume change)?

    Mind you having seen it once i'm not quite sure how a costume change makes any difference.

    Better value for money can be had with Cherry (as far as i can see....)

    Paris - well because it fits !!

  8. Master Baker


    I just took another look on the BBC. She is rough as fuck.

    An alternative would be to hire a donkey, walk it into the pub and just shave it.

    The end result would be the same.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC 14:49

    'anyone suggesting limits on workers from Eastern Europe and especially from the so called Baltic States should have his effigy burned in front of Westminister'

    So you would you prefer whole populations up sticks and move to the UK? Where would we put them all? There has to be limits or we will very quickly find ourselves without enough resources to cope you twonk

  10. Al

    Oh, the irony

    Sad but true - most of the numpties in the Liberal Democrats are extremely illiberal. Eight years as a Lib Dem councillor had me working with some bewilderingly narrow-minded bigots....

  11. Brian
    Thumb Down

    Can't get

    the image of a Gary Bushell stripogram out of my head.


  12. Stevie

    Nice to see

    that the same hypocrasy that informs so much of life in the USA is alive and well in the UK.

    The woman who strips cannot be a councillor but the people who pay to see her do so still have valuable votes that the "disgusted" members of the government will be grubbing for in the next election.


  13. Anonymous Coward


    She may unattractive, that's a matter of opinion, but there's no denying the ugliness of their website. "...founded in 2001..." : and updated using Word 2000 ever since by the looks of it.

  14. frymaster

    @AC @ 15:35

    That would only work if we had whole populations worth of jobs going spare. And if we did, we'd be screaming out for migrant workers, especially from the EU, because since every EU citizen is allowed to work in this country, they're almost all on the books.

    I dunno, bloody europeans, coming over here, paying our taxes.... oh, wait.

    A group of people who pay tax in our country when they're at their healthiest, and who leave the country again before they become a drain on the NHS, are a good thing to have imo

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I see that you guys are in for a treat.

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